Styles of Medina Zein

Take a peek at styles of Medina Zein with a bag for a total of IDR 300 million! Medina Zein is a businessman and hijaber whose name is now in the public spotlight. Especially after the news that Rachel Vennya had collected a debt from him some time ago.

Previously, the figure of Medina herself was known to often wear luxury bags like Hermes and Dior. No doubt, one of the prices of Medina’s own luxury fashion bag reached Rp 380 million, namely the bag she bought from the celebrity Rachel Vennya. The latest news, Medina Zein has paid the payment.

For this reason, the following is MNC Portal Indonesia information on 3 styles of Medina Zein wearing a luxury bag, summarized from the Instagram account @fashion_medinazein, Sunday (29/9/2021).

1. Hermes Bag – IDR 228 Million

The first portrait is a camel gold Hermes bag. Medina herself was seen capturing the moment wearing this bag. Then, this handbag spent quite a fantastic amount of USD 17,600 or around IDR 228 million.

2. Dior Bag – Rp39 Million

The next portrait is the Dior bag that Medina is wearing with the bright red base color. The shoulder bag type spent up to Rp. 39 million. Such a ridicilous amount for normal people but for celebrity this amount to nothing.

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3. Gucci Bags – Rp33 Million

The woman who often mentions the word ‘Gucci gangs’ on her social media has also been caught wearing a Gucci branded bag which is a black shoulder bag type with a sweet ribbon accessory on the side of the bag. It is known, the price of his bag reached Rp. 33 million rupiah. In total, the 3 Medina Zein luxury bag collections reach Rp. 300 million! A very fantastic amount is not it, indeed this socialite is very rich.

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