Soviet Combination Help Hiding the Imperfections

The soviet combination help hiding the imperfections of the underwear. Underwear in the Soviet Union could not boast of exquisite design or elegant cut. Sometimes on the shelves of clothing stores lay such styles that it was even unpleasant to wear. But there was not much choice, and here the combination came to the rescue. She allowed to hide the unaestheticness of Soviet bras.

The combination visually hides figure flaws

It seems that apart from underwear, this weightless piece of clothing can no longer cover anything. However, many of the women who have worn the combination for years argue that this is far from the case. It allowed to visually improve the silhouette of the figure – it emphasized the merits and at the same time smoothed out unnecessary “bulges”.

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The combination warmed and acted as a petticoat

It turns out that the combination was indispensable in winter, because, in fact, it was an additional warm layer of clothing, protecting from the frosty wind. And, in addition, she covered the body from the prickly woolen fabric. Also, the combination played the role of a petticoat, and it was thanks to this that the fabric of the dress did not stick to the feet of Soviet women of fashion, who wore skirts much more often than trousers – there were no antistatic agents in those days.