The Charm of Syifa Hadju

The charm of Syifa Hadju – Syifa Hadju recently turned 21 on July 13. At her new age, the beautiful soap opera actor looks more mature and charming.

It’s no wonder that his girlfriend, Rizky Nazar, is getting more and more nervous with Syifa Hadju. In fact, Rizky Nazar even shared a romantic photo with his lover getting wet together on the beach.

Syifa Hadju

In the photo, Rizky Nazar wrote a short but very romantic photo caption “Happy Birthday,” he said. This is like proof that Rizky is really in love with Syifa, isn’t it?

So, here are some photos of Syifa Hadju who are increasingly beautiful and mature:

1. Take a sunshine bath

In this photo, Syifa looks very happy with the rays of the sun directly touching her body. That happy expression can be seen from the smile on his face that is so broken.

Syifa in this photo is wearing a tight brown tank top which is combined again with a white crop top shirt to give a more polite impression. For her subordinates, she chose regular fit jeans fashion which made her style even more stylish.

2. Such a beautiful side angle

Still with the feel of basking in the sun, this time Syifa wore a very simple light yellow long sleeve. He paired it with bright blue jeans, really casual.

Even though her style is casual, Syifa’s hair and face in this photo are quite intentional, you know. She looks very beautiful with coral makeup on the cheeks that is quite bold and on the lips. The look in his eyes melts the heart, yes.

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3. The pose of raising hands fixes hair

Styles like this can really be a reference for you who are confused when taking pictures. Even though it seems simple, the end result is guaranteed to be liked by many, especially when the eyes look sharply at the camera lens like Syifa Hadju did.

In this photo, Syifa shared her birthday and many friends gave the best wishes for her.