Portrait of Wi Ha Joon

Handsome portrait of Wi Ha Joon, the Squid Game detective, a new idol for drama lovers. The Korean Drama Series (Drakor), the viral Squid Game also brought success to the players. One of them is the handsome actor Wi Ha Joon who plays Hwang Jun Ho, a handsome and reliable police detective who goes undercover to get into the Squid Game.

Apart from his excellent acting skills. The figure of Wi Ha Joon with his handsome face, athletic tall body, and charming smile, cannot be denied successfully bewitching many people, especially women.

Curious what the handsome portrait of Wi Ha Joon, the sexy detective in Squid Game looks like? Gathering Wi Ha Joon’s personal Instagram account, Thursday (23/9/2021), let’s take a peek at some of the handsome portraits of Wi Ha Joon, the new idol of netizens, below.

1. Sexy six packs

Wi Ha Joon recently uploaded a holographic video of himself, showing off his plaid abs aka sexy six packs when he was lined up to be the cover model of the famous men’s magazine, Men’s Health. Six packs or chocolate abs Ha Joon who only wears a black unbuttoned coat looks perfect.

2. Casual in jersey

At the Squid Game, the audience could not see Wi Ha Joon wearing the jersey uniform fashion of the participants in the Squid Game survival game. But through this photo, Ha Joon satisfied fans who were curious to see him wearing the green jersey uniform typical of the Squid Game. Even though he only wears a casual jersey, this man born in 1991 looks maximally handsome while showing off his sweet smile.

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3. Dandy look

Taking a photo with other Squid Game star actors and actresses; Wi Ha Joon is perfect in his all-black dandy look outfit. Black shirt, black long trouser and black long coat that add to the mysterious aura and good looks of this Midnight movie player.

4. Dare to be a baseball athlete

Now if this is a portrait of Wi Ha Joon looking sporty; and dashing as a baseball athlete, when he plays Ye Ji Hoon in the popular drama 18 Again. Like a professional baseball athlete in the real world huh!

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