Portrait of Kiesha Alvaro

The latest portrait of Kiesha Alvaro, the purple Pasha’s son, looks like a Korean oppa! Kiesha Alvaro, Pasha Ungu’s child is in the public spotlight because he is starting to grow up. His appearance is getting cooler as a young singer and actor.

Not a few netizens also praised his style like a Korean oppa. Kiesha is now 17 years old and active on Instagram @kiesha.alvaro. Curious? Here are appearances of Kiesha Alvaro like Korean Oppa!

1. All black outfit

First, there is a portrait of Kiesha Alvaro looking handsome in an all black outfit. This turtleneck outfit style with a blazer or black coat is indeed synonymous with Korean fashion style. Kiesha’s style can be said to be really Korean Oppa style, right!

2. Mirror selfie

The all-black outfit seems to be one of Kiesha’s favorites. His style really looks like Korean Oppa with a black coat and turtleneck.

It’s not just his clothing style that’s Korean, but he also seems to be learning Korean, Kiesha wrote in the photo caption. It means, you are the best woman I have ever met, I love you.

Wow, it’s really awesome, who do you think the caption is for?

3. Casual outfit

In addition to formal and neat outfits, Kiesha Alvaro also likes to dress casually in the style of Korean Oppa! Anti-complicated, just combine a graphic t-shirt with shorts and shoes. Simple right?

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4. Candid poses

Kiesha Alvaro seems to know very well the gfashion items that should not be left behind so that they look more like Oppas, Koreans, black hats and round glasses. This Korean artist’s Kiesha style is really cool, right?

5. Plaid coat outfit

Lastly, there is Kiesha Alvaro appearing with winter-style outfits in Korea. He combines a black t-shirt or sweater with a patterned hoodie coat. Who are you waiting for Kiesha?

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