Take a Peek at Jesslyn's Friendly Appearance

Take a Peek at Jesslyn’s Friendly Appearance

Take a peek at Jesslyn’s Friendly Appearance – MasterChef Indonesia Season 8 (MCI 8) cooking competition has entered the top 8. The reason is, there are two people who have to leave the MasterChef Indonesia gallery, namely Thea and Laode.

One of the survivors was Jesselyn Lauwreen or known as Jesslyn. His figure is now an idol for MasterChef Indonesia fans.

His calm, neutral nature and looks innocent and has a beautiful face makes the citizens feel more at home to see him. In addition, her sweet wide smile exudes a positive and cool aura about her.

Launching his personal Instagram, this is how Jesselyn looks when she is not in the MasterChef gallery.

Cooking school

Obviously, this 21-year-old woman is smart and good at cooking. That’s because he took a culinary high school and graduated at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School.

In addition, he has several businesses engaged in the food and beverage sector such as cookies, Medan restaurants, food packages with the PO system.

Love traveling

The top 10 contestants for MasterChef Indonesia Season 8 apparently love traveling. Seen in his various social media uploads, he shares exciting moments of holiday activities abroad.

OOTD in action

Not only good at cooking, apparently he is also good at adjusting OOTD fashion outfits for daily activities. Wearing casual outfits makes her sweet aura shine even more in her.

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Animal Lover

Apparently he is also an animal lover. He often shares uploads with his small and cute pet dog. Already good at cooking, sweet, beautiful, also animal lover, sure you’re not interested?

Sweet smile

His character traits both on social media and in the MasterChef contest have always been matched by many hardline MCI 8 netizens.

His gentle, calm, neutral character is what makes him attractive. Don’t forget his smile radiates a positive and calm aura.