Soviet Woman’s Wardrobe

Fashion, as you know, is changeable, and with it those elements of clothing that seemed indispensable yesterday can go down in history. A striking example of such a trend is the combination – our mothers and grandmothers wore them every day and could not imagine their image without it. But modern women of fashion sometimes do not know what it is. But even half a century ago, Soviet women had many reasons to wear this seemingly superfluous wardrobe item. Soviet Woman’s Wardrobe.

Wearing a combination was fashionable

It seems that this reason could not be here in any way, because the combination was an item of underwear and was worn under a dress or skirt with a blouse. However, enterprising women of fashion showed ingenuity and knew how to “show off a new thing” in front of her friends. So, they just put on a slip the same length as the dress or skirt. Accordingly, one “awkward” movement showed the edge of the thing – they often tried to show the best combinations in this way, for example, with lace.

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Practicality and versatility

The combinations were very popular thanks in large part to their practicality. And the thing is that it made it possible, oddly enough, to extend the life of basic clothes. In Soviet cities, and even more so in smaller settlements; it was not possible to regularly replenish the wardrobe with new things. And then the combination came into play: being a kind of buffer between the body and the main outfit, it absorbed sweat; and therefore it was possible to wash the latter less often. This is how things stayed wearable longer.