Phrases That Decrease Fashion Sales

Shopping is about good mood and comfort. But sometimes sales assistants spoil our mood and force us to either leave without a purchase, or even worse! – to buy something that doesn’t really suit us / need. No, this article will no longer talk about obsessive sellers who leave slowly, but surely in the summer, who haunt you like a shadow asking how to help us. The material collected phrases that decrease fashion sales. For business owners selling clothes – a mustread.

1. “The fabric is delicate – wash only in cold water !!!”

Let’s be honest. Which of the buyers, nodding to the seller, is following this recommendation-caution? Sloths and dirty? No offense will be said, but a bra and panties (by the way, it is in the case of buying linen that we are often advised to wash exclusively in cold water), in contact with the most delicate parts of our body, any normal woman will wash at least in warm water. This is an unconditional rule of hygiene. However, any other clothing will also not be cleaned of dirt, dust, sebum if the water temperature is 25 degrees.

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2. “This dress with a leather jacket will be just a bomb!” (advice to a lady dressed in classics)

Quite often we hear advice from an inspired salesperson that is almost tactless. After all, it is obvious that a woman who comes to choose a new outfit in a classic trouser suit or sheath dress hardly has a secret wardrobe, where torn jeans, leather jackets and rough lace-up boots hang … It happens the other way around. A customer arriving in a unisex outfit hears, trying on trousers: “Longish? Nonsense! With a hairpin will be what you need! “