The Stunning Wulan Guritno

The Stunning Wulan Guritno – Wulan Guritno’s charm doesn’t seem to fade at the age of 40. Wulan Guritno’s beautiful face seems to have its own allure, especially for men.

No wonder Wulan Guritno’s photos on his personal Instagram account often steal the attention of netizens. Recently, Wulan Guritno drew attention through uploading photos of him wearing a bikini sunbathing.

However, this is not the first time Wulan Guritno’s appearance in a bikini has caught the attention of netizens in cyberspace. Here, Okezone summarizes five portraits of Wulan Guritno looking sexy wearing a bikini, quoted from his personal Instagram account, @wulanguritno, Monday (26/7/2021).

Look sexy and stylish while sunbathing

This is the latest photo of Wulan Guritno wearing a bikini that makes netizens fail to focus. Wulan looks sexy wearing a red bikini sunbathing by the pool. Wearing sunglasses and a knitted hat makes Wulan’s fashion style look cool too.

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Beautiful selfie

Still in the same red bikini, this time Wulan Guritno took a selfie while lying down. The closeup photo shows Wulan Guritno’s beautiful face even with minimal makeup. It looks like she’s covering her chest with her long hair, but her sexy aura still radiates, right?

Swimming with her two daughters

Next is a portrait of Wulan Guritno’s vacation in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara late last year. Wulan and her two children were seen swimming together while enjoying the spectacular natural panorama of Labuan Bajo. Here she looks beautiful with a pony tail hairdo and then wears a white two piece bikini.

Walking on the beach

This time Wulan walked alone along the beach. The beautiful 40-year-old artist looks sexy wearing a white two-piece bikini that is visible from behind her outer.

As a result, netizens were made to fail to focus on Wulan’s sexy appearance. However, many also praised her beauty.

Black two piece bikini

Still in Labuan Bajo, this time Wulan Guritno took a photo with his daughter, Shaloom Syach Razadee and his colleague Nazira C. Noe. Sexy Wulan Guritno wore a black two piece bikini combined with an olive green outer kimono, while her daughter was charming in light purple swimwear.