Indonesian Designers in NY Fashion Show

Indonesian Designers in NY Fashion Show

Indonesian designers in NY Fashion Show Indonesian Consulate General. The Indonesian Consulate General in New York in collaboration with New York Indonesia Fashion Week (NYIFW) has held a Fashion Show event in the Pancasila Room, Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia Building in New York, on September 10, 2021.

2 Indonesian diaspora designers from New York, namely:

a. Marry Indo by Merry Salmeri; and

b. Sasmita Batik by Novi Palluch.

Fashion Show at the Consulate General in New York

The fashion show was opened by the Indonesian Consul General in New York and attended by make-up artists, models, lecturers in the fashion department, the ASEAN Consul General in New York, vloggers, and fashion businessmen. A total of about 100 participants attended this event. The invitees had the opportunity to witness the fashion and accessories demonstration of Indonesian designers; who also appeared at New York Fashion Week (NYFW). The event was held in a hybrid way (offline and online on the social media of the Consulate General in New York).

Because of that the Fashion Show started with an audio and visual performance of Tarawangsa from Kampoeng Tjibarani Bandung; which symbolized the ceremony to welcome the arrival of Dewi Sri (Sri Pohaci), known as the Goddess of Agriculture. Dewi Sri’s visualization is shown through a dress designed by designer Joni Permana which has an elegant dark nuance combined with a golden pattern like rice that is ready to be harvested. This pattern reflects the agrarian society of West Java and cares about the natural environment.

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Fashion Show at the Consulate General in New York

Lastly the event continued with the appearance of a Borneo style Batik by designer Indah Darry; followed by a fashion appearance with Balinese Dancer Batik patterns from the Made Tari designer. The Made Dance clothing combines modern fashion models such as Hoodie with Balinese Dancer Batik patterns, through a combination of bright colors, but still pays attention to the existing batik grip.

Meanwhile, the fashion appearance of designer Theodora Matrutty de Lima; featured in NYIFW was dominate; by woven fabrics with designs inspired by local wisdom; and the nature of the Maluku region, which is rich in marine resources; such as fisheries and shellfish.

After that the designer Novi Palluch displays casual clothes with a combination of bright colors; such as light blue, yellow; and light brown which are suitable for use in summer.

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