Unique Facts About Watches

Called the most perfect object, recognize unique facts about watches. Talking about watches, it’s not just accessories that are used to complete the appearance. But this watch has a function in someone’s life.

Watches are also not just used to see the time. There are other facts that you may not know about watches.

Here are interesting facts about watches that you need to know, as explained by CEO of Radiate Moments In Time (Radatime) Hendra Kesuma.

1. Aesthetics

Watches are always designed with special fashion details. If there is one scratch error then the watch will be imperfect.

Even the most attractive thing in a watch is its aesthetic beauty. From the color combination to the material, the architecture to the perfection of the symmetrical construction, as well as the fit on the wrist that makes the wearer feel comfortable and confident.

2. Teach someone to value time

Watches can give a visualization that someone has a lot of time that should not be wasted. Second by second the passage of time

displayed by a clock is certainly very valuable. You also need to enjoy time that is not only for work, but with other fun things.

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3. Inheritance

Watches are objects that can be stored for years, and can even be passed on to the next generation. For example, watches can be passed down from father to son, especially if they are expensive and the material is sturdy. Of course this also has its own meaning in every family.

4. The most perfect thing

The watch deserves the label as the most perfect micro-construction ever. Imagine, the size of a watch component generally has a length of millimeters or 0.001 meters. Watch wheels and other components that are millimeters in size must have perfection in construction and synergy.

So that the watch can function properly in various fields such as shock, water, temperature and so on.

5. Moment

Watches are more of a great emotional value. For example when someone is given a gift by a loved one. Of course this watch becomes a memory every time on a watch that has been used for a long time.

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