The Stunning Mawar Eva de Jongh

The Stunning Mawar Eva de Jongh – Mawar Eva de Jongh has recently been widely discussed in cyberspace because of the story of her school days on Armand Maulana’s Youtube. The beautiful singer said that she was once respected by her seniors until she was called a student when she was still in junior high school.

The name Mawar Eva de Jongh itself is now not too much milling about on the television screen. He spends more time on social media. In fact, some time ago he collaborated with Afgan to bring a single song in Korean.

Long time not appear on TV, making Mawar Eva much missed by the public. Well, in this article, MNC Portal tries to revisit the current portrait of Mawar Eva, which turns out to be even more charming. Do not believe?

1. Beautiful selfie

In this selfie, we can see together how Mawar has grown from a young girl to a more mature woman. Hairstyles to facial makeup look more mature even though they seem flawless and youthful. A simple selfie like this is still beautiful, yes, this film player.

2. Beauty with turtleneck

Mawar Eva is included in the list of celebrities who love turtlenecks. Yes, in this upload, he looks so charming wearing a white longsleeve turtleneck with the style of innocent fashion. The look in his eyes really pierced the heart, yes.

3. Full face!

Seeing the face of Mawar Eva de Jongh up close like this one really soothes the heart. His sad face makes the mood that was previously irritated or goiter due to work not being finished can be slightly cured.

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4. Stylist at Train

Take the MRT but still be a stylist, yes, Mawar Eva for example! She managed to captivate the eye with a very chic casual-pretty style. So, she combined a blue-red-and-white flannel with a blue pleated skirt. The white tank top gives a relaxed impression but neutralizes the style. Look so good!

5. Furry sweater

And for the last portrait, we can see another side of Mawar Eva, which is sexy but still polite. Yes, wearing a gray furry sabrina sweater, making her smooth shoulders look real.

The interesting thing about this photo is of course how Mawar looks at the camera coupled with the shy style of her cat behind the wall. So excited, yes, see it!