Research on Javanese Batik

This woman, who has been doing research on Javanese Batik for more than 30 years, provides examples of the “Parang Rusak” motif from Central Java which has inspire the “Fan” motif produced by Vlisco in the Netherlands. “Before 1913, in Manchester there was West-African batik whose motifs were inspire by Javanese Batik, even in India, the great poet Rabindranath Tagore in 1929 already wear Javanese batik,” explained Maria.

Yan Yan Sunarya, who is know as Doctor of Batik from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB); said that Sundanese batik is also a unique property of the Indonesian people. “Batik is a collection of wealth of knowledge, diversity of beauty; and at the same time a national identity, to respect humans; and their cultural achievements,” explained Yan Yan.

Based on his research on Sundanese Batik; Yan Yan said that since the 16th century the Sunda region has been familiar with Batik production. “Although many experts say that Sundanese Batik was initially influence by Javanese Batik; but in its development Sundanese Batik has different specific characters; along with the development of Sundanese values ​​and culture which have differences with Java,” he added.

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Meanwhile in his closing remarks, Mukhamad Najib as the Education and Culture Attaché (Atdikbud) of the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, said that this event was intended so that participants could understand the history of batik from various perspectives, including from international researchers who researched batik a lot such as Maria Wornska from James Cook University and Yan Yan Sunarya from ITB.

It is hoped that this event will not only give birth to and increase love for the greatness of Indonesian culture as depicted in Batik, but also a passion to promote Batik as a new world fashion trend.

Najib said that no less than 100 participants participate in this event until it was finish. Seminar participants came from various countries, including Taipei, Malaysia, India, Italy, Australia itself and Indonesia. “Most of them are lovers of Indonesia; and lovers of batik scattered throughout the states of Australia and other countries,” added Najib.

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