Portrait of Bowo Tiktok

The latest portrait of Bowo Tiktok who is getting more handsome, is called Iqbaal Ramadhan! BOWO TikTok Alpenliebe has gone viral thanks to his actions on Tiktok which caught the attention of netizens. We haven’t heard from you in a long time, Bowo’s latest appearance on TikTok is in the spotlight.

Her hair is long and she looks even more beautiful. Quoting his personal Instagram account @prabowomondardo on Tuesday (7/9/2021), here are 5 of his newest portraits that are more handsome.

Wear high school clothes

Posing wearing a high school uniform, Bowo TikTok looks more handsome like an FTV artist. He combined the gray white uniform with a black alma mater.

Her long hair was left loose. As a result, Bowo looks really cool. His feet, wearing sneakers, were placed on the table.

Cool bring flowers

No longer wearing a high school uniform, now Bowo TikTok looks cute while carrying a bouquet of flowers. The red and white flowers also look like the flag of the country.

In addition, the mix and match of clothes is also very suitable to wear when he is carrying flowers. Bowo TikTok is seen wearing a long-sleeved shirt combined with a contemporary black hat.

Nice to wear a blue shirt

Bowo’s big smile this morning can make girls have a crush on him even more. Even though he only wore a plain blue shirt, Bowo’s appearance still looked cool.

Especially when he was glancing at his cellphone, the look in his eyes made his face look sweet. Bowo also wears a watch as an accessory.

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Eat chewing gum

When capturing the moment when he was chewing gum, Bowo actually looked cute. She pinned some of her hair back.

In addition, her appearance was enhanced by casual fashion clothing with a white sweater combined with gray trousers. Not to forget, he was also wearing the same nuanced shoes.

All of black

Dressed in all black, Bowo TikTok’s appearance this time looks manly. Starting from his shirt, his pants, to his shoes, everything is black. It’s just that the shoes have a blue color combination.

In addition, he also hung a necklace around his neck to complete his appearance. His hair was parted to the side which made him look even more handsome.

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