Portrait of Zana Cobhita

A rare portrait of Zana Cobhita, daughter of lady rocker Nicky Satria. Who doesn’t know the famous Indonesian lady rocker, Nicky Astria? Music lovers, especially rock music, must be very familiar with Nicky Astria.

But maybe not many know, Nicky Astria has a beautiful grown daughter named Zana Cobhita. Like her mother, Zana inherited a beautiful face and a rocker voice on her.

So you’re curious as to what the figure of Zana Cobhita, Nicky Astria’s daughter, who is rarely seen by the public looks like? Summarizing Zana’s personal Instagram account, Thursday (2/9/2021), let’s take a peek at the following five portraits of Zana Cobhita.

1. Cute portrait as a toddler

Before transforming into a beautiful adult girl, this is a portrait of Zana’s appearance when she was a toddler. Little Zana looks cute, with curly hair with adorable chubby cheeks.

2. Bold makeup

Having a rocker aura like her mother, Zana’s aura is getting stronger and stronger, supported by the bold makeup style she often wears. For example, in this selfie, Zana is stylish with thick black cat eye eyeliner and blushing matte red lipstick.

3. Soft look

Usually seen with a bold makeup style with a strong character, this time for the Eid celebration, Zana appeared with a softer style of appearance by wearing a black long outer suit, light and soft makeup, and loosely flowing short black hair.

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4. Sexy

Well, in this case, Zana looks sexy in a black tube top and a purple shirt that is left open. The cat eye glasses that hit in the 80’s complete Zana’s edgy cool look.

5. Feminine style

Zana looks feminine and mature in a girly-style outfit, a long transparent black blouse with a floral fashion motif which she combines with a tomato red ethnic fabric skirt.

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