The Beautiful Bellaetrix Manuputty

Meet the beautiful Bellaetrix Manuputty a badminton player who is now a YouTuber. Indonesia does have many talented talents in the field of badminton. No wonder Indonesia has won many prestigious championships abroad from badminton.

From the women’s singles number, Indonesia also has many famous players such as the legend Susi Susanti, Mia Audina and now there is a new name Bellaetrix Manuputty. Bella was one of the women’s singles who won gold at the SEA Games.

Unfortunately, before his name continued to shine, his career had to be stopped due to severe injury. Not discouraged, Bella continued to play badminton, it’s just that she switched from being an athlete to being a Youtuber.

Bella’s charm did not disappear, she was still in the spotlight of the netizens who faithfully accompanied her. Curious about what Bella looks like? Here, MNC Portal Indonesia has summarized 6 portraits of Bellaetrix Manuputty from her Instagram account.

Look feminine

In this portrait, Bella looks feminine in a short black plaid dress with long sleeves. To complete her outfit, she wore pointed-toed high heels with a three-strap model that wrapped around her ankles. Her hair that was deliberately loose made her appearance even more charming. Posing candidly while holding a black pouch, Bella looks so beautiful.


Being an athlete, of course Bella regularly exercises and has a slim body. In this photo, she is wearing a purple sports bra and matching leggings. Her hair was tied in a neat ponytail which made her beautiful face even more visible. Not to forget, he also wore sneakers and socks that matched his outfit. Posing beautiful while looking at the camera, Bella looks so charming.

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Missing playing in badminton matches, Bella poses candidly with a blank stare. In this photo, he appears in a boyish fashion style wearing a patterned black tanktop combined with black jeans. Then, he was carrying a denim jeans jacket and a large black bag in his hands.

Her appearance is complete with shiny black lace shoes. The woman born October 11, 1988, looks so beautiful.

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