Yoona SNSD is Flawless

Yoona SNSD is flawless and have a beautiful appearance. Idol and actress Yoona SNSD lined up to play in 2 O’Clock Date a new romantic comedy. Yoona will also compete with Kim Seon Ho who is on the rise.

Even though she graduated from Idol, Yoona is known to have solid acting skills. Plus, she is the center of SNSD, one of the leading girl groups in South Korea.

Certainly, the charm of beauty from an Im Yoona is able to melt the hearts of men. Summarizing Yoona’s personal Instagram account, let’s look at a brief review of five beautiful portraits of Yoona below.

Puppet-like visuals

Line up to be a model for the world famous luxury fashion brand, Miu Miu, Yoona’s feminine look with a ruffle dress with a blue checkered pattern and her shoulder-length hair that hung in a simple way, was sweetened with a polka dot headband. Yoona’s smooth visual appearance here is like a doll, isn’t it?

Disney couple

First met Kim Seon Ho as an MC at the year-end music party. Yoona, who looked like Princess Belle in her yellow dress, had uploaded a selfie portrait of herself with the handsome actor Kim Seon Ho as a visual couple in the style of a Disney movie character.

Glass skin

Calculation of Korean age, Yoona who was born in 1990 has entered the age of 32 years. Even though she’s already head 3, through this one portrait it can be seen how beautiful and youthful Yoona is with the healthy and glowing glass skin she has.

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Beautiful painter

Painting the door yourself wearing only simple home clothes, hair in a simple and slightly messy ponytail, and light makeup, there is no painter as beautiful as Yoona, right?

Pink Princess

Line up to decorate the cover of Marie Claire magazine, this EXIT and Miracle movie star looked perfect and stunning in a pink polka dot strapless dress, bold red lipstick and soft Korean style makeup, agree here Yoona looks charming as a pinky princess.

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