Pose of Evi Ria Santi

The pose of Evi Ria Santi the flight attendant in the Flower Garden, is as beautiful as the Queen of Flowers. A flight attendant always has another side to know, not just about all his activities while serving in the airline. However, there are also other interesting activities for the public to know.

Likewise with the life of flight attendant Evi Ria Santi. Through her personal Instagram account, the flight attendant who has more than 5,000 followers often shares stories of her vacation, when she visits a flower garden that presents its colorful beauty.

Intrigued by the beautiful photo collection of flight attendant Evi with the charm of a row of beautiful flowers? Here Okezone has put it together for you.

In the middle of a flower bed

This one stewardess looks like she often likes to go on vacation to the park with rows of beautiful flowers. As seen in her upload, flight attendant Evi is posing in the middle of a yellow flower bed, which is at FAM Flower.

In fact, with a simple outfit plus a black bucket hat, Evi looks very beautiful with her sweet smile. Because of this photo, netizens are excited to comment

With tulips

Never get tired of looking at her, the flight attendant Evi who always looks beautiful. Moreover, when he was posing spoiled surrounded by red tulips that were blooming beautifully in Voorhout.

Stewardess Evi Ria Santi

Wearing a pink dress, a black patterned fashion skirt, and a head band that adorns her beautiful hair, Evi looks very beautiful like the queen of flowers aka the queen of flowers.

The pose behind the sunflowers

As it has become mandatory to take pictures with the beauty of the flower gardens he visited. This time, flight attendant Evi was seen posing in the middle of blooming sunflowers, in the Taman Bunga Nusantara area, Cipanas Puncak.

Even because of the beauty of the flowers, flight attendant Evi via Instagram photo captions also made beautiful figurative sentences about sunflowers.

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Beautiful like lavender

Still at the location of Taman Bunga Nusantara, in Cipanas, Puncak, Bogor, this time Evi looks very stunning with a photo surrounded by rows of lavender flowers. Himself with the charm of purple lavender flowers like two very beautiful sights.

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