The Attractive Proposal of L’Autresac

If something good is bringing with them these difficult times in which we are having to live; it is the acceleration that is being experienced in the field of the fashion industry on issues related to sustainability; and more specifically in accelerating the development; and implementation of new environmentally responsible materials. A series of innovations that we have been collecting regularly from FashionUnited, and to which today we add the attractive proposal of L’Autresac. Firm specialized in the design and manufacture of bags, backpacks, briefcases; and fanny packs from vegan; and sustainable materials. Hands of a team of artisan women where they currently immersed in the development of “The Rosa Bag”. A new model of bag, as versatile as it is sustainable, made of an innovative and resistant textile fiber obtained from recycled car glass.


As the fashion firm itself explains, the new model “is made with a super resistant; and innovative material, which has never been used in fashion before”: recycled car glass. “We couldn’t believe it at first either, because it looks too much like leather,” L’Autresac underlined in a statement. But “yes, it is much more resistant and it is also 100 percent cruelty-free and sustainable”.

Thus, “each Rosa Bag made with 1 kilo of recycled car glass that would otherwise end up in the landfill”; which contributes; according to this brand of sustainable accessories made by women, “to being able to reuse an important source of waste that would otherwise continue to pollute the planet ”. A value as a committed and sustainable piece, to which added that, “compared to a traditional leather bag”, during its manufacture “we save 9.7 gallons of water”, about 44 liters of water, “and we generate zero methane gas emissions ”.

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Sale on demand

True to its character as an innovative; and sustainable firm, for the launch of this new model “The Rosa Bag” the firm, with teams in the cities of Barcelona; and London. They have the capacity to make international shipments to Europe; and the United States, has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Tool that they have used to design a special advance pre-sale system, in this case through the Indiegogo platform.