Style of Mommy Sisca

Outfit to the beach in the style of Mommy Sisca, the sexy aunt who unifies the nation is second to none! Outfits to the beach in the style of Mami Sisca have stolen the attention of netizens. Not only fashionable, the celebrity-style beach outfit as well as the model whose full name is Sisca Mellyana is also very sexy.

Mami Sisca has her own style when appearing on social media. The sexy impression with all-open clothing seems to be a favorite of women who are also nicknamed Aunt Unifying the Nation as well as Aunt Ernie.

Spending a lot of time in Bali by visiting different residences, makes Aunt Sisca have to be able to look her best every day. That’s why his style is always on point at every opportunity.

If we talk about Mami Sisca’s style, then we can cheat on how she dresses. On this occasion, MNC Portal tries to summarize Mami Sisca’s beach outfit that will surely make all eyes fall on you:

1. Full color style with soft nuances

Mami Sisca loves to show her body. In this outfit, for example, even though it’s not vulgar, we can still see how sexy she is, right?

That’s because Mami Sisca let her chest show by playing a low-cut crop top at the neck. Then, there is a slit accent on the skirt so that the thighs are clearly visible.

2. Super sexy lingerie

Previously, we could still see a casual style with a sexy feel, in this photo Mami Sisca really shows her total beauty.

She wore transparent lingerie with details on the left side of the body. To give a more dramatic impression, Mami Sica added a furry black outer sheer that she wore just for decoration. Super sexy!

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3. Floral mini dress

Unlike the previous one, at this moment Mami Sisca appeared very girly. She wore a pink and white floral fashion mini dress. Even though it seems more secretive than before, it can still steal attention, right? That seems to be the effect of a smile on his face, isn’t it?

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