Portrait of Kahiyang Ayu

Portrait of Kahiyang Ayu as the mayor of Medan, beautiful and unpretentious. Kahiyang Ayu’s status is now not only the daughter of President Jokowi. After her husband, Bobby Nasution served as Mayor of Medan, Kahiyang Ayu is now also known as the wife of an official.

No wonder Kahiyang Ayu’s appearance is getting more and more highlighted. Her appearance as the Mayor of Medan looked beautiful and simple during a work visit.

Kahiyang Ayu still looks modest fashion, far from being glamorous as an official’s wife. The following is a portrait of Kahiyang Ayu as the Mayor of Medan, which is summarized from her personal Instagram account @ayanggkahiyang, Thursday (19/8/2021).

1. Eid al-Adha moment

Kahiyang Ayu seems smart in choosing clothes for the last Eid al-Adha. Even though she only wears Muslim clothing with only one color, this does not reduce her beauty with a white dress complete with hijab.

2. Appear during the Medan City Anniversary Celebration

The official moment when commemorating the anniversary of Medan City made Kahiyang Ayu like a princess. She looks charming in traditional Batak clothes. Not to mention the ulos cloth perched on her shoulder, adding to the elegance of this 30-year-old woman. Kahiyang Ayu wears traditional Batak clothes which are dominate by blue. This smiling pose is also show by Bobby Nasution’s wife.

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3. Inauguration of the Hydroponic Green House

As the wife of the Mayor of Medan, Kahiyang Ayu also contributed to supporting her husband’s career. On one occasion, Kahiyang looked elegant in her semi-formal attire during the inauguration of the PKK Hydroponic Green House in Medan, North Sumatra.

Kahiyang Ayu looks at the cultivation of hydroponic plants. Not infrequently he was also chatting with the people present there.

4. Commemoration of National Family Day

In between as a housewife, Kahiyang Ayu often attends work visits with her husband. Kahiyang Ayu was again seen wearing traditional North Sumatran clothes while commemorating National Family Day (harganas).

She looks beautiful in traditional Batak clothes complete with her trademark ulos cloth. This time, Kahiyang Ayu chose red domination in this traditional dress.

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