Rizky Febian Handsome Portrait

Rizky Febian handsome portrait in the video clip of the latest song gives up. Rizky Febian, the eldest son of comedian Sule, is becoming more and more present in the Indonesian entertainment world. Recently, Rizky Febian released the song “Release” for the soundtrack of the film Kata, which he will also star in.

The film titled Kata, which will star Rizky Febian, is adapted from the novel of the same name by Nadhifa Allya Tsana alias Rintik Sedu. To promote the new song Rizky Febian uploaded several portraits of himself in the video clip to Instagram.

Curious as to what? Let’s take a peek at Rizky Febian’s portrait that MNC Portal Indonesia has summarized on Monday (6/9/2021).

1. Running

In the portrait, Rizky Febian is running in a hurry like chasing something. Wearing a black suit fashion, there’s no way he’s exercising right? In the description of the photo, he also gives spoilers as if there is a new single that will be released soon.

2. Photo on the escalator

This time Rizky posed candidly with a blank stare. He seemed to be thinking about something. Stylishly pocketing his hands in his pants pocket, Rizky looks so cool.

3. Smile

Posing smiling while pocketing his hands and crossing his legs, Rizky, who is often called Aa Iky, looks so cute. Netizens can’t even see it.

4. Posing with the car

Wow, it looks like the theme of this video is going to be really cool. The BMW car that Rizky was leaning on looked completely destroyed. In the photo caption, he wrote the title of the song that will be the soundtrack for the film ‘KATA’ from Falcon Pictures.

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5. Expressing emotions

Well, in this photo, Rizky can be seen venting his anger. He shatter the windshield of the car and used a crowbar in the rearview mirror. Judging from his expression, it seems that Rizky is really disappoint about something. About what about?

6. The car caught fire

In this photo the car he had destroyed looks like it was on fire. It looks like his anger is really burning. The expression that wrinkled his forehead was like he was frustrate about something. About what?

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