Charm of Resti Handayani

Charm of Resti Handayani

Take a peek at the charm of Resti Handayani the flight attendant, her beauty makes work enthusiastic. The stewardess always fascinates the eyes of anyone who sees her. Moreover, a beautiful face with a graceful face that always gives the impression to feel at home near her.

Likewise with the charm of flight attendant Resti Handayani, a flight attendant from a low-cost private airline.

Visiting her Instagram page @r.soemamihardja, with more than 31,000 followers, this beautiful flight attendant often shares various moments of her daily activities.

Intrigued by the beautiful photos of the flight attendant who is familiarly called Resti? Here Okezone has summarized them.

Show swaggy

The body goals of the flight attendant who is usually called Resti are even more amazed, this can be seen from the photos uploaded on her Instagram feeds.

Wearing a crop top sweater, especially with a slim body and showing her sexy belly, the flight attendant Resti invited netizens to be excited to comment.

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Graceful with long hair

Even wearing a casual fashion outfit with a T-shirt doesn’t detract from Resti’s beauty. Even with the appearance of her hair down she looks even more beautiful.

Because of the photo, it looks like this one flight attendant is missing her long hair style. As written in the photo caption.

“I miss my long hair ..,” wrote Resti’s long hair.

Highlight feminism

Stewardess appear in a feminine style not only when on duty, but also when carrying out their daily activities.

Like the flight attendant Resti who appeared with a full touch of make-up, and the style of casual clothes. Looks relaxed but always steals the attention of his followers

Look elegant

Through a personal account, Resti’s flight attendant often shares a series of photo collections. Including, a photo of him wearing his on-duty clothes complete with watch accessories that make Resti even more beautiful.

Really, this one flight attendant does look very elegant when wearing a light blue batik uniform, coupled with a sweet smile from the curve of her lips.

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