Portrait of Ariel Noah

The handsome portrait of Ariel Noah, who is celebrating his 40th birthday, is even more charismatic! Ariel Noah celebrates his 40th birthday on September 16, 2021. Not only his work as a musician, Luna Maya’s former lover is also known for his charisma.

As the vocalist of the band, the man whose full name is Nazril Irham has a charm that makes women melt. His handsome face and style, both on stage and in daily life, has its own charm.

At the age of 4, Ariel NOAH looks even more charismatic. Here’s the portrait that Okezone summarized from his personal Instagram account, @arielnoah on Friday (17/9/2021).

Playing guitar, the level of handsomeness increases many times

Music has definitely become Ariel NOAH’s life. On several occasions, Ariel shared her portrait playing music.

In this photo, Ariel plays the guitar in a simple all-black style, but is maximally handsome. He wore a black jacket and jeans and matching Nike sneakers. Ariel’s style is really cool.


As a musician, the music studio is one of Ariel NOAH’s favorite ‘hangout’ places. When in the studio, Ariel often appears with a simple style.

One of them just by wearing a white T-shirt like in this photo. Even though he only wears a T-shirt, Ariel NOAH still looks cool and handsome to the maximum!

Stylish on the plane

Next there is a portrait of Ariel NOAH posing sitting on the fuselage of the pioneering aircraft. Ariel wore a white t-shirt combined with brown cargo fashion pants. His style is even cooler by wearing light blue-black Air Jordan sneakers.

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Cool wearing sunglasses

This time, Ariel NOAH chose to cover her beautiful eyes using sunglasses. This in no way reduces his good looks, but makes him even cooler.

This man who is good at mixing and matching clothes also managed to make himself look handsome thanks to the combination of a gray T-shirt and a blue-black flannel shirt. Guaranteed girls will be tempted to see it!

Macho on top of moge!

Riding a motorbike, aka a big motorbike, is one of Ariel’s hobbies. The style of Luna Maya’s ex-lover looks very macho on top of Moge.

Ariel wore a black shirt combined with ripped jeans of the same color. Her style is further enhanced by wearing a long-sleeved denim jacket. Not to forget, he wears a black helmet as head protection. Cool, you still have to be safe!

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