Sexy Alyssa Daguise in Black Bikini

Sexy Alyssa Daguise in Black Bikini

Sexy Alyssa Daguise in Black Bikini – Al Ghazali’s lover, Alyssa Daguise has not been heard from for a long time. The latest info, he and the eldest child Maia Estainty and Ahmad Dhani did a very charming ethnic themed photo shoot.

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Alyssa Daguise, it turns out that recently she just finished her exciting vacation in Formentera, one of the islands in Spain. It can be seen from the location description written on Instagram.

At that moment, Alyssa confidently showed her body goals wrapped in a black bikini. His stylish poses in front of the camera caught the attention of Indonesian netizens.

So, what does Alyssa Daguise’s portrait look like in a black bikini?

1. Sweet pose on the edge of the yacht

This portrait is quite interesting, because Alyssa looks adorable even though her clothes are very revealing. She combined her black bikini with retro sunglasses that were really cool. His smile makes netizens melt.

2. Beautiful looking down

Yes, in this second photo, many netizens are increasingly convinced that Alyssa is Kendall Jenner’s twin. It can be seen from the haircut and eyebrows as well as Alyssa’s face from above which indeed looks like the super fashion model with the most expensive fee.

In this photo, actually Alyssa is just posing to get ready to ride a yacht, but somehow the photos are still aesthetically pleasing like this. That’s what makes netizens even more convinced that Alyssa is never ugly.

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3. Wet on the beach

The beauty of the island in Spain is not to be missed by Alyssa. The photographer who knows who it was managed to capture a very beautiful moment.

So, not only the beach water is super clear, but also behind Alyssa, a kind of arid hill that beautifies the panorama of the photo. Of course Alyssa’s portrait itself.

Here he looks like he is about to wash his face which is already wet by the beach water. Her candid pose manages to show her unmatched charm.