Ramadhinisari’s Fashionable Appearance

Ramadhinisari’s Fashionable Appearance – The name of a beautiful MC, Ramadhinisari has been busy on social media timelines lately. Although, the case that happened to him is quite unique and rarely found.

Ramadhinisari became a byword, allegedly because of the video content on his TikTok account, which discussed the socialite-style socialite-style socialite-style popcorn for socialites.

Well, apart from the viral content that catapulted his name among netizens. In addition to being beautiful, Ramadhinisari also has an okay style of dress! Gathering Ramadhinisari’s Instagram account, let’s take a peek at the following four fashionable OOTD portraits of Ramadhinisari.

Feminine style

Present at the wedding party as one of the bridemaids, Ramadhinisari was beautiful in an asymmetrical dress in a sweet and soft pink peach color with a cape see-through decorated with floral embroidery.

Sexy with crop top

Vacation to Flores, NTT at the end of 2020 at that time Ramadhinisari chose a sexy fashion style OOTD, looked fashionable with a mix and match long-sleeved glossy crop top in sunset orange color with high-waisted denim pants in navy blue and a beach hat.

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Stylish with a beret

On a trip to Universal Studios while in Japan, this MC who is also good at singing is dressed-up to the maximum to look fashionable. Monochrome style in black and white through a wool jacket with a black and white checkered pattern, a gray turtleneck inner shirt with a black pleated skirt. As an accessory, sunglasses and a black beret to make it look more stylish.

Korean style

Lastly when traveling to Japan, Ramadhinisari looks cute and fashionable with a Korean style outfit. Combine a pastel wool jacket with a peach pastel midi skirt with a pair of sneakers. More fashionable with his flagship black beret hat.

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