Sneakers Shoes Have Become Hot Items for Gen Z

Sneakers shoes have become hot items for gen Z. Aside from their casual-looking design, sneakers are also very comfortable to use.

Not surprisingly, many people, especially sneakers lovers, are willing to spend a lot of money on the latest or limited edition shoes to complete their collection. Besides being comfortable to wear, sneakers have also become part of the lifestyle and even for sneakerheads, this type of shoe is a very lucrative investment.

To pamper the sneakerheads, The F Thing held a promo with a massive discount specifically for sneakers on the website of The F Thing with the dress “Get Your Sneakers Game”.

The F Thing provides a variety of sneaker brands that are most popular with many sneaker lovers and the best in Indonesia such as Adidas, NIKE, Vans, Puma and Converse. This MNC Group e-commerce ensures that its customers get the desired goods at affordable prices.

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The F Thing

The first best sneaker brand, namely Adidas. As one of the favorite sports shoe brands for men and women, Adidas comes with a variety of original shoe designs that are very charming and attract the attention of anyone who sees them.

Next is NIKE, which is also the best sneaker brand to choose from, and presents many high-quality shoes.

Apart from these two brands, Converse is also one of the best sneaker brands that sneakerheads should have. This is because sneakers are popular with all circles, both young people and adults today, and have been a sports fashion icon for a long time.

Furthermore, Vans is a street fashion icon that is very popular among young people. In addition, there is Puma, which is also the best sneaker brand in Indonesia and abroad. Apart from these 5 sneaker brands, there are also other sneaker brands such as Ardiles, Phoenix Shoes, and Jim Joker.

Not only available for men, but the “Get Your Sneakers Game” promo also provides sneakers for women who like to dress in the latest streetwear styles. The well-known sneakers brands above can be purchased for half the price.

In addition, there is an additional 10% discount by entering the SNEAKERFEST10 voucher code with a minimum purchase of IDR 250 thousand. This promo runs from April 5 to 18, 2021 and customers can buy all of these sneakers at The F Thing.

Follow the latest trends easily and fit your wallet budget, by buying very affordable sneakers at The F Thing. This promo is only until April 18, 2021.