Sexy Jessica Iskandar Style

Sexy Jessica Iskandar Style – Jessica Iskandar is now inseparable from a sexy and seductive image. Through her social media accounts, this young mother often displays her sexy dress style.

Seen, the crop top model outfit is one of Richard Kyle’s favorite outfits to look sexy everyday. Curious, what does Jessica Iskandar’s sexy visual look like in a crop top?

Here are five sexy portraits of Jessica Iskandar wearing a crop top, which are summarized from her personal Instagram account, @inijedar, Monday (26/7/2021):

1. Long sleeve crop top

Not only super mini, looking sexy showing off her flat stomach and slim waist, the actress who is familiarly called Jedar looks hot in a long-sleeved white crop top combined with hot denim pants.

2. Denim crop top

Now for this one portrait, when Jedar looks sexy but still with a cute feel through a crop top outfit made of sleeveless denim, sweetened with a white mini love emoji motif.

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3. Crop top ivory

Summer fashion style ala Jedar, maximum dress-up by wearing a tight sleeveless crop top in ivory cream color as the top and black high waist pants as the bottom. Perfected with a beach hat and neck chain as an accessory. So beautiful and sexy, Jedar was praise as Dua Lipa!

4. Flowy

It’s sexy to wear a crop top, you don’t just have to choose a tight one. You can also choose a feminine design, for example, a plain nude pleated crop top that is flowly like the one worn by Jedar. Just pair it with full pants with high waist cutting motifs as subordinates.

5. V-neck crop top

Lastly looking sexy and hot to the maximum, relaxing by the pool, Jedar here chooses a plain white crop top cut with a deep V-neck short sleeve model that shows part of his upper body.