Korean Fashion Trend

Korean Fashion Trend

From toe to hair, this is a drama actress style Korean fashion trend. Many Korean artists are now role models for the world fashion industry. Their appearance is often the inspiration of many people, do not be surprised if then they are towed by famous fashion houses.

Not only abroad, in Indonesia also clothing, hairstyles, and accessories are increasingly being imitated. Well, here are 10 Korean actress-style fashion trends, quoted from Soompi.

Casual suit

The latest Korean fashion trend is casual clothes. Not only suitable for attending formal events, casual suits can also be worn when relaxing and on vacation. As seen on Shin Min Ah, she went semi-formal with a nude blazer and matching shorts.

On another occasion, he looked elegant and cheerful wearing a chic yellow shorts suit and a matching top. Meanwhile, Ha Ji Won prefers a neutral linen suit that is plain and not tight. Despite wearing a simple outfit, Ha Ji Won’s appearance still looks so charming.

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Floral dress

Floral-patterned dress with charming colors can beautify anyone’s appearance. This fashion dress is perfect for going on a picnic during the day or walking the city streets at night. Seen, Nana looks feminine and charming in a pastel colored midi dress. Meanwhile, Go Jun Hee combined her floral dress with casual sneakers that seemed relaxed. This brightly colored dress is often a current Korean fashion trend.

Flower accessories

Tiny, colorful beaded flower rings were popular a few years ago. It looks like this accessory is coming back in vogue to add cuteness to any outfit. Large flower earrings are also a current Korean fashion trend.

As seen in Yoon Eun Hye, she flaunts a large white flower earring in her YouTube content. Meanwhile, Shin Min Ah is seen wearing dangling red flower earrings and thin, strappy sandals. Accessory flowers that managed to sweeten their appearance.

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Style of Sassha Carissa

Style of Sassha Carissa

Outfit to the beach in the style of Sassha Carissa, sexy from bikini to wetsuits. Outfit to the beach in the style of Sassha Carissa can be a reference for those of you who want to look sexy while on vacation. Before seeing her OOTD, who is Sassha Carissa?

Sassha Carissa is increasingly known to the public after she was involved in a television program. He now has a lot of fans on social media.

Based on MNC Portal’s monitoring, Sassha Carissa’s Instagram already has 1.1 million followers. Not a small number of course, although it cannot be denied that not everyone knows who he is.

Well, in this article, MNC Portal tries to show you how Sassha Carissa looks on social media, especially when she is on vacation enjoying the beach. The outfit she wears is often in the spotlight.

Already curious to peek at the outfit to the beach a la Sassha Carissa? Here’s the full review:

1. Bra and leggings

It’s not uncommon to see people wearing bras on the beach. Yes, like this Sassha. She combines a silver bra with patterned leggings. At first glance, it seemed like this was the moment he had just dived.

2. Red long dress

You don’t always have to go to the beach to play in the water. Just look at what Sassha did, she came to the beach to try her seafood.

So, here she is wearing a sleeveless red long dress combined with white sneakers. Her smile is so sweet, yes, like sugar.

3. Diving outfit

Diving seems to be Sassha’s fashion hobby. Many moments he was seen on the seabed, or moments preparing to dive on this one.

You can see here, Sassha is wearing a diver’s signature bodysuit made of latex complete with frog legs and diving goggles pinned to her neck. Very cool!

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4. Sexy bikini

Even though she’s in the villa, Sassha looks brave by wearing a sexy bikini like this, you know. Yes, maybe the moment is swimming, so you dare to wear an outfit like that.

So, she wore a bandeau bra combined with underwear with a slight cut-off accent in the middle. It’s not complete if you don’t put glasses on your head. Let’s make it cooler.

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Taking Care of T-Shirts

Taking Care of T-Shirts

Taking care of t-shirts so they don’t get damaged quickly. A lot of working at home makes us more often wear non-formal clothes. Maybe one of the clothes that are often used is a T-shirt or t-shirt.

Comfortable to use in any situation, this T-Shit is often used in daily activities. T-shirts are also very easy to mix and match with any type of clothing.

Every garment requires its own treatment procedures or rules, and this t-shirt is no exception. Incorrect care can make your favorite t-shirts damaged quickly. A local brand and premium plain t-shirt producer, Koze Indonesia, provides several procedures for caring for your favorite t-shirt.

Check out seven ways to care for t-shirts so that they are not easily damaged and last longer, as reported by Antara:

Wash with the same color

The first thing to note when washing t-shirts, try to group them with the same or the same color, especially for white clothes. This is to prevent the clothes from fading from other clothes colors because the dye on the clothes will most likely come out when washed.

Water temperature 40°

The maximum temperature of water used when washing t-shirts is 40°C and wash, rinse and spin at normal speed. The temperature of the water is very important because washing with water over 40°C can cause the t-shirt to fade and shrink.

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Do not bleach

The use of bleach is often done to whiten and remove stubborn stains. But the fact is, when cleaning and washing t-shirts, you shouldn’t use bleach because it can damage the fashion fabric itself.

Avoid brushing unnecessarily

The next thing to consider when washing t-shirts is to avoid brushing the t-shirt when washing. Brushing the t-shirt can make the material easily damaged and make the pores of the t-shirt enlarged so that it can make holes. If there are stains, you can apply soap and rub the t-shirt gently or use a soft toothbrush.

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Portrait of Georgina Rodriguez

Portrait of Georgina Rodriguez

Portrait of Georgina Rodriguez wearing a wet dress by the beach, really excited! Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez announced their 5th and 6th pregnancy. Yes, this two lover ready to welcome twinkid.

“Happy to let you know that we are expecting twins. Our life are filled with love, we can’t wait for you,” the lovers write on Instagram.

The pregnancy of twin child also broke the growing rumors that Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez broke up because they did not get the blessing of Georgina’s parents.

On the other hand, the charm of Georgina Rodriguez never seems to fade. In fact, in this twin pregnancy, the aura seems to be getting out.

Before announcing the pregnancy of twins, she had time to share photos playing in the water on the beach wearing a white dress. I don’t know what the purpose of the photo shoot was, but we can see that happiness seems to have been shown before the moment of announcement was made.

So, how does Georgina Rodriguez look wet in a dress? Here’s a brief review:

1. Laughing happily

In this photo, perhaps Georgina conveys her happiness in disguise that she is pregnant with twins. His aura was so positive radiated from the laughter on his face.

She wore a white mini dress with the right side added with a thin white cloth that dangled. These accents add to the beautiful look of the dress.

While carrying her silver heels, Georgina really enjoyed the wet moment on the beach. The positive aura in this photo is contagious, yes.

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2. Pose while walking

In this photo, it looks like Georgina is walking while making sure her fashion dress doesn’t fall down. You can still see his happy smile here.

If we look in more detail, the necklace accessory in the form of a peterpan collar that Georgina is wearing looks in harmony with the details of the top of the mini dress, doesn’t it. That’s why there seems to be a unity of clothing and accessories used.

So once again, congratulations on the pregnancy of Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo’s 5th and 6th children.

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Pre Wedding Fashion Photos

Pre Wedding Fashion Photos

Pre wedding fashion photos for youtubers, ria ricis does not have physical contact. Pre-wedding photos have become a trend lately. By cooperating with well-known photographers, celebrities carry various themes according to the pre-wedding dreams of each couple.

YouTubers are no exception, they are willing to spend even expensive ones. Because after all, pre-wedding will be a beautiful memory until old age.

Curious about what the Youtuber’s pre-wedding photo concept looks like? Citing their social media accounts, here’s the concept.

Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan

Recently, the couple Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan did a pre-wedding. They have an all-white theme that makes the photos look elegant.

Interestingly, in the pre-wedding session the couple did not touch each other at all. This is because both are known as religious people. However, the photos are still stunning.

Lutfi Agizal and Nadya Indri

Controversial YouTubers Lutfi Agizal and Nadya Indry also took a photo shoot before getting married. They raised the theme of holiday with relaxed outfits set in the beautiful mountains.

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Raditya Dika and Anissa Aziza

Not wanting to be left behind, Raditya Dika and Anissa Aziza did some pre-wedding themes. One of them is wearing traditional Palembang clothes, which is the area of ​​origin of Anissa Aziza.

Reza Arap and Wendy Walters

Taking a photo shoot with an outdoor theme, Reza Arap and Wendy Walters looked so harmonious with their formal outfits. Wendy looks beautiful in a dress while Reza Arap looks cool in a suit. The just look so nice and matching.

Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah

Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah carried a floral fashion theme in their pre-wedding photo some time ago. Aurel looks elegant in a white dress, while Atta Halilintar looks dashing in a navy blue suit.

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Rossa Fashion Appearance

Rossa Fashion Appearance

Take a peek at Rossa fashion appearance on vacation in New York, it’s really cool! Being a singer like Rossa is always filled with a hectic schedule. Therefore, vacation is an important thing to do when you have free time.

Therefore, Rossa tried to take a vacation to New York, United States. Curious what kind of excitement Rossa had while on vacation there? Citing his personal Instagram account @itsrossa910, here are the three portraits.

Nice to wear outer

Rossa’s appearance in this portrait is stormy! By wearing a khaki long outer, he looks like a Caucasian there. In addition, he also combined the outer with black polka-dotted clothes.

It didn’t stop there, Rossa also wore black stockings. Naturally, because the current weather in the United States has entered the fall. Well, to make her appearance more matched, she also wore black shoes.

All is black

Rossa’s appearance this time wearing all black fashion clothes made her look even more elegant. Moreover, the loose smile that was thrown at the camera made the appearance of this golden-voiced woman even cuter.

She looked beautiful in a long-sleeved black dress. She combined the dress with a belt with black leggings and matching shoes.

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Casual wear jeans

Rossa’s appearance this time looks more casual than before. He looks fashionable and contemporary in his jeans combined with a white top.

In addition, to create a matching appearance, Rossa also chose to wear white shoes. Not to forget, the brown sling bag she was wearing made her appearance look perfect.

Rossa’s appearance also received a lot of praise from netizens. They judged Rossa to look youthful with a short hairstyle. There are also those who ask the idol for a review as bright as New York, netizens are just doing it!

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Anindita Hidayat Beach Style

Anindita Hidayat Beach Style

Anindita Hidayat beach style has no rivals! Anindita Hidayat’s beach outfit can be a reference for Okezoners who want to vacation to enjoy the beauty of the sea. This time, the bikini is Anindita Hidayat’s outfit that can be hacked by Okezoners.

Although her social media content is filled with sports-related things, Anindita Hidayat also likes to share her OOTD self-portrait or her exciting vacation moments at the beach.

Well, in this article, MNC Portal tries to summarize some interesting looks when Anindita Hidayat went on vacation to the beach. From these photos, you can get references to the beautiful look of outfits to the beach which are definitely fun to try.

Dominated by bikini style, here are Anindita Hidayat’s beach outfits:

1. Black-pink bikini

Let’s start with this one photo. It’s not uncommon for women to go on vacation to the beach and choose to wear a bikini. Especially if the beach does not prohibit the use of these fashion items.

Anindita tried to provide an interesting inspiration, by combining a black bra with pink fuschia underwear. The two contrasting colors actually produce a cool fashion style, yes. Don’t forget the sunglasses.

2. Pink-white bikini

If previously Anin combined pink underwear with a black bra, this time she played with a pink bra with white underwear. Once again she pointed out that two-piece bikinis in different colors still produce an eye-catching look.

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3. White sports bra with tiger thong pattern

In this third photo, Anin tries to wear different fashion items from before. Yes, she combines a white sports bra with a tiger motif thong. Two different color combinations were made again and for some reason still interesting to see, yes.

4. All red bikini

Well, finally Anindita Hidayat appeared with a one color palette bikini. In this photo, it is clear that Anin is wearing a red bikini, both her bra and underware. When viewed in more detail, the material of Anin’s bikini looks more like cotton, which is different from the usual bikini material. Good choice!

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Charm of Kieu Trang

Charm of Kieu Trang

The charm of Kieu Trang the flight attendant. Words of praise are often given by netizens to beautiful flight attendants. Kieu Trang for example. She is a beautiful flight attendant from Vietnam.

It’s hard to deny Kieu Trang’s charm. Her social media is full of beautiful photos of the flight attendant while off duty. Kieu’s Instagram account @hou_lynnn now has 12 thousand followers.

The following is a beautiful portrait of Kieu Trang that should not be missed, as quoted from the @hou_lynnn account:

1. Selfie in the car

This flight attendant seems to like taking selfies in the car. One of her prettiest selfies is when she wears a floral top.

Kieu looks cute when he smiles a little in front of the camera. Although a little, this smile makes the Adams melt.

Judging from the photo caption, it looks like this selfie was uploaded on Kieu’s birthday. The caption reads: “Happy birthday to me …..”

2. Graceful in a dress

This time Kieu Trang took a photo by posing like a fashion model in the middle of the road. He smiled sweetly at the camera while brushing a little hair back.

A floral dress adds a graceful and calm impression. No wonder if there are fans who praise him like an angel.

3. Selfie with glasses

Kieu put on a serious face as he took a selfie from the side. The big glasses make the flight attendant look cool in formal wear.

The smear of lipstick on her lips gives a sexy and girly impression. It’s really charming!

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4. Look feminine

In the next selfie, Kieu is still wearing the same outfit but without glasses. This makes it look a little different.

Flawless. That’s the one word that describes Kieu’s appearance. The peachy pink makeup color gives a beautiful hue to her flawless face.

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Celine Evangelista Beach Outfit

Celine Evangelista Beach Outfit

Celine Evangelista beach outfit looking sexy doesn’t have to be a bikini. Outfit to the beach a la Celine Evangelista can be an inspiration for Okezoners who are planning a vacation to enjoy the beauty of the sea. As a public figure, maintaining appearance is something that must always be considered for Celine Evangelista. Including when he was at the beach.

Celine Evangelista always wears her best outfit so it can be an inspiration for you. Citing his personal Instagram account @celine_evangelista on Tuesday (26/10/2021), the following is the inspiration for Celine Evangelista-style beach outfits.

Crop top and flare pants

Even though Celine wears an outfit that looks casual, this can be an inspiration for those of you who don’t want to appear too open.

Celine looked beautiful in a cropped shirt combined with flared khaki pants. For footwear, she uses heels to make her legs look longer.

Floral dress

Want to wear a dress to the beach? It’s really possible to copy Celine Evangelista’s fashion style this time. She looked pretty feminine in a white floral dress combined with blue sandals. For sure, you will look feminine with this look.

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Crop top and ripped jeans

Who says jeans are not the right outfit for the beach? In fact, getting around this by wearing ripped jeans like Celine Evangelista makes her appearance seem relaxed and suitable for going to the beach.

Celine looks cool and fashionable in contemporary ripped jeans combined with a brown crop top with a sabrina model. In order to create a matching appearance, she also wore brown sandals one tone younger than her boss.

off-shoulder dress

In addition to wearing a floral dress, this time Celine Evangelista also tried to wear a nude mini dress with an off shoulder model at the top.

The long sleeved dress fits her perfectly. In addition, he also carried a matching tote bag that he held in both hands. Her hair was left down to make her face look even cuter.

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Fashionable Shin Min Ah

Fashionable Shin Min Ah

Outfit costing hundreds of millions a la fashionable Shin Min Ah, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Player. Korean drama is indeed one of the spectacles that are in great demand by the Indonesian people. There have been various Korean dramas that have stolen attention, such as Iteon Class or Goblin.

Well, recently the Korean drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, played by Shin Min Ah and Kim Seon Ho, is in the top position. This drama has been awaited by many fans.

Apart from the main players, the chemistry that was built between Shin Min Ah and Kim Seon Ho was actually able to captivate the hearts of the audience. Not only that, the fashion items worn by Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah’s character) also attracted the attention of the audience.

The reason is, the outfit that Shin Min Ah is wearing comes from a luxury brand whose price can reach millions of rupiah, as reported by Highend.

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Red Hermes bag

Shin Min Ah is seen wearing a red Hermes Zip 31 edition Hermes bag which has a pretty fantastic price. It is well know that Hermes is one of the world’s luxury handbag brands. No kidding, the price of the bag use by Shin Min Ah totaled USD 3,495 or the equivalent of Rp. 55.8 million.

Gucci Dress Sky Blue

Shin Min Ah also wore a blue Gucci Tulip Print Printed Dress and a tulip flower motif. This dress is price at USD 3,200 or around IDR 45.6 million.

In addition, the Gucci bag also enhances its appearance. The Diana Medium Tote Bag used by Yoon Hye Jin is price at IDR 56.7 million. In total, the outfit used by Shin Min Ah reached Rp. 100 million rupiah.

Casual Look With Dress Brand &U

In addition to looking casual fashion, Shin Min Ah also looks feminine wearing a pink dress from the And You brand which is valued at USD 188,000 or equivalent to Rp. 2.3 million.

Well, those are the three prices of clothes use by Shin Min Ah in the drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. The outfit she used when she played Yoon Hye-Jin always looked charming and elegant.

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Jericha Michaela Swimming Fashion

Jericha Michaela Swimming Fashion

The portrait of the flight attendant Jericha Michaela swimming fashion that look spoiled, sexy, makes her literate. The charm of flight attendants is always interesting, not only when they are on duty as cabin crew. However, her beautiful daily portraits also always steal attention.

Like the flight attendant from the Philippines, Jericha Michaela. Jericha, who is also a DJ, has almost 13,000 thousand followers on his Instagram account, @jeriicha.

The flight attendant, who is often called Jeri, often shares her self-portrait on social media. Here’s the charm of the beautiful flight attendant Jericha Michaela as Okezone summarized from his Instagram account.

White bikini

Jericha’s pose in front of the camera looks very sexy, coupled with wearing a white bikini.

Pampering herself in the pool, with her long flowing hair of course makes this girl not bored to look at.

So don’t be surprise if netizens compliment their photo uploads.

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Vacation to the Maldives

In the second photo, Jericha seems to be enjoying the beauty of the Maldives beach. Natural beauty radiated on her face.

Jericha looks very flexible taking pictures in clear sea water. She wore a red bikini fashion where the beauty of part of her body was visible which fascinated the Adams.

Nice glasses

Still with photos on vacation to the beach, this time Jericha looks even cooler with the style of wearing glasses.

With a beautiful sea view, coupled with her aura of beauty, it makes anyone feel at home looking at this beautiful DJ.

Bubble bath

This time, Jericha was caught on camera posing spoil while enjoying a bubble bath.

She was seen wearing a bikini showing off her cleavage. The nuances of frangipani flowers that adorn her earlobe make flight attendant Jericha even more fantastic.

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Style of Aura Kasih

Style of Aura Kasih

Outfit to the beach in the style of Aura Kasih, inspiration to look maximally cool! Outfits to the beach in the style of Aura Kasih can be an inspiration for Okezoners who are planning a vacation to see the waves. It’s guaranteed that Okezoners’ holiday photos will be even cooler by cheating on Aura Kasih’s outfit style.

Vacation to the beach does not only have to wear a bikini fashion, you know. Aura Kasih proves that without wearing a bikini, her style is still cool while on vacation to the beach.

Curious about how Aura Kasih styled while on vacation to the beach? Here’s the outfit to the beach in the style of Aura Kasih, which is summarized from her personal Instagram, @aurakasih, Thursday (10/20/2021).

Through his Instagram @aurakasih, he is seen wearing,

1. White Dress

Look simple with a sleeveless white dress, tie model at the back. Sunglasses to complete the outfit.

2. Motif Jumpsuit

In order to look cool and comfortable, Aura chose to wear a blue jumpsuit or patterned sleeveless overalls. Don’t forget the umbrella and sunglasses accessories, ready to go!

3. Pink Dress

It seems that Aura Kasih likes to look simple without having to worry about mix and match. He is often seen wearing a dress / jumpsuit just to go to the beach. This time she wore a pink floral dress. The dress she chose was also a flowy model and of course comfortable.

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4. Sabrina Dress

Aura Kasih also likes to photograph the beauty of the beach rather than focusing on herself. He seemed to be enjoying the sunset. The portrait from behind shows her slim body and long legs. The outfit is also simple, the Sabrina dress is made of thin or slightly see-through. It’s so cool!

5. Bonus photo of Aura while pregnant

Pregnancy did not become a barrier for her to enjoy the beautiful swish of the waves on the beach. She wore a terracotta dress showing her baby bump. Stay aesthetic!

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Ganjar Pranowo Looks Cool

Ganjar Pranowo Looks Cool

Celebrating Santri Day, Ganjar Pranowo looks cool in sarong and white shirt. Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo has a unique appearance by wearing a batik sarong while working. This is inseparable from the commemoration of the 2021 National Santri Day.

Ganjar Pranowo wears a sarong on National Santri Day as a tribute and appreciation for his students and scholars. Not alone, he also asked all of his staff to also wear sarongs on this special day.

“Alhamdulillah, today all ASN and members of the Central Java Provincial Council went to work wearing sarongs to commemorate National Santri Day,” he said in an Instagram video caption that had been watched by more than 80,000 netizens.

“God willing, our respect and appreciation for students and scholars will never end. Let’s keep reading the Koran, because regardless of age, we are still students,” he continued.

If we discuss a little about Ganjar Pranowo’s appearance on National Santri Day, he chose to wear a monochrome sarong in black and white, matching it with a white shirt with red stripes on the collar and center buttons.

Then, as an additional accessory, she wore a black cap. It’s really like a student, yes.

What’s even more extraordinary is that if we pay attention to the footwear he wears, Ganjar doesn’t wear shoes on his working day, but sandals, though not flip-flops, right? The brown leather sandals have a casual style but still have a neat impression with a shoe-like model.

On the other hand, the Instagram account @esdm_jateng explained that what Ganjar Pranowo and other Central Java ASNs were wearing on this National Santri Day were not merely fashion symbols, but as a giver of the spirit of nationalism.

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“Not only the clothes are the students, but everyone can emulate how the struggle of the ulama, the students when the jihad resolution was announced,” explained the account.

To the students throughout Indonesia, Ganjar hopes to keep up with the times. Students are expected to be more adaptive and always provide inspiration.

“Santri are exactly the same as students, but their religious knowledge is deeper. So, if we talk about spiritual intelligence, it is good, then building intellectual and emotional intelligence is just adjusting. So, this santri is indeed something complete. Happy Santri Day,” said Ganjar.

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The Most Expensive Bag

The Most Expensive Bag

The most expensive bag in 2021, beating the price of a house in a beautiful cottage. It’s no secret that women’s bags are often an investment item. The slick model, especially with the limited edition frills, makes the price of a bag no longer relevant as a place to store things.

Indeed, basically a bag is a place to put things. But, when the price of the bag beats the price of a house in Pondok Indah which reaches billions, its function turns into a tool to show social status.

No wonder, if the more expensive fashion and more exclusive, the bag will become a target. Many well-known brands have issued bags as collections with fantastic prices. Well, Okezone launched Finances Online describing the 10 most expensive bags in 2021.

Hermes Birkin Blue Crocodile

The story of this bag is quite simple, starting with an English actress, Jane Birkin. All his belongings fell scattered because his bag was not able to accommodate all of his belongings.

So that’s where the chief executive of Hermes, Jean-Louis Dumas, who was with him, was immediately inspired to make a unique, fashionable, sturdy bag with a comfortable model. Thus the Hermes Birkin bag was created which is known to all and used by the upper class. The price of a Hermes Blue Crocodile bag is USD 150,000 or Rp. 2.1 billion because this bag is embedded with 18 carat diamonds and white gold.

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Hermes Exceptional Collection Shiny Rouge H Porosus Crocodile 30 cm Birkin

The color of this red Hermes bag also occupies the 9th position as the most expensive bag. Its bright, cherry red color is in demand by many. This bag contains 18 carat white gold and also uses diamonds. The price is USD203,150 or Rp. 2.8 billion.

Hermes Fuchsia Diamond Studded Birkin

Another color that is no less desirable is fuchsia. For some people, this color is very unique and attractive. This bag was sold for USD 222,000 or Rp. 3.1 billion. However, in 2015 this bag was auctioned at a price of USD 1.72 million Hong Kong dollars or Rp. 24.2 billion.

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Aura Kasih 90s style

Aura Kasih 90s style

Aura Kasih 90s style is easy to imitate, makes you look the most beautiful! Aura Kasih’s 90s style can be an inspiration for those of you who like to look vintage. She is indeed quite fond of changing fashion styles. Not only wearing dresses, this singer also likes to wear conceptual styles, one of which is the 90s style.

There are characteristics of the 90s style that you should know. For example, the use of knee-high socks, bucket hats, or clothing with very bright colors. Or you can also play with jeans and outfits with patterns on the material.

Well, Aura Kasih has been monitored on Instagram and has appeared in this 90’s style. If you’re looking for recommendations, these 5 Aura Kasih styles can really be imitated and guaranteed to make your auto beautiful maximally. Curious?

1. Jeans to jeans

One of the strengths of the 90s style is the jeans outfit. Here, Aura Kasih looks very attractive by wearing an all jeans outfit from shirts to pants. The unique material details make the style really a point of interest! Don’t forget the styling to open the neck a bit wider, OK?

2. Street style with a feminine touch

In this photo, the center of view is the plaid shirt, which is one of the identities of 90s-style fashion items. So, so that his style is not too boyish, he combined the shirt with a black leather skirt and Gucci mules. This simple style is guaranteed to make you auto beautiful!

3. All over looks

Don’t miss out on an all-over or jumpsuit if you want to create a 90s-style look. Aura Kasih here wears all over jeans combined with a white t-shirt and sneakers. The blue sling bag and Minnie Mouse headband make it look casual but still cute.

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4. Cutbray pants!

This photo also shows the 90s style which is really cool. Maybe, those of you who like this style can be revive in 2022, because cutbray pants never fail to make legs look longer. Aura Kasih combined these iconic pants with a black long sleeve mock neck. Very cool!

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Style of Ariel Tatum

Style of Ariel Tatum

Outfit to the beach in the style of Ariel Tatum, his style makes vacation photos even more beautiful! Outfit to the beach a la Ariel Tatum can be an inspiration for those of you who want to look cool on vacation. Capturing holiday moments is indeed incomplete if the OOTD is not good enough.

Well, you can cheat Ariel Tatum’s OOTD so that your holiday photos are cooler. Like Ariel Tatum, a vacation to the beach doesn’t always have to be in a bikini, but still cute and stylish.

Here’s the outfit to the beach a la Ariel Tatum, which is summarized from the Instagram account @arieltatum, Tuesday (19/10/2021).

The combination of batik cloth and scarf

Ariel Tatum looks beautiful in traditional fashion clothes while on vacation at the beach. He was seen wearing a pastel yellow top combined with a brown batik cloth.

To add to the mix, Ariel Tatum also brought a scarf and wrapped it around the neck. Lastly, she balances her appearance by wearing flawless natural makeup.

Tank top and hat

Relaxing on the beach is incomplete without wearing a hat. Therefore, Ariel Tatum also chose to wear a black and white patterned fedora.

As for the outfit, Ariel Tatum chose to wear a tank top with a v-neck model with a brown spaghetti strap. Finally, he also wears sunglasses as accessories and protects his eyes from the hot sun.

Cotton cloth

Ariel Tatum’s beach outfit this time can be said to be really Indonesian! How could I not, she was very beautiful wearing a brown batik cloth that was formed as a kemben.

Not only that, he was also seen spreading another cloth just above his head. Her hair in a ponytail also makes Ariel Tatum’s appearance look perfect.

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Mustard yellow tank top

Ariel Tatum’s charm radiated even more when he smiled at the camera while wearing a mustard yellow tank top. The color that hits again is guaranteed to make the photo look more Instagramable.

To perfect the outfit she was wearing, Ariel Tatum also wore flawless makeup with eyebrow carvings that seemed bold, as well as the appearance of her lips. In addition, he also wears sunglasses as accessories.

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Wika Salim White Dress

Wika Salim White Dress

Wika Salim white dress OOTD, simple but still stylish! Wika Salim’s white shirt OOTD often steals the attention of netizens in cyberspace. Salim does not only have a beautiful face, her style of dress is also quite fashionable even though she only has a simple outfit, including when she wears white clothes.

Not to mention if the white dress worn by the beautiful swordsman looks sexy, it will definitely make netizens fail to focus! Curious what Wika Salim looks like in a white shirt?

Here, Okezone summarizes the OOTD of Wika Salim’s white shirt from his personal Instagram account @wikasalim, Monday (18/10/2021).

Pose sitting on the hood

First, there is a portrait of Wika Salim posing on the hood of the car. Wika looks beautiful wearing a bucket hat combined with a white shirt and denim hot pants.

In addition, he poses sitting cross-legged while showing his smile to the camera. Do not forget he poses to show off his armpit which is a mainstay.

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Beautiful and cheerful wearing a white tanktop

Wika Salim looks beautiful and sexy wearing a white tank top combined with a yellow outer. This time he posed with one arm behind his head.

Meanwhile, her slender curves clearly add to the sexy fashion impression of her style. In addition, Wika Salim shows his cheerful character in his laughing expression in this photo.

Show a glamorous impression

This time there was a portrait of Wika Salim at a restaurant a few months ago which he uploaded again. The 29-year-old woman looked simple, wearing only a white T-shirt with a wide neck or u-neck and black trousers.

He was also seen wearing a silver choker necklace as an accessory around his neck. Her appearance also looks a little glamorous with the necklace.

Netizens were also fascinated by the beauty of Wika Salim. His uploaded comments column was flooded with compliments and compliments.

Crop shirts and hot pants

In the midst of quite hot weather, Wika Salim still captures the moment of taking pictures with a mix of cool outfits. He was seen wearing a white crop shirt combined with blue-and-white hot pants.

So that the heat is not too stinging, he also wears fashionable sunglasses. He also put his hands to his forehead to block the heat of the sun.

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Nagita Slavina Fashion Collection

Nagita Slavina Fashion Collection

Nagita Slavina fashion collection of maternity shirts, the price is not as simple as the clothes! Since being pregnant, Nagita Slavina’s style of dress has changed slightly. When her stomach is getting bigger, Nagita Slavina quite often wears plain oversized shirts without a motif as an outer.

Even though it is plain and looks simple, Raffi Ahmad’s wife’s choice of outfit does not need to be doubted for its luxury. So curious to take a peek at Nagita Slavina’s collection of plain pregnant shirts?

The following is a collection of Nagita Slavina’s pregnant shirts, which are summarized from the Instagram account @fashion_nagitaslavina, Friday (15/10/2021):

1. Denim shirt

Having a casual snack with Irwansyah and Zaskia Sungkar, Nagita Slavina wears a jeans shirt from the fashion house Prada. Made organic, don’t be surprised if the dark blue “Organic Denim Shirt” that Gigi wears is priced at USD 1,140 or around Rp. 16 million!

2. Pink shirt

On a trip to the makeup shopping mall, Nagita was seen wearing a plain pink shirt as an outer. At first glance, this pink shirt is a very ordinary model, isn’t it? But of course the price is not ordinary.

Because this Lui Organic Cotton Shirt-Rose Water shirt from The Frankie Shop actually sells for USD185 or approximately Rp. 2.6 million.

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3. Leaf green shirt

Not only when traveling, a plain cut oversized shirt is also Nagita’s choice of clothing at home. One example is this one leaf green cotton shirt, ‘Melody Oversized Cotton Shirt Island Green.

The shirt is one of the collections designed by The Frankie Shop brand. The shirt was sold for USD 115 or approximately Rp. 1.6 million, very cheap for the size of the clothing collection of the Sultan of Andara, right?

4. Oyster shirt

Stylish with soft pastel fashion colors, Nagita combines a white tanktop as an inner with a long-sleeved oversized shirt. The oyster color Ansel Cotton Shirt is priced at USD 115 or approximately Rp. 1.6 million.

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Classy Street Style

Classy Street Style

Classy street style at Shanghai fashion week. Since Covid-19 cases have decreased and the spread of vaccines has become more massive, many fashion shows have been held again. One of them is Shanghai Fashion Week 2022 (SFW) which runs until October 16.

Not only presenting classy brands from well-known local designers, this event also featured a variety of interesting street styles with outerwear and accent games.

Dominated by unique outerwear in the form of windbreakers, jackets and oversized blazers, the SFW 2022 street style style displays an authentic style with fashion diversity from the play of patterns, colors and accents. Here, Highend summarizes a row of street style Shanghai Fashion Week 2022 that you should try:

Floral Statement

This style is suitable for those of you who want to try a floral fashion pattern without being feminine. Suitable for both men and women, the sharp-edged floral pattern with monochrome color on the coach jacket makes the look more edgy. Pair it with flare pants and black statement sneakers to accentuate the look.

Fur What is Worth

The simple look of this look becomes extraordinary with the addition of a simple element, a white long fur. The black head-to-toe look comes alive with the addition of long fur at the waist.

In addition to making the appearance more attractive, these accents make the body not look slouchy and straight because of the all-black silhouette.

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Wild, Wild Soul

One of the trends that will rise next year is animal print. In order not to be mainstream, use animal prints like Zebra which consist of monotonous colors and avoid tacky motifs such as leopards.

Make the coat look classy with light fur accents. Combine these pieces with white cargo pants to balance the color of the printed pattern which is dominated by the same color.

Tear It Up

If you’re a fan of denim jackets, copy this look so that your everyday look isn’t boring. The addition of pearls and ripped accents on the sides and bottom make the appearance seem high fashion.

Balance the jacket with black flare pants and create a vibrant impression through the play of motifs on purses and sneakers.

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The Beautiful Bellaetrix Manuputty

The Beautiful Bellaetrix Manuputty

Meet the beautiful Bellaetrix Manuputty a badminton player who is now a YouTuber. Indonesia does have many talented talents in the field of badminton. No wonder Indonesia has won many prestigious championships abroad from badminton.

From the women’s singles number, Indonesia also has many famous players such as the legend Susi Susanti, Mia Audina and now there is a new name Bellaetrix Manuputty. Bella was one of the women’s singles who won gold at the SEA Games.

Unfortunately, before his name continued to shine, his career had to be stopped due to severe injury. Not discouraged, Bella continued to play badminton, it’s just that she switched from being an athlete to being a Youtuber.

Bella’s charm did not disappear, she was still in the spotlight of the netizens who faithfully accompanied her. Curious about what Bella looks like? Here, MNC Portal Indonesia has summarized 6 portraits of Bellaetrix Manuputty from her Instagram account.

Look feminine

In this portrait, Bella looks feminine in a short black plaid dress with long sleeves. To complete her outfit, she wore pointed-toed high heels with a three-strap model that wrapped around her ankles. Her hair that was deliberately loose made her appearance even more charming. Posing candidly while holding a black pouch, Bella looks so beautiful.


Being an athlete, of course Bella regularly exercises and has a slim body. In this photo, she is wearing a purple sports bra and matching leggings. Her hair was tied in a neat ponytail which made her beautiful face even more visible. Not to forget, he also wore sneakers and socks that matched his outfit. Posing beautiful while looking at the camera, Bella looks so charming.

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Missing playing in badminton matches, Bella poses candidly with a blank stare. In this photo, he appears in a boyish fashion style wearing a patterned black tanktop combined with black jeans. Then, he was carrying a denim jeans jacket and a large black bag in his hands.

Her appearance is complete with shiny black lace shoes. The woman born October 11, 1988, looks so beautiful.

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Portrait of Kiesha Alvaro

Portrait of Kiesha Alvaro

The latest portrait of Kiesha Alvaro, the purple Pasha’s son, looks like a Korean oppa! Kiesha Alvaro, Pasha Ungu’s child is in the public spotlight because he is starting to grow up. His appearance is getting cooler as a young singer and actor.

Not a few netizens also praised his style like a Korean oppa. Kiesha is now 17 years old and active on Instagram @kiesha.alvaro. Curious? Here are appearances of Kiesha Alvaro like Korean Oppa!

1. All black outfit

First, there is a portrait of Kiesha Alvaro looking handsome in an all black outfit. This turtleneck outfit style with a blazer or black coat is indeed synonymous with Korean fashion style. Kiesha’s style can be said to be really Korean Oppa style, right!

2. Mirror selfie

The all-black outfit seems to be one of Kiesha’s favorites. His style really looks like Korean Oppa with a black coat and turtleneck.

It’s not just his clothing style that’s Korean, but he also seems to be learning Korean, Kiesha wrote in the photo caption. It means, you are the best woman I have ever met, I love you.

Wow, it’s really awesome, who do you think the caption is for?

3. Casual outfit

In addition to formal and neat outfits, Kiesha Alvaro also likes to dress casually in the style of Korean Oppa! Anti-complicated, just combine a graphic t-shirt with shorts and shoes. Simple right?

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4. Candid poses

Kiesha Alvaro seems to know very well the gfashion items that should not be left behind so that they look more like Oppas, Koreans, black hats and round glasses. This Korean artist’s Kiesha style is really cool, right?

5. Plaid coat outfit

Lastly, there is Kiesha Alvaro appearing with winter-style outfits in Korea. He combines a black t-shirt or sweater with a patterned hoodie coat. Who are you waiting for Kiesha?

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Livy Renata Beauty Charm

Livy Renata Beauty Charm

Livy Renata beauty charm the gamers who love ML. The name Livy Renata may be familiar to eSports fans, especially Mobile Legend (ML), Valorant and Players Unknow Battle Ground (PUBG) players. Although not a professional player, the Alter Ego team’s brand ambassador is indeed quite happy with online games.

Livy’s own name skyrocketed after she uploaded a video titled Choose Ur Asian Boy on TikTok. No doubt, Instagram Livy also became the target of netizens, especially Adam.

As a celebgram, she is quite active in sharing her self-portraits on social media. Curious as to what? Here, MNC Portal Indonesia has summarized from the Instagram account @livyrenata.

Pink crop top

In this portrait, Livy looks seductive fashion posing beside the bed wearing a pink crop tank top that looks tight on her body. She also wore a white miniskirt that made her panties part slightly. Her hair that was deliberately loose managed to add a sexy impression to her appearance.

As a complement, Livy wore socks in the same color as her skirt. Posing beautiful while holding her cheek, Livy’s appearance looks so charming.

Swimsuit baby blue

Never fails to steal attention, Livy looks sexy wearing a baby blue swimsuit while posing with a beach background. The low cut at the chest makes the cleavage of her breasts stand out. Her appearance was more tempting with the wet look model of the wave hair.

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One set pink

This time, Livy looked stunning in a pink crop top that seemed faint with her skin color. Not to forget, he also wore a white mask as a form of compliance in implementing health protocols. Even though her face is covered by a mask, the 19-year-old’s beauty can still be seen from her beautiful eyeballs.

Tartan crop top

Livy wore a tartan crop top model with balloon sleeves combined with black hotpants. The v neck cut is so low it makes the collarbones so exposed.

She wears blue earrings and a flower necklace which she always seems to wear in various photos. Even though it looks simple, its appearance still manages to hypnotize netizens’ views.

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Style of Mommy Sisca

Style of Mommy Sisca

Outfit to the beach in the style of Mommy Sisca, the sexy aunt who unifies the nation is second to none! Outfits to the beach in the style of Mami Sisca have stolen the attention of netizens. Not only fashionable, the celebrity-style beach outfit as well as the model whose full name is Sisca Mellyana is also very sexy.

Mami Sisca has her own style when appearing on social media. The sexy impression with all-open clothing seems to be a favorite of women who are also nicknamed Aunt Unifying the Nation as well as Aunt Ernie.

Spending a lot of time in Bali by visiting different residences, makes Aunt Sisca have to be able to look her best every day. That’s why his style is always on point at every opportunity.

If we talk about Mami Sisca’s style, then we can cheat on how she dresses. On this occasion, MNC Portal tries to summarize Mami Sisca’s beach outfit that will surely make all eyes fall on you:

1. Full color style with soft nuances

Mami Sisca loves to show her body. In this outfit, for example, even though it’s not vulgar, we can still see how sexy she is, right?

That’s because Mami Sisca let her chest show by playing a low-cut crop top at the neck. Then, there is a slit accent on the skirt so that the thighs are clearly visible.

2. Super sexy lingerie

Previously, we could still see a casual style with a sexy feel, in this photo Mami Sisca really shows her total beauty.

She wore transparent lingerie with details on the left side of the body. To give a more dramatic impression, Mami Sica added a furry black outer sheer that she wore just for decoration. Super sexy!

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3. Floral mini dress

Unlike the previous one, at this moment Mami Sisca appeared very girly. She wore a pink and white floral fashion mini dress. Even though it seems more secretive than before, it can still steal attention, right? That seems to be the effect of a smile on his face, isn’t it?

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Fashion Trends That Will Boom

Fashion Trends That Will Boom

Fashion trends that will boom in 2022, back to the 70’s era? . 2022 is coming soon and fashion trends will soon change. Many fashion trends have also looked back in recent years.

It is estimated that next year’s clothing will feature a combination of styles in the 1970’s, cutbray-style jeans or known as wide leg jeans.

As one of the versatile fashion pieces, wide leg jeans can be combined with casual or formal clothes. Here is a series of fashion combinations of wide leg jeans that you can apply in all situations, as reported by Highend.

Denim Chic

This look makes your loose jeans look chic instantly. The addition of a light blue striped accented shirt gives a neat and fashionable impression a la ‘Parisian Chic’. Beautify the look with multi strap flat shoes in black and a small bag of the same color.

Two-Toned Denim

The loose impression caused by wide leg jeans sometimes makes the wearer’s legs look shorter. The way to get around this is to wear two-toned jeans that accentuate the ankles to make them look more level. Roll up the bottom of your pants a little to give a two-toned look through the darker interior of the jeans.

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Cropped Jeans

If you don’t like to roll up your pants, wide leg jeans with cropped accents can make your legs longer. Cutting the pants at the bottom gives a firm and level impression by showing half the legs and shoes. Make sure you wear semi-formal pieces like sweaters to avoid being slouchy.

Being on Top

Not only modifying the appearance of wide leg jeans, you can also be creative with the selection of an attractive top. An example of Margot Robbie‘s style is wearing a combination striped shirt and an oversized coat in dark colors, offsetting light-colored jeans. Use high heels and a simple bag to create a posh impression.

90’s Classic

Not only attached to the style of the 1970s, wide leg jeans are also synonymous with fashion styles in the 90’s era. The 90’s era supermodel off-duty style that combines a white t-shirt, black oversized blazer and branded bags and shoes is worth a try for your casual look. To thicken the 90’s accent even more, choose an acid wash accented denim that was a hit at that time.

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