Phrases That Ruins Fashion Experience

Phrases that ruins fashion experience “Why do you need a dark one! Take better light blue! It suits you better. Moreover, spring has come … “(when trying on identical things of two different colors). Suppose a girl intends to buy a gray or black sweater because she wants a basic item. However, he hears from the seller that the model she has chosen in the dark color suits her less than in the light one. Most female shoppers, upon hearing this, would rather not buy anything at all. So the bewilderment arises: why does the seller, giving unsolicited advice, risk / deprive himself of the same revenue?

“Girl! So what if they shake a little! It’s natural leather – it gets carried away! “

This advice when trying on shoes is a little discouraging. The great French actress Catherine Deneuve, half a century ago, shared the secret of the perfect bow: “If you want to look and feel like a goddess, always buy shoes half a size larger.” Indeed, is there a need to buy a pair of shoes that are close to the foot? Firstly, it is not a fact that it spreads. Secondly – will stretched leather give a tightly covered foot elegance and comfort to the hostess? And stretched shoes will look sloppy.

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“At your age, it is a sin to hide your legs / not to emphasize your figure”

Firstly, if the style of clothing somehow depends on age, then good taste is a universal and non-aging thing. Sometimes a woman in her 50s has such legs that you can play a little naughty and put on a moderate mini. And a 20-year-old girl sometimes has such sausage legs that a maxi dress (in a youthful style, of course) will be the right choice. Secondly, the call “to cover / flaunt something” is, in general, overt sexism and a call for objectification. Kind of like, “since you are of marriageable age, so come on, attract men, do not waste time, the clock is ticking.” It’s a little offensive. Especially for those customers who came to the store to choose an outfit with different goals and style preferences.

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