Reza Rahardian's Handsome Portrait

Reza Rahardian’s Handsome Portrait

Reza Rahardian’s Handsome Portrait – Top Actor Reza Rahardian has just been elected as chairman of the Indonesian Film Festival Committee (FFI) for the 2021-2021 period, replacing veteran actor Lukman Sardi.

His charm as an actor and a man is complete, he is not only handsome, famous, has many movie titles, but also has achievements. Adding a handsome aura from Reza Rahardian.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with taking a look at some of the handsome portraits of Reza Rahardian, the newly elected FFI chairman. Summarizing Pilarez’s Official Instagram account, Friday (16/7/2021), let’s take a look at the five handsome portraits of Reza Rahardian below.


Everyday, Reza usually looks very relaxed in his casual fashion style outfit. But for special occasions, for example the premiere of the film he starred in; Reza did not hesitate to appear dressed-up to the maximum.

At the virtual press conference for the film Heaven Unforgettable, Reza went all-out in a set of simple short-sleeved shirt; and full-print trousers from the indigo blue Ghea Fashion line paired with a pair of white and blue sneakers.


Reza Rahardian’s virtual visual meeting, at home the curly hair of the movie star Ainun & Habibie is getting longer and thicker. More fierce and macho with a beard aka mustache and long black beard.

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180 degrees different from the previous quarantine style, for the film Layla Majnun; here Reza looks handsome, neat; and clean with a short clean-cut haircut accented with a slight short crest on the front.

Selfie masks

Handsome guys will still look handsome even though half of his face is covered by a mask. Reza Rahardian is one example, taking a selfie wearing a white mask that only shows the eye and forehead area; Reza Rahardian’s handsomeness still clearly radiates.

formal look

Photoshoot with Melly Goeslaw for the benefit of the original Habibie & Ainun film soundtrack. Reza is dashing and luxurious wearing a formal suit, gray suit and white shirt as the inner paired with a checkered beige patterned coat as the outer.