Red Velvet’s Wendy Fashion

The main vocalist of the famous girl group, Red Velvet; Wendy has just officially debuted as a soloist by releasing her first solo mini album; Like Water which is also the title of the main song, aka the title track. Red Velvet’s Wendy Fashion.

Like the concept of her dreamy and flowy song; the concept of the same style of appearance is also shown by this beautiful girl with golden voices. It can be seen from a series of luxurious dresses with feminine; and flowy nuances; which Wendy wore in the Like Water photoshoot teaser and music video (MV).

Want to see Wendy’s beautiful, luxurious dresses? To summarize the ‘redvelvetoutfit’ Instagram account, let’s take a peek at a brief description of the five looks of Red Velvet’s Wendy dress fashion.

Tomato peach dress

This peach tomato color long dress that looks very bright on the white skin of Wendy’s porcelain. This one is a collection of dresses designed by the fashion house Giambattista Valli, Assymetric Ruffled Gown which sells for USD3,977 or approximately Rp. 57.2 million per piece.

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Tulle dress

Midi dress with the dominance of white tulle material is also one of the beautiful outfits worn by Wendy in MV Like Water, it looks simple and without a motive, don’t be mistaken, it turns out that the Blazer Tulle Dress output from Loulou is sold for USD2,150 or approximately Rp.30.9 million per piece!

Lace dress

Lying on the green grass, this virgin who is good at playing the guitar was seen wearing a feminine white lace dress; a plain white Brigton Panel Lace Dress that made Wendy look like a royal princess in a fairy tale. For the price, the Zimmermann fashion house sells this lace dress at a price of USD750 or approximately IDR 10.8 million.

At first glance it is similar to the previous ruffled peach tomato dress; but in fact this dress is a dress with a different color. The strawberry pink Assymetric Ruffled Gown is still from Giambattista Valli design. The price is slightly higher than the tomato peach color, which is USD3,761 or approximately IDR 54.1 million per piece.

Flared dress

Posing in the middle of a shady forest, Wendy is seen wearing a flared mini dress in ivory white. Choker Flared Dress, one of the designs of the luxury fashion house Versace Jeans Couture, is sold to the public for USD780 or approximately Rp.11.2 million.