Kpop Idol Contribution to Fashion

Kpop Idol Contribution to Fashion

Kpop idol contribution to fashion is not small. Korean Idols or often referred to as K-Pop are booming everywhere. This happens after the many reality shows that tell the journey of the idols

Well, in the 2000s where his drama productions were allowed to be broadcast overseas. This has a big impact that brings the Korean waves into people’s lives.

An idol can easily influence many people in several aspects of life, including one in terms of fashion sense. Here, there are five K-Pop idols who have a big role in the fashion industry, especially in some luxury brands. Who are they?


Since his debut in 2006 until now, G-Dragon has always captured the public’s attention. Not only for his rapping skills, but also for his eccentric dressing style.

In 2015, he successfully became the first kpop idol to be invited to Paris Fashion Week. Appearing with a unique style, he managed to attract the attention of big brands to make him a Global Brand Ambassador. One of the brands with the image attached to G-Dragon is Chanel.


Success in raising the name of YG Entertainment and bringing the Korean Wave to the international realm, made many brands want to work together with these four beautiful women.

Jennie managed to become the brand ambassador for Chanel, Rose became the brand ambassador for Saint Laurent, Jisoo became the brand ambassador for Burberry and Lisa as the brand ambassador for Celine Paris.


Mino is not only known for his expertise in producing rap songs and dancing, but also in terms of fashion.

On several occasions he also often appears in Fashion Week events and wears clothes from well-known brands such as JW Anderson, Ralph Lauren Polo and Dolce & Gabbana. Currently, he is known to be the brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton.

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Jackson Wang, GOT7

Starting a career from athlete to rapper did not limit Jackson’s career to widen into the fashion industry.

Currently, Jackson is list as a brand ambassador for several well-known fashion brands, such as Armani, Cartier, and Fendi. Of the three brands, Fendi is one of the brands with the image most attached to Jackson.

Jackson himself is also know to have a fashion brand under his private label, Team Wang. Recently he also surprised the public by appearing in a promotional video for the 2020 Olympics.

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