Rachel Vennya OOTD

Rachel Vennya OOTD in New York, looks great with hundreds of thousands of T-shirts and rp62 million boots! Celebrity Rachel Vennya will soon appear at New York Fashion Week 2022 along with local fashion brands. Not only alone, he was also accompanied by his lover, Salim Nauderer and several fellow celebrities.

While in New York, Rachel Vennya often shares her self-portraits with cute outfits. Curious as to what? Launching from her Instagram account @rachelven, Tuesday (7/9/2021), here are portraits of Rachel swinging beautifully while in New York!

1. Candid with loose hair

In this photo, Rachel is wearing a white cropped top combined with striking blue cargo pants which makes her look so stunning. Posing candidly while carrying a yellow bag, she looks so fashionable. Equipped with Nike Air Jordan sneakers for IDR 3,710,000, his appearance looks stunning.

2. Monochrome shades

This time, Rachel appeared in monochrome shades. Posing wearing a white shirt wrapped with a black pippa top, his appearance is so cute. Combined with detachable pants and a black bag, her appearance is so fashionable.

To complete the look, Rachel wears glasses and dangling earrings as accessories, plus Chanel boots which are priced at Rp. 62,648,000. Wow, that’s pretty fantastic for the price of a pair of shoes.

3. Creamy clothes

This time Rachel appeared with all-beige shades. He wore a one-shoulder top wrapped in a Harrington jacket for Rp. 155,000.

He combined his top outfit with a matching colored drawstring elana for IDR 690 thousand. To complete her appearance, she wore Nike Air Jordan Gold Hoops which were priced at IDR 3,710,000.

Not to forget, to decorate her neck, she wore a Dior fashion necklace for Rp. 12,406,000. Posing smiling while tossing her hair, Rachel looks so beautiful.

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4. Look cute with a skirt

Portrait of Rachel wearing a long-sleeved shirt wrapped in a beige jacket and combined with a black NikexSacai collaboration skirt for Rp. 5,990,000. His appearance is even more cool with the white Nike Air Jordan, which is the same as the point 4 style.

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