Princess Syahrini’s Hermes Bag

The luxury of Princess Syahrini’s life is unquestionable. What is in his body is branded goods at exorbitant prices. Princess Syahrini’s Hermes Bag.

About bags, for example, Syahrini doesn’t play around, you know. There are many collections of expensive bags that he often displays on Instagram, one of the most eye-catching ones is a rather large white bag that is predicted to cost Rp1.8 billion.

The Syahrini bag is known as the Hermes brand type ’35cm Nuage Matte Alligator Birkin Bag’. There is an interesting fact revealed by the Instagram account @ fashionsyahrini2, that there are only 100 bags in the world and it was released at the Grand Opening of the Hermes Store Shanghai.


However, this bag is actually not the latest release. Because, the same Instagram account revealed that the bag was released internationally at the Grand Opening of the Shanghai Hermes Store in 2014. Even so, it’s very lucky, yes, this Mrs Barack has one of 100 99 other collections.

From the photos that were shared, Syahrini was carrying the white bag with outift feminine looks. Yes, she wore a black long-sleeved midi dress with an additional accessory in the form of a sizable white belt. Then, she paired it with transparent heels and sunglasses. Syahrini’s distinctive style.

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When it comes to makeup and hairstyling, Syahrini is always consistent with her simple yet flawless makeup. The pink on his lips is enough to make him look fresh. When it comes to hair, she tied it in a simple bun style.


So, how do netizens react to knowing about this limited edition Rp1.8 billion bag collection?

“Edaaaann! It also seems like I just bought it when I was married with Mr. RB? Hermes, who bought Rp1 billion and above, was bought during marriage,” said @ ekonovianti **.

“Definitely buy the limited one for Hermes, so there aren’t many twins with other people,” said @ ernaerna74 **.

“Shit,” shocked @ edrea._letes ***.

“Wow it bounces mehong yaaaa,” said @ mawati **.