Stylish OOTD of Melati Wijsen

Stylish OOTD of Melati Wijsen – The name of Balinese activist Melati Wijsen is being talked about after it was discovered that she attended the 2021 Cannes Film Festival in France on July 10.

Melati was present at the world’s prestigious film festival, attending the premiere of the documentary she starred in, Bigger Than Us.

Not only does she look beautiful and charming at the Cannes 2021 event. Every day, Melati’s appearance is also fashionable, stylish even though she only wears a simple cut outfit.

What is the OOTD fashion style for Melati’s daily appearance? Gathering Melati’s Instagram account, Tuesday (13/7/2021) let’s take a peek at the following brief review.

1. Mix and match anti-mainstream

Not afraid to appear anti-mainstream, OOTD when staying at a hotel in Bali a la Melati is to combine a short-sleeved pajama suit with a light green pattern with a pair of black military boots. Very cool right?

2. Go to the post office

Even though she only went to the post office, Melati still looked fashionable in her white spaghetti strap top and denim pants as a bottom. He wrapped a long colorful scarf around his neck, waving in the wind.

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3. Denim overalls

Hobby wearing jeans but bored with the same style? You can cheat on this Jasmine style denim style. It’s simple! Just wear a short-sleeved T-shirt and a denim overalls jumpsuit. Complete it with a pair of black military boots that are dashing and cool.

4. Asymmetrical dress

Aesthetic OOTD in Melati’s garden, looks cute in a one-piece asymmetrical dress with spaghetti straps in ivory color.

5. Floral dress

Posing on the side of the road, Melati looked cool by combining a long asymmetrical dress with floral and polka-dot motifs in a combination of black, white and red with a deep V-neck cutting with black military boots.