Prince Philip Has a Distinctive Fashion Style

Unlike other high-ranking state officials, Prince Philip Has a Distinctive Fashion Style.

1. Trench coat

When accompanying Queen Elizabeth II to sail using an open ship. Instead of wearing a polo shirt to make it look relaxed and casual, Prince Philip never took off his tie and formal clothes.

He combined the clothes with a trench coat to protect his body from the sea breeze. This outfit also makes Prince Philip’s posture look upright and perfect.

2. Downtime style

Not only in a formal style, Prince Philip also often wears smart-casual nuances. In this photo, for example, he appears to be wearing a cream colored shirt combined with brown cloth pants. To complete his appearance, Prince Philip styled his hair in a sleek style with the addition of accessories in the form of contemporary design sunglasses. The combination of classic clothing with modern touches really fits her body perfectly!

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3. Smart tweed

Furthermore, there is a portrait of Prince Philip while watching horse racing. There are some subtle but unusual elements here, the most obvious of which is the perfectly tilted flannel hat. She also wore a double-breasted blazer paired with chunky shoes and socks for an authentic rustic feel. Unfortunately, this is not the way men dress in the countryside now, polyester fleece is becoming the fabric of choice in shires.

4. Country gent

Among the many awesome things in this photo is Prince Philip’s first-generation Range Rover. The car is now recognized as one of the rarest classic cars. Now for the business of clothes, there is no need to doubt.

Prince Philip wore an outfit that also presented a classic feel of a traditional British wool jacket and brown non-matching trousers. The outfit looks adorned with a tie and a pocket box folded sharply. What isn’t too flashy, but still stands out, is the formal tone that the black shoes she wears on.

5. Perfect print

Finally there is a holiday portrait of Prince Philip with Queen Elizabeth II. Here he is seen wearing a full print, dark blue Hawaiian shirt. The shirt’s bold pattern has a Polynesian feel.

The prince looked so comfortable that one would mistake him for wearing such clothes. Nor did she display the awkwardness that politicians often show when they dress for made-up holiday photos.