Classy Street Style

Classy Street Style

Classy street style at Shanghai fashion week. Since Covid-19 cases have decreased and the spread of vaccines has become more massive, many fashion shows have been held again. One of them is Shanghai Fashion Week 2022 (SFW) which runs until October 16.

Not only presenting classy brands from well-known local designers, this event also featured a variety of interesting street styles with outerwear and accent games.

Dominated by unique outerwear in the form of windbreakers, jackets and oversized blazers, the SFW 2022 street style style displays an authentic style with fashion diversity from the play of patterns, colors and accents. Here, Highend summarizes a row of street style Shanghai Fashion Week 2022 that you should try:

Floral Statement

This style is suitable for those of you who want to try a floral fashion pattern without being feminine. Suitable for both men and women, the sharp-edged floral pattern with monochrome color on the coach jacket makes the look more edgy. Pair it with flare pants and black statement sneakers to accentuate the look.

Fur What is Worth

The simple look of this look becomes extraordinary with the addition of a simple element, a white long fur. The black head-to-toe look comes alive with the addition of long fur at the waist.

In addition to making the appearance more attractive, these accents make the body not look slouchy and straight because of the all-black silhouette.

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Wild, Wild Soul

One of the trends that will rise next year is animal print. In order not to be mainstream, use animal prints like Zebra which consist of monotonous colors and avoid tacky motifs such as leopards.

Make the coat look classy with light fur accents. Combine these pieces with white cargo pants to balance the color of the printed pattern which is dominated by the same color.

Tear It Up

If you’re a fan of denim jackets, copy this look so that your everyday look isn’t boring. The addition of pearls and ripped accents on the sides and bottom make the appearance seem high fashion.

Balance the jacket with black flare pants and create a vibrant impression through the play of motifs on purses and sneakers.

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The Beautiful Bellaetrix Manuputty

The Beautiful Bellaetrix Manuputty

Meet the beautiful Bellaetrix Manuputty a badminton player who is now a YouTuber. Indonesia does have many talented talents in the field of badminton. No wonder Indonesia has won many prestigious championships abroad from badminton.

From the women’s singles number, Indonesia also has many famous players such as the legend Susi Susanti, Mia Audina and now there is a new name Bellaetrix Manuputty. Bella was one of the women’s singles who won gold at the SEA Games.

Unfortunately, before his name continued to shine, his career had to be stopped due to severe injury. Not discouraged, Bella continued to play badminton, it’s just that she switched from being an athlete to being a Youtuber.

Bella’s charm did not disappear, she was still in the spotlight of the netizens who faithfully accompanied her. Curious about what Bella looks like? Here, MNC Portal Indonesia has summarized 6 portraits of Bellaetrix Manuputty from her Instagram account.

Look feminine

In this portrait, Bella looks feminine in a short black plaid dress with long sleeves. To complete her outfit, she wore pointed-toed high heels with a three-strap model that wrapped around her ankles. Her hair that was deliberately loose made her appearance even more charming. Posing candidly while holding a black pouch, Bella looks so beautiful.


Being an athlete, of course Bella regularly exercises and has a slim body. In this photo, she is wearing a purple sports bra and matching leggings. Her hair was tied in a neat ponytail which made her beautiful face even more visible. Not to forget, he also wore sneakers and socks that matched his outfit. Posing beautiful while looking at the camera, Bella looks so charming.

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Missing playing in badminton matches, Bella poses candidly with a blank stare. In this photo, he appears in a boyish fashion style wearing a patterned black tanktop combined with black jeans. Then, he was carrying a denim jeans jacket and a large black bag in his hands.

Her appearance is complete with shiny black lace shoes. The woman born October 11, 1988, looks so beautiful.

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Portrait of Kiesha Alvaro

Portrait of Kiesha Alvaro

The latest portrait of Kiesha Alvaro, the purple Pasha’s son, looks like a Korean oppa! Kiesha Alvaro, Pasha Ungu’s child is in the public spotlight because he is starting to grow up. His appearance is getting cooler as a young singer and actor.

Not a few netizens also praised his style like a Korean oppa. Kiesha is now 17 years old and active on Instagram @kiesha.alvaro. Curious? Here are appearances of Kiesha Alvaro like Korean Oppa!

1. All black outfit

First, there is a portrait of Kiesha Alvaro looking handsome in an all black outfit. This turtleneck outfit style with a blazer or black coat is indeed synonymous with Korean fashion style. Kiesha’s style can be said to be really Korean Oppa style, right!

2. Mirror selfie

The all-black outfit seems to be one of Kiesha’s favorites. His style really looks like Korean Oppa with a black coat and turtleneck.

It’s not just his clothing style that’s Korean, but he also seems to be learning Korean, Kiesha wrote in the photo caption. It means, you are the best woman I have ever met, I love you.

Wow, it’s really awesome, who do you think the caption is for?

3. Casual outfit

In addition to formal and neat outfits, Kiesha Alvaro also likes to dress casually in the style of Korean Oppa! Anti-complicated, just combine a graphic t-shirt with shorts and shoes. Simple right?

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4. Candid poses

Kiesha Alvaro seems to know very well the gfashion items that should not be left behind so that they look more like Oppas, Koreans, black hats and round glasses. This Korean artist’s Kiesha style is really cool, right?

5. Plaid coat outfit

Lastly, there is Kiesha Alvaro appearing with winter-style outfits in Korea. He combines a black t-shirt or sweater with a patterned hoodie coat. Who are you waiting for Kiesha?

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Livy Renata Beauty Charm

Livy Renata Beauty Charm

Livy Renata beauty charm the gamers who love ML. The name Livy Renata may be familiar to eSports fans, especially Mobile Legend (ML), Valorant and Players Unknow Battle Ground (PUBG) players. Although not a professional player, the Alter Ego team’s brand ambassador is indeed quite happy with online games.

Livy’s own name skyrocketed after she uploaded a video titled Choose Ur Asian Boy on TikTok. No doubt, Instagram Livy also became the target of netizens, especially Adam.

As a celebgram, she is quite active in sharing her self-portraits on social media. Curious as to what? Here, MNC Portal Indonesia has summarized from the Instagram account @livyrenata.

Pink crop top

In this portrait, Livy looks seductive fashion posing beside the bed wearing a pink crop tank top that looks tight on her body. She also wore a white miniskirt that made her panties part slightly. Her hair that was deliberately loose managed to add a sexy impression to her appearance.

As a complement, Livy wore socks in the same color as her skirt. Posing beautiful while holding her cheek, Livy’s appearance looks so charming.

Swimsuit baby blue

Never fails to steal attention, Livy looks sexy wearing a baby blue swimsuit while posing with a beach background. The low cut at the chest makes the cleavage of her breasts stand out. Her appearance was more tempting with the wet look model of the wave hair.

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One set pink

This time, Livy looked stunning in a pink crop top that seemed faint with her skin color. Not to forget, he also wore a white mask as a form of compliance in implementing health protocols. Even though her face is covered by a mask, the 19-year-old’s beauty can still be seen from her beautiful eyeballs.

Tartan crop top

Livy wore a tartan crop top model with balloon sleeves combined with black hotpants. The v neck cut is so low it makes the collarbones so exposed.

She wears blue earrings and a flower necklace which she always seems to wear in various photos. Even though it looks simple, its appearance still manages to hypnotize netizens’ views.

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Style of Mommy Sisca

Style of Mommy Sisca

Outfit to the beach in the style of Mommy Sisca, the sexy aunt who unifies the nation is second to none! Outfits to the beach in the style of Mami Sisca have stolen the attention of netizens. Not only fashionable, the celebrity-style beach outfit as well as the model whose full name is Sisca Mellyana is also very sexy.

Mami Sisca has her own style when appearing on social media. The sexy impression with all-open clothing seems to be a favorite of women who are also nicknamed Aunt Unifying the Nation as well as Aunt Ernie.

Spending a lot of time in Bali by visiting different residences, makes Aunt Sisca have to be able to look her best every day. That’s why his style is always on point at every opportunity.

If we talk about Mami Sisca’s style, then we can cheat on how she dresses. On this occasion, MNC Portal tries to summarize Mami Sisca’s beach outfit that will surely make all eyes fall on you:

1. Full color style with soft nuances

Mami Sisca loves to show her body. In this outfit, for example, even though it’s not vulgar, we can still see how sexy she is, right?

That’s because Mami Sisca let her chest show by playing a low-cut crop top at the neck. Then, there is a slit accent on the skirt so that the thighs are clearly visible.

2. Super sexy lingerie

Previously, we could still see a casual style with a sexy feel, in this photo Mami Sisca really shows her total beauty.

She wore transparent lingerie with details on the left side of the body. To give a more dramatic impression, Mami Sica added a furry black outer sheer that she wore just for decoration. Super sexy!

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3. Floral mini dress

Unlike the previous one, at this moment Mami Sisca appeared very girly. She wore a pink and white floral fashion mini dress. Even though it seems more secretive than before, it can still steal attention, right? That seems to be the effect of a smile on his face, isn’t it?

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Fashion Trends That Will Boom

Fashion Trends That Will Boom

Fashion trends that will boom in 2022, back to the 70’s era? . 2022 is coming soon and fashion trends will soon change. Many fashion trends have also looked back in recent years.

It is estimated that next year’s clothing will feature a combination of styles in the 1970’s, cutbray-style jeans or known as wide leg jeans.

As one of the versatile fashion pieces, wide leg jeans can be combined with casual or formal clothes. Here is a series of fashion combinations of wide leg jeans that you can apply in all situations, as reported by Highend.

Denim Chic

This look makes your loose jeans look chic instantly. The addition of a light blue striped accented shirt gives a neat and fashionable impression a la ‘Parisian Chic’. Beautify the look with multi strap flat shoes in black and a small bag of the same color.

Two-Toned Denim

The loose impression caused by wide leg jeans sometimes makes the wearer’s legs look shorter. The way to get around this is to wear two-toned jeans that accentuate the ankles to make them look more level. Roll up the bottom of your pants a little to give a two-toned look through the darker interior of the jeans.

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Cropped Jeans

If you don’t like to roll up your pants, wide leg jeans with cropped accents can make your legs longer. Cutting the pants at the bottom gives a firm and level impression by showing half the legs and shoes. Make sure you wear semi-formal pieces like sweaters to avoid being slouchy.

Being on Top

Not only modifying the appearance of wide leg jeans, you can also be creative with the selection of an attractive top. An example of Margot Robbie‘s style is wearing a combination striped shirt and an oversized coat in dark colors, offsetting light-colored jeans. Use high heels and a simple bag to create a posh impression.

90’s Classic

Not only attached to the style of the 1970s, wide leg jeans are also synonymous with fashion styles in the 90’s era. The 90’s era supermodel off-duty style that combines a white t-shirt, black oversized blazer and branded bags and shoes is worth a try for your casual look. To thicken the 90’s accent even more, choose an acid wash accented denim that was a hit at that time.

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Pandemic Footwear Trends

Pandemic Footwear Trends

The pandemic footwear trends prioritize the comfort factor. The COVID-19 pandemic, which is still ongoing today, has had an impact on many people’s lives. In fact, there is no exception, the trend regarding footwear.

The Covid-19 pandemic situation has finally made people do more activities from inside the house rather than being active outside the home. Whether it’s work, school, study, to worship, it also affects the current footwear trend.

As stated by Nino Priambodo, GM Brand Marketing of MAP Active, one of which oversees Crocs Indonesia, the current footwear trend tends to prioritize the comfort factor. Considering that currently more people are working from home (WFH) and school from home (SFH).

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“The Covid-19 pandemic that has been going on since 2020 until now is a unique situation for everyone. We see the trend, firstly, people will look for comfort because they are at home, work or school from morning to evening and even at night. That’s why the trend is in that direction, and it’s no coincidence that footwear products like Crocs are very comfortable,” said Nino, at the press conference “Grand Launching Crocs Grand Indonesia, Thursday (7/10/2021).

Departing from the fashion routine of most people who are now carried out at home, therefore when choosing footwear, ordinary people tend not only to look for shoes that are comfortable but easy to wear and take off.

“Slip on is easy in, easy out, easy to use, easy to take off. At home, you have to work all day, work or study from the morning, you can even do homework until the evening. Entering the room, for example, just remove it and open it. The comfort factor is what we are looking for, especially since this pandemic. We’ll see it over there, okay?” Nino closed briefly.

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Research on Javanese Batik

Research on Javanese Batik

This woman, who has been doing research on Javanese Batik for more than 30 years, provides examples of the “Parang Rusak” motif from Central Java which has inspire the “Fan” motif produced by Vlisco in the Netherlands. “Before 1913, in Manchester there was West-African batik whose motifs were inspire by Javanese Batik, even in India, the great poet Rabindranath Tagore in 1929 already wear Javanese batik,” explained Maria.

Yan Yan Sunarya, who is know as Doctor of Batik from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB); said that Sundanese batik is also a unique property of the Indonesian people. “Batik is a collection of wealth of knowledge, diversity of beauty; and at the same time a national identity, to respect humans; and their cultural achievements,” explained Yan Yan.

Based on his research on Sundanese Batik; Yan Yan said that since the 16th century the Sunda region has been familiar with Batik production. “Although many experts say that Sundanese Batik was initially influence by Javanese Batik; but in its development Sundanese Batik has different specific characters; along with the development of Sundanese values ​​and culture which have differences with Java,” he added.

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Meanwhile in his closing remarks, Mukhamad Najib as the Education and Culture Attaché (Atdikbud) of the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, said that this event was intended so that participants could understand the history of batik from various perspectives, including from international researchers who researched batik a lot such as Maria Wornska from James Cook University and Yan Yan Sunarya from ITB.

It is hoped that this event will not only give birth to and increase love for the greatness of Indonesian culture as depicted in Batik, but also a passion to promote Batik as a new world fashion trend.

Najib said that no less than 100 participants participate in this event until it was finish. Seminar participants came from various countries, including Taipei, Malaysia, India, Italy, Australia itself and Indonesia. “Most of them are lovers of Indonesia; and lovers of batik scattered throughout the states of Australia and other countries,” added Najib.

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Jakcloth Online Supports Local Fashion

Jakcloth Online Supports Local Fashion

Jakcloth Online supports local fashion to succeed during the pandemic. Jakcloth is no stranger to the public, especially the Capital City. The local fashion fashion festival event even often presents guest stars, singers who are loved by the public.

That’s why, Jakcloth is often considered as an event for young people, which is not only about shopping for local fashion products, but also performing musical arts that are used as entertainment.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Jakcloth cannot be hold directly. Now, the format has changed to online shopping which will certainly make it easier for people to buy a collection of local products they like at home.

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Shopping during a Pandemic

This concept is recognized by the Director of Jakcloth, Perdana Kusuma, which is still like by many people. This means that despite the pandemic, people’s purchasing power for local products is still quite high and that’s why Jakcloth online is back this year.

“We are again holding Jakcloth online with Tokopedia for 7 days, starting from October 5 to 11, 2021. We are holding Jakcloth online in line with the enthusiasm of the community in shopping for local products which is still high,” said Perdana to MNC Portal, Thursday (7/10/2021). ).

From the information held by Perdana, he is quite sure that the pandemic situation like this will not dampen the enthusiasm of the people to keep working and buying local products made by the nation’s children.

“That’s why we held this event, collaborating with e-commerce, as well as for local product entrepreneurs so that they have a medium to sell their products to the public during a pandemic like now,” he added.

On the other hand, Tokopedia’s Senior Lead Fashion, Aldhy Darmayo; revealed that his party will always support efforts to support local products; especially in the fashion sector to continue to adapt in the midst of a pandemic.

“We hope that this collaboration can help local fashion SMEs to continue to grow even during the pandemic. This is our effort to encourage local products to continue to exist in their own country,” he said.

Some local fashion brands that participate in Jakcloth online include Roughneck, Jansport, Owners, Matsuda Apparel, Papperdine Jeans, Bodypack, Erigo, Heyho!, Daily Outfit, Jakcloth Premium Brand, Live Haf, Cottonology, Someone, Mules, Hommes Apparel; and Shining Bright, Geoff Max, Aero Street, and many more. Very cool, yes!

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Local Fashion Products

Local Fashion Products

Local fashion products are ready to go international with a mission to empower women. Efforts to empower women continue to be carried out, not only by the government but also by the community itself. As did these three associations, Mutiara Lombok, Handep, and Pesona Alam.

Mutiara Lombok, based in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) relies on the beauty of pearl jewelry made by Lombok women, Handep (Central Kalimantan) relies on quality leather that is claimed to be entirely using local products, and Pesona Alam with beautiful Lombok weaving.

These three associations produce works of international standard, which according to Poppy Dharsono, a businessman, designer, and chairman of the Indonesian Fashion Designers and Entrepreneurs Association (APPMI), is worthy of being see by the world and the country itself.

“We have known them for a long time and not only have superior products, but also have a mission and quality program, especially empowering women in their area,” said Poppy Dharsono when met by MNC Portal in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Monday (4/04). 10/2021).

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Poppy Statement

Poppy added that she believes the 3 women’s empowerment associations can bring Indonesia’s good name in the international arena because they have also appeared at the Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) event. “That’s also the reason we chose the three,” he added.

Furthermore, Tri Hanurita, Deputy Chairperson for Women’s Empowerment at the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), said that the products produce by these three associations will be sell in three countries representing the world’s continents.

“Yes, we as KADIN will bring the products of these three women’s empowerment associations to Sydney (representing the Australian continent); Switzerland (Europe), and Dubai (Asia and Africa). This is our effort to provide opportunities; for the Indonesian people to be know in the eyes of the world. , said Tri.

He added that, in the future, not only these three associations will be develop by KADIN; but there are also women’s empowerment associations in Garut, West Java, which process leather; and in Aceh with its superior product, Aceh coffee.

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Gantari Fashion Show

Gantari Fashion Show

To celebrate the national batik day, the gantari fashion show will be held at the Prambanan temple. Celebrating National Batik Day 2021, Play Indonesia collaborates with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, as well as around 1,000 creative actors to hold a fashion show titled ‘Gantari, The Final Journey to Java’. No kidding, the runway was hold in the Prambanan Temple area.

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno fully supports this activity. According to him, Gantari is not just a matter of fashion shows with the beauty of the nation’s heritage as the main spectacle, but also promoting creative economic actors in the region.

“This activity opens up job opportunities because it involves many people, including 100 models who will wear 125 ready-to-wear batik collections from Lakon Indonesia. Of course, the other goal is to preserve the nation’s culture,” said Minister Sandiaga Uno at the Sapta Pesona Building, Jakarta, Monday (4/10/2021).

Sandiaga explained that the Gantari fashion show is also expect to bring batik closer to millennials. “Currently millennials dominate and by bringing the heritage of this nation closer to them; it means that millennials will use batik more and more,” he added.

Furthermore, Theresia Mareta, Founder of Lakon Indonesia; tries to explain what the ready-to-wear batik collection will be like at Gantari at Prambanan Temple.

“The collection will be soft. This fashion show is not just celebrating National Batik Day, but also appreciating Indonesia’s culture,” he said.

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Theresia Statement

According to Theresia, Gantari is a form of respect for women, because they are the key to human civilization in the past, present, and future. So, even though the batik collection will have subtle nuances; it still shows the strength of women who are strong; and play a big role in someone’s life in the world.

The fashion show ‘Gantari, The Final Journey to Java’ will last for 90 minutes on October 9, 2021. At the event, there will be special guests invite to directly see the show; a total of 250 people with the implementation of very strict health protocols.

The event, which can be watched on the Ministry of Tourism’s Youtube, Indonesian Play, and the Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival (JF3) is known to be the end of a journey in Java, but the beginning of a new adventure.

“After Java, we will try to explore Eastern lands, one of which is Sumba weaving. This is not the end of the journey to appreciate the nation’s culture, but the beginning,” added Theresia.

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Glenca Chysara Elegant Portrait

Glenca Chysara Elegant Portrait

Glenca Chysara elegant portrait in 3 expensive dresses, the total is almost Rp. 20 million! Glenca Chysara’s name has become increasingly known, since her role as Elsa in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta which airs every day on RCTI. In addition, his appearance was no less interesting, and also became the spotlight.

With a feminine face, Glenca often wears elegant and elegant outfits. If Poppy Bunga’s nephew usually appears with an outfit of hundreds of thousands of rupiah, Glenca also has a million rupiah dress collection, you know.

Reported from the Instagram account @fashion_glencachysara, here are three fashion collections of beautiful Glenca Chysara dresses that are quite fantastic.

Orange Dress

In this photo, Glenca wears an orange dress, with a strap detail on the belly. This time he wore a collection from Tory Burch, priced at Rp. 8,111,000.

Glenca looks fashionable. She combined her dress with beige heels, her makeup look matched her outfit.

Black Dress

Then Glenca looked elegant with this black dress. Coupled with stone details such as swarovski, making the dress more attractive.

This outfit is an Elegant Dress collection from Faddat, priced at IDR 3,500,000. Glenca looks more elegant with a make-up look that matches her outfit.

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Yellow Dress

Finally, there is Glenca Chysara wearing a pretty yellow dress, or more looks golden yellow with lace details in the form of waves on the sleeves.

This beautiful dress is a collection from Nozomi Counter, priced at IDR 7,800,000. His appearance made Rendi Jhon’s lover look elegant, and charming. And she combines it with flawless make-up.

In total, these 3 collections of Glenca Chysara dresses cost Rp. 19.4 million. No wonder Glenca Chysara’s appearance is even more stunning! man how can a normal citizen even afford those kind of price, only people like Glenca can afford those.

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Unique Facts About Watches

Unique Facts About Watches

Called the most perfect object, recognize unique facts about watches. Talking about watches, it’s not just accessories that are used to complete the appearance. But this watch has a function in someone’s life.

Watches are also not just used to see the time. There are other facts that you may not know about watches.

Here are interesting facts about watches that you need to know, as explained by CEO of Radiate Moments In Time (Radatime) Hendra Kesuma.

1. Aesthetics

Watches are always designed with special fashion details. If there is one scratch error then the watch will be imperfect.

Even the most attractive thing in a watch is its aesthetic beauty. From the color combination to the material, the architecture to the perfection of the symmetrical construction, as well as the fit on the wrist that makes the wearer feel comfortable and confident.

2. Teach someone to value time

Watches can give a visualization that someone has a lot of time that should not be wasted. Second by second the passage of time

displayed by a clock is certainly very valuable. You also need to enjoy time that is not only for work, but with other fun things.

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3. Inheritance

Watches are objects that can be stored for years, and can even be passed on to the next generation. For example, watches can be passed down from father to son, especially if they are expensive and the material is sturdy. Of course this also has its own meaning in every family.

4. The most perfect thing

The watch deserves the label as the most perfect micro-construction ever. Imagine, the size of a watch component generally has a length of millimeters or 0.001 meters. Watch wheels and other components that are millimeters in size must have perfection in construction and synergy.

So that the watch can function properly in various fields such as shock, water, temperature and so on.

5. Moment

Watches are more of a great emotional value. For example when someone is given a gift by a loved one. Of course this watch becomes a memory every time on a watch that has been used for a long time.

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Combination of Indonesian Batik

Combination of Indonesian Batik

A portrait of the combination of Indonesian batik with the icons of countries in the world. National Batik Day is celebrate every year on 2 October. Batik is one of the Indonesian characters that has been recognize by the world.

The world cultural organization, UNESCO, has even established batik as a masterpiece of human heritage for native Indonesian oral and intangible culture or the Masterpiece of The Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Batik in modern times has transformed into something more ‘pop’. However, the philosophy and meaning behind each motif, color, and material are maintain as cultural roots that should not fade.

Young people are now re-popularizing batik. Not a few who do their daily activities wearing batik cloth. It is a form of love for the younger generation for the nation’s heritage.

However, another way is done by a young man name Yos Christian Addyputra, owner of Garuda Kencana Batik. He and his team tried to combine batik with world icons. This collaboration even involves the ambassadors of each selected country.

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“We are collaborating with 17 Ambassadors of friendly countries. Each of them wears a batik that we have designed with cultural and cultural icons of each representative country. My inspiration is to make batik global,” said Yos at MNC Portal, Friday (1/10/2010). 2021).

The action of Yos and his team is part of a program entitled ‘Batik for The World’, in fashion collaboration with Singapore-based magazine, Tatler. So, Yos tried to explore the beauty of typical Indonesian batik motifs with world icons, from Europe to Africa.

So, here is an example of a batik collection which is the result of a collaboration between typical Indonesian batik and world icons worn by ambassadors of each country:

Batik Gurdo Petra Kembangan (Jordan)

Lastly the splendor of Petra as a historical place in Jordan can be fuse with the Garuda-shape batik motif. Because of that Petra which means stone in Greek is a historical site build by the Nabatean Empire in the heart of Mount Shara around 9-40 BC.

To add to the beauty of batik, Yos gave another touch, namely black iris flowers as Jordan’s national flower.

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National Batik Day

National Batik Day

The history behind the National Batik Day. Apparently every October 2 every year, Indonesia commemorates National Batik Day. Do you know why this date is designate as National Batik Day?

October 2 itself, precisely in 2009 was the date chose by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) as National Batik Day through Presidential Decree No. 33 of 2009.

The reason is, October 2 is in accordance with the date when UNESCO established Batik as one of the human heritages for oral and non-material culture (Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity). Momentum when UNESCO recognized that Indonesian Batik is one of the world heritages.

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Even the government itself through the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) is know to have issue an official circular letter (SE) regarding the use of batik clothes in the context of National Batik Day by issuing Circular Letter (SE) Number 003.3/10132/SJ. In the international arena, it was state that at that time President Soeharto introduce batik to the world’s eyes by wearing batik clothing when he was present at the United Nations conference in the mid-80s.

The important identity of batik fashion for Indonesia was even greater when Indonesia hosted the APEC II Summit in 1994. The government deliberately prepare written batik for heads of state; which become special souvenirs because it was made with patterns and symbols from the participating countries.

The role of batik cannot be separate from the identity and life of Indonesians, not just their daily activities. Even on its official website, UNESCO mentions that batik permeates the lives of Indonesians from birth as babies when they are carried with batik cloth until they finally die and are covered by batik cloth as well.

Batik itself comes with various patterns, which reflect the many influences in it. From Arabic calligraphy, European garlands and Chinese phoenixes to Japanese cherry blossoms and Indian or Persian peacocks. This is as summarized from various sources, Friday (1/10/2021).

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Syahrini Fashion Poses

Syahrini Fashion Poses

Syahrini fashion poses brightly at Pinisi, this is the price of the cardigan worn by incest! Actress Syahrini is famous for her brilliant appearance. Not only when appearing on stage, the singer of the hits of Something also appeared bright while on vacation.

Like her appearance while on vacation in Labuan Bajo with her husband, Reino Barack. His vacation moments were upload through his personal Instagram account.

Seen, the singer of Restu was on a phinisi ship sailing in the middle of the sea. She posed candidly facing the sea in a charming clear dress. While tiptoeing his left foot, Syahrini’s appearance was really charming.

In the portrait, Syahrini wears a long-sleeved top with beautiful details when blown by the wind. Then, combined with white pants, brown hijab, and white-rimmed sunglasses as accessories.

For footwear, she wore open sandals that made her beautiful nails look so real. Not to forget, she also wore jewelry in the form of bracelets and rings to complete her stunning appearance.

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Launching from the Instagram account @fashionsyahrini2, the white top he was wearing turned out to be from the well-known American fashion label, Paul Ropp. The Julia Shawl Neck Silk Jacket product is defined as an elegant fashion and luxurious outfit that can be worn for evening or day events.

This cardigan is claim to be made of the best silk material and is price at $335 USD. Although not priced in tens of millions, but the aura of a Syahrini made the cardigan look so luxurious and expensive.

Syahrini’s clear portrait was re-upload by the @syrb_official fanbase account and was immediately flood with various netizen comments. Many praised her fashionable appearance which remained cool even though she was wearing a muslim hijab.

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Sapto Djojokartiko Latest Work

Sapto Djojokartiko Latest Work

Sapto Djojokartiko latest work reflects optimism for the recovery of the pandemic. Designer Sapto Djojokartiko remains productive during the pandemic. It seems that this local fashion house never runs out of ideas to keep working in the midst of limitations.

In fact, in the latest collection, Sapto Djojokartiko released several clothes that try to reflect the door to change and human optimism in the present. A profound message is tucked into each of these latest collections.

Through this Fall/Winter 2021 collection, Sapto seems to want to welcome a new day by creating a collection that is expected to be present as a form of transition, at a time when the world is increasingly recovering, as well as the spirit he wants to show through his works.

“It seems that we are starting to feel that optimism is present among us even though it is accompanied by a little worry and caution. I really feel that. I am at peace with the situation which certainly will not fully return to the way it used to be;” said Sapto Djojokartiko in his official statement which received by MNC Portal, Monday (27/9/2021).

Although no longer able to return to the situation as before; according to Sapto, every human being can begin to adapt; and find many new opportunities as a form of life’s journey. Sapto also felt as a designer.

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Sapto Djojokartiko’s Latest Collection

“We are starting to integrate the digital world and the realm of fashion in Indonesia. We are like being brought closer to many new audiences, including those who live in other parts of the world. This really strengthens our spirit and also our creativity, especially me as a designer,” he added.

Regarding details, Sapto Djojokartiko’s Fall Winter 2021 fashion collection presents classic silhouettes that are in great demand, such as oversized pieces which of course prioritize comfort.

For those who are going on vacation or starting their activities outside the home; several key elements such as the A-line and I-line pieces are also back; along with puff-sleeves to add a feminine element that is indeed the DNA of Sapto Djojokartiko.

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Beauty of Suthathip

Beauty of Suthathip

Take a peek at the beauty of Suthathip the flight attendant, her sweet smile makes netizens diabetic. Talking about flight attendants is certainly synonymous with the charm of a beautiful face. Not only that, flight attendants in general are also slim and slender, and tall. Her beautiful face makes anyone who sees it will be amazed.

Including a flight attendant from one of the Thai airlines, Suthathip Saprueanchai. He is also quite popular on social media with a total of 31,000 followers. Suthathip often shares his self-portrait on his Instagram account, namely @queen_fff.

Intrigued by her beautiful charm? Here are stunning fashion portraits of Suthathip Saprueanchai that are guaranteed to blow your mind.

Stunning smile

The beauty of Suthathip Saprueanchai is undeniable, coupled with his signature smile. In the photo, he is seen smiling sweetly while holding his beautiful hair.

The strands of her hair that were deliberately loose, as well as the fashionable and modern style of the black tank top she was wearing, made netizens fail to focus.

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Look sexy with a mini dress

This girl really likes to wear mini dresses, it can be seen from the photos on her Instagram account that she uploads quite often. This time, Suthathip looked sexy in a pink mini dress.

Moreover, he was also seen posing with his sweet smile, which could make netizens become diabetic.

Sitting in the middle of the snow

The photo he uploaded shows Suthathip sitting on a white expanse of snow. Her beautiful and sweet smile once again fascinated netizens.

Bubble bath

This time, the graceful flight attendant appeared adorable in the bathtub holding a cute little duck toy.

In the photo Suthathip wrote the caption; “Sit in the tub and watch people playing in the water. This room has a great view,”.

Posing with a charming smile in the midst of foam and soap bubbles, is able to hypnotize netizens who see it.

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Lubuklinggau Durian Batik

Lubuklinggau Durian Batik

Lubuklinggau Durian Batik appears at Milan Fashion Week 2021. Apparently batik has reappeared at the world fashion week, this time at Milan Fashion Week 2021. This time it is Lubuklinggau’s signature Durian Batik that has caused a stir in the international fashion world.

Designer Jenny Yohana Kansil with the JYK Indonesia brand brought the durian batik to the Milan Fashion Week 2021 runway. The theme ‘Revolutionary’ was chosen as a form of change as well as hope for a better future.


The collection will appear at Milan Fashion Week 2021 on September 21 at 5 p.m. Italian time at Palazzo Visconti, Via Cino del Duca 8, Milan, Italy. Admiration was also successfully given by the audience for the collection which is very closely related to the archipelago literature.

So, where did this batik inspiration come from?

As explained by Jenny Yohana Kansil, the inspiration for the collection came from the Lubuklinggau durian batik itself. “Also from the pandemic situation,” he said, quoted from his interview on Ri3ska’s Youtube channel, Monday (27/9/2021).

He continued, durian itself has a very beautiful philosophical meaning from a fashion perspective. According to Jenny, because the fruit is thorny, there is something interesting and she reflects it in a very modern punk-style element.

“Durian is thorny. But, who would have thought that it contained a sweet and very soft durian fruit. It’s very different from the shape, like that,” he explained.

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Yes, punk is a statement silhouette from JYK Indonesia’s collection at Milan Fashion Week 2021. Even though it is punk style, elegance can still be from the batik game manage by Rina Prana, wife of the Mayor of Lubuklinggau in South Sumatra.

The theme ‘Revolutionary’ that is carry also has a deep meaning according to the designer. “In this pandemic situation, what can we renew, we make a breakthrough. It’s okay with a pandemic, because everything that happens is good for all of us, yes, like durian,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Rina Prana who was also present at the show convey the message that the punk collection of Lubuklinggau durian batik could be accept by all groups, including young people. This collection also turns out to be sustainable-fashion.

“We make sure that this collection is 100% organic, 100% cotton, 100% silk, with natural dyes from areca nut and jengkol,” said Rina in the Youtube video.

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Pose of Evi Ria Santi

Pose of Evi Ria Santi

The pose of Evi Ria Santi the flight attendant in the Flower Garden, is as beautiful as the Queen of Flowers. A flight attendant always has another side to know, not just about all his activities while serving in the airline. However, there are also other interesting activities for the public to know.

Likewise with the life of flight attendant Evi Ria Santi. Through her personal Instagram account, the flight attendant who has more than 5,000 followers often shares stories of her vacation, when she visits a flower garden that presents its colorful beauty.

Intrigued by the beautiful photo collection of flight attendant Evi with the charm of a row of beautiful flowers? Here Okezone has put it together for you.

In the middle of a flower bed

This one stewardess looks like she often likes to go on vacation to the park with rows of beautiful flowers. As seen in her upload, flight attendant Evi is posing in the middle of a yellow flower bed, which is at FAM Flower.

In fact, with a simple outfit plus a black bucket hat, Evi looks very beautiful with her sweet smile. Because of this photo, netizens are excited to comment

With tulips

Never get tired of looking at her, the flight attendant Evi who always looks beautiful. Moreover, when he was posing spoiled surrounded by red tulips that were blooming beautifully in Voorhout.

Stewardess Evi Ria Santi

Wearing a pink dress, a black patterned fashion skirt, and a head band that adorns her beautiful hair, Evi looks very beautiful like the queen of flowers aka the queen of flowers.

The pose behind the sunflowers

As it has become mandatory to take pictures with the beauty of the flower gardens he visited. This time, flight attendant Evi was seen posing in the middle of blooming sunflowers, in the Taman Bunga Nusantara area, Cipanas Puncak.

Even because of the beauty of the flowers, flight attendant Evi via Instagram photo captions also made beautiful figurative sentences about sunflowers.

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Beautiful like lavender

Still at the location of Taman Bunga Nusantara, in Cipanas, Puncak, Bogor, this time Evi looks very stunning with a photo surrounded by rows of lavender flowers. Himself with the charm of purple lavender flowers like two very beautiful sights.

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Farah Azizah Beautiful Portrait

Farah Azizah Beautiful Portrait

Farah Azizah beautiful portrait of BJ Habibie’s granddaughter is charming. Rarely highlighted, BJ Habibie’s grandson, Farah Azizah, has grown up. Not only blessed with a beautiful face, the grandson of the third former President of Indonesia also has a fashionable appearance.

No wonder he is popular on Instagram with more than 32 thousand followers. Curious about the figure of Farah Azizah Habibie?

The following is a beautiful portrait of the grandson of the former President of Indonesia, BJ Habibie, which is summarized from his personal Instagram account @farrahab, Saturday (25/9/2021).

Graduation portrait

First, there is a portrait of Farrah Azizah Habibie’s graduation from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia. She looked beautiful in a white brocade blouse with flowing hair.

Elegant in kebaya

This time, Farrah looked elegant wearing a pink kebaya. The appearance of the daughter of Thareq Kemal Habibie and Widya Leksmanawati is more charming with her hair in a bun. Her grace just can’t be measured.

Feminine with dress

Furthermore, Farrah Azizah Habibie, who is growing up, exudes her beauty charm in a dress. She looked feminine and beautiful in a black dress with batik straps. Posing with her hair loose while smiling sweetly, her charm shines even more!


Next there is Farrah’s style appearing with a semi-formal outfit. He wore a black blazer with a white tank top as the inner. Man she just look like a hot office lady doesn’t she. You just want to follow her every order.

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Look simple

Not only appearing in formal clothes, Farrah is also cool with a casual fashion style. The style is still cool even though the outfit is fairly simple. He’s wearing a plain white t-shirt combined with ripped jeans, isn’t that cool! looks very trendy.

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Jung Ho Yeon Fashionable Style

Jung Ho Yeon Fashionable Style

Jung Ho Yeon fashionable style the supermodel who played in ‘Squid Game’. The latest Korean drama Squid Game, is indeed being loved by drama lovers. The cast also received the spotlight thanks to the acting they did.

Including one of them, Jung Ho Yeon, the beautiful character Kang Sae Byeok. Many viewers and netizens were fascinated by this 27-year-old virgin figure. Not only because of his solid debut acting skills in Squid Game, but also because of the charm of his visual appearance.

Before being known as a Squid Game star, Ho Yeon was already famous as one of Korea’s promising young supermodels. He has even appeared walking on the runway at New York Fashion Week.

As a supermodel, it’s no wonder Ho Yeon’s style of dress often looks stylish and trendy. Instead of being curious, summarize Ho Yeon’s Instagram account, here’s a brief review of stylish fashion OOTD portraits of Jung Ho Yeon.

Full pattern

Traveling in a cheerful summer, Ho Yeon looks fresh and young in a purple full pattern outfit. A purple-violet short-sleeved front button-up shirt which he tied at the hemline.

Combined with the same patterned shorts which are also purple-violet. Chanel’s black sling bag completes Ho Yeon’s OOTD.

Preppy look

Come to one of the events of the Chanel luxury fashion house. Ho Yeon came in a simple preppy look outfit. A white trumpet-sleeved shirt as a top combined with a pleated skirt or a short black rampel skirt as a subordinate. Completed with an indigo blue jacket cardigan from Chanel.

Aesthetic with big postman bag

Hanging out to the gallery, Ho Yeon looked maximally aesthetic in a black leather long coat which he paired with long straight denim pants and black platform boots.

Not to forget, as a complementary accessory, the lover of the Reply 1988 star, Lee Dong Hwi, was seen carrying a large black sling postman bag from Chanel.

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Boyfie look

Combining a long-sleeved white shirt layered with a gray wool vest as an outer and high-waisted denim pants, as well as a pair of classic white three-stripe sneakers from white Adidas and a mini sling bag velvet from Prada, this Ho Yeon-style boyfriend look can be your style inspiration. .

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Portrait of Wi Ha Joon

Portrait of Wi Ha Joon

Handsome portrait of Wi Ha Joon, the Squid Game detective, a new idol for drama lovers. The Korean Drama Series (Drakor), the viral Squid Game also brought success to the players. One of them is the handsome actor Wi Ha Joon who plays Hwang Jun Ho, a handsome and reliable police detective who goes undercover to get into the Squid Game.

Apart from his excellent acting skills. The figure of Wi Ha Joon with his handsome face, athletic tall body, and charming smile, cannot be denied successfully bewitching many people, especially women.

Curious what the handsome portrait of Wi Ha Joon, the sexy detective in Squid Game looks like? Gathering Wi Ha Joon’s personal Instagram account, Thursday (23/9/2021), let’s take a peek at some of the handsome portraits of Wi Ha Joon, the new idol of netizens, below.

1. Sexy six packs

Wi Ha Joon recently uploaded a holographic video of himself, showing off his plaid abs aka sexy six packs when he was lined up to be the cover model of the famous men’s magazine, Men’s Health. Six packs or chocolate abs Ha Joon who only wears a black unbuttoned coat looks perfect.

2. Casual in jersey

At the Squid Game, the audience could not see Wi Ha Joon wearing the jersey uniform fashion of the participants in the Squid Game survival game. But through this photo, Ha Joon satisfied fans who were curious to see him wearing the green jersey uniform typical of the Squid Game. Even though he only wears a casual jersey, this man born in 1991 looks maximally handsome while showing off his sweet smile.

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3. Dandy look

Taking a photo with other Squid Game star actors and actresses; Wi Ha Joon is perfect in his all-black dandy look outfit. Black shirt, black long trouser and black long coat that add to the mysterious aura and good looks of this Midnight movie player.

4. Dare to be a baseball athlete

Now if this is a portrait of Wi Ha Joon looking sporty; and dashing as a baseball athlete, when he plays Ye Ji Hoon in the popular drama 18 Again. Like a professional baseball athlete in the real world huh!

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Madonna Daughter Shows Off Her Armpit

Madonna Daughter Shows Off Her Armpit

Looking sexy, Madonna daughter shows off her armpit hair in front of the world’s socialites! Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, was not seen by the camera while attending the 2021 Met Gala. Her presence at the event was masked by the appearance of other celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian who came wearing a full-black Balenciaga.

But, who would have thought that Lourdes Leon would actually make a fuss at the 2021 Met Gala in his own way. Yes, the 24-year-old woman shows off her fairly thick armpit hair to the public.

This action has only recently become the talk of netizens. For some reason, his figure only appeared on social media after the 2021 Met Gala had been running a week ago.

At that moment, Lourdes Leon wore a fuschia-colored Moschino dress with details such as small black stones in the bra area and under her stomach. At first glance, the clothes worn by Madonna’s children resemble a typical Indian sari, yes.

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The impression is increasingly evident with the appearance of long black hair that is left loose; similar to the style of contemporary Indian women. Then, the appearance of the face is made very bold with the emphasis on the eyes.

Accessories fashion were not spared on display. Lourdes Leon wore silver teardrop-style earring that was gorgeous. Then, there is also a hand bag of the same color as the dress she was wearing; which was designed by Benedetta Bruzziches.

Well, the moment to show off your armpit hair happened when Lourdes Leon entered the museum area. On that phenomenal staircase, Lourdes Leon blatantly exposed the hair on her armpits. It is not known for sure what the reason for the child of the mega star did this action.

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