The Beautiful Chef Chitra

The Beautiful Chef Chitra

The beautiful Chef Chitra a woman who is rumored to be a judge for Masterchef Indonesia. Rumors that the current 3 MasterChef Indonesia judges Chef Arnold, Chef Juna, and Chef Renatta will be replaced are being widely heard. Moreover, there were 3 figures who then took pictures in the MasterChef Indonesia gallery.

One of the judges who is rumored to be replacing the three of them is Chef Chitra. Chef Chitra is a woman of Indonesian, Dutch and Chinese blood.

Apart from being a chef, he also works as a model and is active on YouTube. Curious about what Chef Chitra looks like? Citing his personal Instagram account, here are his five daily portraits.

Mirror selfie

Despite doing a mirror selfie with a fierce face look, Chef Chitra actually looks more beautiful. The woman with blonde hair in a bob is looking in the mirror with a serious look.

On the other hand, he wore patterned clothes with a deep round neck model. Her makeup also plays a role to make her beauty shine even more.

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Casual wearing frog clothes

Frog shirt made from jeans is indeed timeless. Even though it has been around for a long time, until now the frog shirt still exists and is worn by many people, including Chef Citra.

She looks beautiful in a casual dress style in the form of a short blue frog dress combined with a red crop top which is complemented by a wrinkle fashion model.

Look relaxed wearing hot pants

While at a restaurant with a beautiful view of the fields, Chef Chitra looks relaxed with a mix of casual clothes. He was seen wearing a white crop top combined with jeans hot pants.

To make her look more relaxed, she didn’t wear shoes, but beautiful white sandals. Not to forget, Chef Chitra also wore a hat to complete his appearance.

Summer look

The concept of shooting with a summer look managed to make him look like a Caucasian. Dressed in all white, he also put some oranges around him.

Starting from the dress, sandals, glasses, to the earrings, everything is white. Apart from that, there is something unique about this photo. Namely a piece of orange that is in his glasses.

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