Sapto Djojokartiko Latest Work

Sapto Djojokartiko latest work reflects optimism for the recovery of the pandemic. Designer Sapto Djojokartiko remains productive during the pandemic. It seems that this local fashion house never runs out of ideas to keep working in the midst of limitations.

In fact, in the latest collection, Sapto Djojokartiko released several clothes that try to reflect the door to change and human optimism in the present. A profound message is tucked into each of these latest collections.

Through this Fall/Winter 2021 collection, Sapto seems to want to welcome a new day by creating a collection that is expected to be present as a form of transition, at a time when the world is increasingly recovering, as well as the spirit he wants to show through his works.

“It seems that we are starting to feel that optimism is present among us even though it is accompanied by a little worry and caution. I really feel that. I am at peace with the situation which certainly will not fully return to the way it used to be;” said Sapto Djojokartiko in his official statement which received by MNC Portal, Monday (27/9/2021).

Although no longer able to return to the situation as before; according to Sapto, every human being can begin to adapt; and find many new opportunities as a form of life’s journey. Sapto also felt as a designer.

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Sapto Djojokartiko’s Latest Collection

“We are starting to integrate the digital world and the realm of fashion in Indonesia. We are like being brought closer to many new audiences, including those who live in other parts of the world. This really strengthens our spirit and also our creativity, especially me as a designer,” he added.

Regarding details, Sapto Djojokartiko’s Fall Winter 2021 fashion collection presents classic silhouettes that are in great demand, such as oversized pieces which of course prioritize comfort.

For those who are going on vacation or starting their activities outside the home; several key elements such as the A-line and I-line pieces are also back; along with puff-sleeves to add a feminine element that is indeed the DNA of Sapto Djojokartiko.

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