Nia Ramadhani Golf Style

Nia Ramadhani Golf Style

Nia Ramadhani Golf Style – Nia Ramadhani (RA) was officially named a suspect by the police team for the use of methamphetamine. Urine tests stated that the celebrity was positive for methamphetamine or methamphetamine.

Even though he has been named a suspect, the police did not show the figure of Nia Ramadhani in front of fellow journalists, because he was undergoing a follow-up examination, namely a hair test.

Ardi Bakrie was also named a suspect because based on a urine test he was found to be positive for methamphetamine. Both are still at the Central Jakarta Police.

Before this sad incident happened, Nia’s daily life on social media was dominated by golf. He looks quite active doing the jetset sports.

Several times also seen Ardi accompanying his wife to play golf. The two of them looked very romantic when they were on the green field.

Well, in this article, MNC Portal tries to summarize the fun moments of Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie playing golf. Nia’s beauty is really hard to deny. Do not believe?

1. Wear a pink polo skirt-mini dress

In this photo, Nia Ramadhani looks very beautiful wearing a golf outfit in the form of a sweet pink polo skirt-mini dress. You can see her white skirt under the dress.

It’s incomplete if you don’t add gloves and sneakers. He let his hair loose and his head was not decorated with a beautiful expensive hat. Even though it looks simple, it’s very charming, yes.

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2. Beautiful photo with husband

In this second photo, Nia looks very young. She wore a black top with a low v-neck and crop top. His stomach muscles make a lot of salfok!

Unlike before, here she is wearing trousers with an additional black skirt as a sweetener for her style. Sunglasses and white gloves make it all perfect.

Ardi himself looks casual wearing a contemporary shirt combined with shorts. White sneakers that are compact with his wife make his fashion style so attractive.

3. The real boss!

Well, here, Nia Ramadhani looks cooler by leaning her body against the golf caddy car. She wore an emerald green top with the chest parted slightly wide.

She paired it with a short white skirt and matching sneakers. Nia’s appearance here honestly seems more formal than before, you know. But, still beautiful as always!

Prilly Latuconsina is Getting More Beautiful

Prilly Latuconsina is Getting More Beautiful

Prilly Latuconsina is Getting More Beautiful – Prilly Latuconsina’s mother suddenly went viral because her daughter uploaded her old school photo to her personal Instagram account while giving her a happy birthday wish.

Prilly Latuconsina’s Mom

In response to this, many fellow artists and netizens said that Prilly’s mom was very look alike to her. Let’s take a look at some of Prilly Latuconsina’s fashion portraits below.

Narcissism in front of the house

Like her mother who likes to wear shirts and make them as outer, Prilly also does the same thing. However, if her mother combines the shirt with white inner, Prilly combines it with a gray crop top or bra top.

Not only that, Prilly also combined the top with baby blue jeans. Finally, he also brought a gray tote bag as an accessory.

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Both have black hair

Parents are not far from their children! Mama Prilly is known for her black hair. Likewise with his beautiful daughter. The difference is, the mother has a more wavy hair texture, while Prilly has a straight hair texture.

Wear sleeveless shirts

When uploading her mother’s photo to social media, there is one portrait where her mother is wearing a sleeveless green outfit. Likewise with Prilly, she also did the same thing!

The difference is, Prilly chose to wear a striped sleeveless top combined with black pants. She is also seen wearing bracelets as accessories and a ponytail hairdo to give a fresh impression.

Boyish in T-shirts

Apparently, Prilly who likes to wear casual clothes is similar to her mother’s habit! If her mother had ever posed with a boyish appearance because of her red T-shirt, now Prilly chose to wear a black T-shirt.

He combined the T-shirt with high-waisted jeans and black sandals. He also brought a blue sling bag and wore sunglasses to complete his appearance.

Ramadhinisari's Fashionable Appearance

Ramadhinisari’s Fashionable Appearance

Ramadhinisari’s Fashionable Appearance – The name of a beautiful MC, Ramadhinisari has been busy on social media timelines lately. Although, the case that happened to him is quite unique and rarely found.

Ramadhinisari became a byword, allegedly because of the video content on his TikTok account, which discussed the socialite-style socialite-style socialite-style popcorn for socialites.

Well, apart from the viral content that catapulted his name among netizens. In addition to being beautiful, Ramadhinisari also has an okay style of dress! Gathering Ramadhinisari’s Instagram account, let’s take a peek at the following four fashionable OOTD portraits of Ramadhinisari.

Feminine style

Present at the wedding party as one of the bridemaids, Ramadhinisari was beautiful in an asymmetrical dress in a sweet and soft pink peach color with a cape see-through decorated with floral embroidery.

Sexy with crop top

Vacation to Flores, NTT at the end of 2020 at that time Ramadhinisari chose a sexy fashion style OOTD, looked fashionable with a mix and match long-sleeved glossy crop top in sunset orange color with high-waisted denim pants in navy blue and a beach hat.

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Stylish with a beret

On a trip to Universal Studios while in Japan, this MC who is also good at singing is dressed-up to the maximum to look fashionable. Monochrome style in black and white through a wool jacket with a black and white checkered pattern, a gray turtleneck inner shirt with a black pleated skirt. As an accessory, sunglasses and a black beret to make it look more stylish.

Korean style

Lastly when traveling to Japan, Ramadhinisari looks cute and fashionable with a Korean style outfit. Combine a pastel wool jacket with a peach pastel midi skirt with a pair of sneakers. More fashionable with his flagship black beret hat.

Thanks for reading this celebrity fashion article.

Irene's Aerial Charm

Irene’s Aerial Charm

Irene’s Aerial Charm – Beautiful artist Vanessa Angel recently uploaded a 35-second video containing her moment of pole dance practice. Seen in the video, he is not alone but is accompanied by his pole dance teacher, Aerial Irene.

Even though the teacher is standing in the corner, there are netizens who also pay attention to Aerial Irene, you know. Yes, her beautiful face in sexy clothes made netizens turn their attention to her.

MNC Portal also tried to peek at his Instagram account and it turned out that he was indeed very active in the world of pole dance. The photos that he displays on social media are dominated by his actions during pole dance. Even so, there are also several portraits of him no longer playing with the pole.

So, what is the appearance of Aerial Irene, the pole dance teacher, Vanessa Angel?

Super sexy!

In the first photo, we can see together that Aerial does have a well-maintained body. Her inner thigh muscles are very beautifully formed and this is of course thanks to pole dancing which she seems to have been practicing for a long time.

The clothes worn are no less eye-catching. In this photo, Aerial is wearing a super sexy green swimsuit with ruffles accents on the sleeves. The pose is absolutely stunning!

Innocence looks

Different from the previous photo, here Aerial looks right at the camera. His eyes look very innocent with a body pose that is not kidding. Yes, she put her feet up while hugging him.

Here she only wore a kind of white lingerie with brocade accents. The panties don’t seem to give a sensual impression in this photo.

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Sensual pose

Well, this is the lingerie that Aerial wore in the previous photo. Yes, this is a photo in the same situation but in a different pose.

Aerial here looks very sensual with a pose slightly nungging and let his body close to the wall. The look in the eyes and the warm shades of the lights add to the maximum of the photo.

Only wear bra

Different from the previous photo, here Aerial looks very fierce. Her eyes with the game of eyeliner makeup give a very sharp and mysterious impression.

Here too, Aerial’s hair is styled in hanging curls with a disheveled impression that gives a sexy fashion touch. Moreover, she was only wearing a black bra. Photo editing with lighting like this is very successful in capturing the sexy-things of this pole dance teacher.

Ida Royani Remains Stunning in Old Age

Ida Royani Remains Stunning in Old Age

Ida Royani Remains Stunning in Old Age – Ida Royani is one of the senior artists who still looks beautiful. The appearance of co-star Benjamin Sueb is increasingly attractive even though he has reached 68 years.

From the first until now, Ida Royani’s beauty has remained durable. Besides being good at acting, he is also a famous designer.

The following is a series of portraits of Ida Royani’s transformation from the past to the present. Evidence of old artists who are still beautiful and work in their old age, as MNC Portal has summarized.

1. Wear Kebaya

This photo uploaded by the Twitter account @tukangpulas shows Ida Royani’s naturally beautiful youth. Benyamin Sueb’s co-star looks charming when wearing a kebaya, complete with cloth and scarf.

Ida Royani wore a soft gray brocade kebaya, a songket scarf, and a jarik cloth for her skirt. This photo has been modified or re-polished by the owner of the Twitter account, so that it becomes colorful fashion and bright.

“Ida Royani was born in Jakarta March 24, 1953. She started her career as an advertisement star and child singer in the 1960s,” the post reads.

2. Short hair

Furthermore, Ida Royani looked attractive in her time, namely by tying or shortening her curls. She seems to be wearing a patterned long-sleeved blouse and a make-up look that looks more natural.

Even though she appears in a black and white portrait, Ida Royani’s beauty looks natural and attractive.

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3. Green Abaya

Ida Royani still looks fashionable with her style at this age. In this photo, she is wearing a green abaya, combined with a hijab and a black hat.

Then he also added accessories that made his appearance more attractive and eye catching.

4. Sweater coat

Ida Royani seems to really like traveling abroad. One of them in this photo while he was in Scotland.

In this uploaded photo, Ida Royani is wearing a navy beret hat, a brown fur coat and black pants. It’s a very modern style.

The Charm of Sherly Lembono

The Charm of Sherly Lembono

The charm of Sherly Lembono – Some time ago, a young mother from Surabaya named Sherly Lembono shared her happy moment when she sent her Mother’s Milk (ASI) to the Pondok Hayat Orphanage in Surabaya. Apparently the habit of this beautiful woman who was born on October 14, 1994 has been carried out since early 2020. Every month she can give at least 400 pics of breast milk.

As a result, Sherly became famous as an inspirational figure for other mothers who have excess breast milk to donate their milk to children in need. Besides being kind, apparently this young mama has a beautiful face. Summarizing from his personal Instagram account, @sherlylembono, let’s take a peek at his beautiful portrait.

1. Good at cooking

Not only beautiful and kind, the wife of Andean Gamafu Tan is also good at cooking. In one of her uploads, Sherly seems to share a butter onion shrimp recipe. Wearing white clothes, he showed his homemade shrimp dish with a smile.

2. New Year’s photo with small family

Sherly had time to share a portrait of her little family celebrating New Year’s 2021. On that occasion, she posed in a long pastel dress, along with her son, Jason Miles Gamafu. While the husband looked dashing in a long-sleeved batik shirt and black trousers.

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3. A young mother who loves children

Even though she is still young, Sherly’s motherly attitude is clearly visible. In one upload, Sherly is seen taking pictures with her baby against the background of trees. Both of them seemed to be smiling when they were photographed.

4. Likes to exercise

It turns out that Sherly Lembono’s beautiful recipe and has a beautiful body is her habit of exercising. In one of his uploads, he appears to be exercising while wearing black corset leggings.

5. Posing like a model during a photoshoot

Sherly apparently has a hobby of doing fashion photoshoots. In another upload, she is seen taking a photo while wearing a long white dress against the background of a vast expanse of sand and towering evidence.

Dj Katty Butterfly Is Full of Charm

Dj Katty Butterfly Is Full of Charm

DJ Katty Butterfly is full of charm – DJ Katty Butterfly can’t seem to get away from her sexy and seductive image. In fact, the woman from Thailand is no longer actively DJing, which is attached to the image of a sexy fashion style.

Through her social media account, DJ Katty Butterfly seems to be actively showing off her sexy everyday OOTD style suit. No wonder this mother of one child is often dubbed by netizens as Hot Mama.

No need to linger, here are five more sexy styles of DJ Butterfly, summarized from the Instagram account @dj_kattybutterfly36, Saturday (3/7/2021):

1. Tanktop

OOTD pose by the roadside. DJ Butterfly was confident in a sexy top, a light gray spaghetti strap tanktop which she teamed with navy blue skinny jeans and a pair of strapped high-heeled sandals.

2. Lingerie

A relaxed pose in the front yard of the house, here this woman who was born in Thailand 32 years ago looks sexy in a lingerie fashion top decorated with eggplant purple lace with a deep V-neck cutting.

3. Backless

Outfit of the day Katty this time, simple and sexy cut. Combining a black long-sleeved tight shirt with a backless cutting, which shows the back. Then as a subordinate, this young mama looks wearing high-waisted jeans.

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4. V-neck dress

Relaxing on the beach, as a casual outfit this time; this former lover of artist Aiman ​​Ricky chose a pink slevelless dress with a deep V-neck cut; which some netizens considered a sexy piece of clothing.

5. Bathrobe

Not deliberately appearing openly, Katty’s sexy moment was right when she appeared only wearing a bathrobe or bathrobe because she wanted to do a traditional spa treatment. Wearing a bathrobe, Katty did not forget to pose first; by deliberately revealing a little part of the collar of the bathrobe she was wearing.

5 Beautiful Portraits of Josefine Ringblom

5 Beautiful Portraits of Josefine Ringblom

5 Beautiful Portraits of Josefine Ringblom – The Swedish national team has managed to top the preliminary standings for Group E of the European Cup 2020. Currently, Sweden has pocketed four points with one win and one draw. They will host the Polish national team at the Krestovsky Stadium on Wednesday (23/6/2021) at 23.00 WIB.

Sweden’s success at the top of the standings can not be separated from the support of the interpreter pounded on the attack line. One of them is Marcus Berg. Besides being good at rubbing the round skin, the FC Krasnodar bomber also has beautiful and loyal WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends), namely Josefine Ringblom.

1.Show intimate when taking pictures with her husband

Josefine has faithfully accompanied the 34-year-old player since 2014. In a second upload, it looks like they are sitting intimately on a beach bench, as if they were back in the days of dating. The two of them smiled happily as they took the photo.

2. Take pictures with children

After being married for seven years, Berg and Josefine have three children consisting of two boys and one girl. In one event, the five were seen taking pictures together while celebrating Mother’s Day on May 30, 2021.

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3. Giving support to the father

Berg’s recipe for performing well on the gridiron apparently could not be separated from the support from his wife and three children. In one post, Josefine and his three children wore their father’s team jersey fashion and gave support at the Krasnodar Arena Stadyum Santiyesi.

4. Look sexy with your husband

In another photo upload in 2020, Josefine seemed to take intimate photos with her husband. Berg was seen wearing a long-sleeved turtleneck shirt; while Josefine looked sexy in a long black dress that showed off her smooth thighs.

5. Halloween Dress Up

Lastly on Halloween 2019 Josefine looked like a ghost dressed in all black with her child. While her daughter dresses up like a unicorn with colorful hair.

Brisia Jodie Looks Sexy

Brisia Jodie Looks Sexy

Brisia Jodie Looks Sexy – Brisia Jodie is getting older. At the age of 25, he is increasingly aware of how to present himself in public, including on social media.

The cute and spoiled character that he used to ‘carry around’ on Indonesian Idol began to be removed. His love relationship with Julian Jacob was also not hidden, as if he wanted to tell everyone that the current Brisia Jodie was different.

The matter of appearance, which is quite visible, has changed. Below, MNC Portal tries to summarize Brisia Jodie’s style which is completely different and looks more mature. Curious?

1. Wear a sexy bun

Brisia Jodie did not hesitate to appear on social media wearing slightly revealing clothes like in this photo. Yes, she’s wearing a bandeau or some kind of tight crop top. It is also seen that there is a kind of additional sleeve-corrugation that is installed separately. The spoiled fashion style is still there, yes.

2. Wear a ‘small’ tanktop

In this case, Brisia Jodie is seen wearing a crop top tank top that looks more like a bra-tanktop because it’s so short. Knowing what she was wearing was too sexy, the young singer added a white knit outer that seemed to click with her adorable character.

To get around the stomach that looks free, Brisia Jodie wears black high waist pants like this. The right way to camouflage the stomach that is visible due to the use of a crop top.

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3. Wear a sexy dress

While enjoying the morning sun, Brisia Jodie wore a sexy vintage-style dress. The sleeveless dress looks tight with the chest and back areas that are left visible because of the looking back pose like this.

Brisia Jodie’s cute face is really hard to get away from attention, huh. The rays of the sun caught on camera give an aesthetic touch to the photo, yes.

The girlfriend again gave comments on Brisia’s photo uploads. “Wake up late, okay?” said Julian. He also gave encouragement to Jodie, who turned out to be filming.

Take a Peek at Princess Karen Vendela's Look

Take a Peek at Princess Karen Vendela’s Look

Take a peek at Princess Karen Vendela’s look – Through her personal Instagram account, the future wife of the famous presenter and vlogger Boy William, Karen Vendela has just announced the postponement of her wedding.

Initially, it was known that Karen and Boy would tie the knot as husband and wife in July 2021. However, given the worsening situation of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, the two decided to postpone their wedding ceremony.

Well, apart from the postponement of the wedding ceremony, it is known that Karen herself has been dating Boy William since 2016. The charm of Karen’s elegant and graceful beauty like a princess in a fairy tale, has succeeded in being one of the factors that made Boy fall in love.

Gathering Karen’s Instagram account, let’s take a peek at some of the graceful; and elegant portraits of Karen like a Princess below.

Spoiled pose

The photo shoot with the concept of ‘Beauty in Paradise’, here Karen looks beautiful and charming in a transparent dress with a feminine design in soft pastel nude colors by famous designer, Hian Tjen.

Her beautiful face was paint with soft makeup; Karen did not forget to pose spoiled on the sofa; and put on a gentle expression in front of the camera.

Sexy in feather gown

Now for this one, a beautiful look like a modern era Princess from Karen. Karen looked both glamorous and sexy in a feather-accented dress, a combination of baby pink, gray; and nude beige by designer Hiantjen. Posing sitting hugging her legs on the pillar, Karen looks sexy, feminine and soft.

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Dive in the sea when traveling, instead of wearing a regular diving suit. Karen actually dressed-up maximum by wearing a turquoise mermaid costume, making herself look like a mermaid in a fairy tale.

20’s vintage

For one of her pre-wedding photos with Boy; at that time Karen conjured herself like a character in the movie Gatsby. 1920’s vintage fashion style through the use of a black sequin dress, floral headpiece and of course a fur coat for a glamorous impression.

5 Maria Vania Styles in Wearing Tight Jerseys

5 Maria Vania Styles in Wearing Tight Jerseys

5 Maria Vania Styles in Wearing Tight Jerseys – Presenter Maria Vania joins the euphoria of the 2020 European Cup fever. This can be seen from Maria Vania’s recent video upload on her personal Instagram.

In the video, Maria Vania greets Instagram users who are in the middle of the Euro 2020 football fever. The 29-year-old woman asks who their respective champion team is at Euro 2020.

“Guys, right now we’re in the Euro football fever. So, who are you guys championing? If Vania is France,” said the beautiful presenter who is familiarly called Vania.

The following is a portrait of Maria Vania wearing the French national team jersey, which is summarize from her personal Instagram account, @maria_vaniaa, Tuesday (29/6/2021).

Pose puff chest

Sexy images can’t seem to be separate from Maria Vania. Her appearance still looks sexy by wearing a tight French jersey. He poses puffed out his chest with the ball in his left hand.

Show the champion team logo

Next, Maria Vania showed off the logo of her champion team at Euro 2020. With a wink she showed off the French jersey logo on her chest.

Make you fail to focus!

Next, Maria Vania posed on the rooftop with a city view as a backdrop. However, it seems that netizens have quickly failed to focus on the appearance of Maria Vania clad in the tight jersey of the French national team.

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Like a shampoo commercial star

Not Maria Vania if she can’t show the impression of a seductive portrait. Maria Vania tossed her beautiful long black hair like a shampoo commercial star. Her poses and expressions make netizens hot and cold when they see it!

Champion body goals!

Maria Vania’s body goals seem to have no opponent. Wearing a tight jersey combined with black hot fashion pants, Maria Vania’s body goals that are like a Spanish guitar are more clearly visible!

The Charm of Beautiful Grandmother Puspa Dewi

The Charm of Beautiful Grandmother Puspa Dewi

The Charm of Beautiful Grandmother Puspa Dewi – The Puspa Dewi celebrity did indeed go viral, because her photo looked like a teenager even though she already had grandchildren. Yes, at the age of more than 50 years he is still able to take care of his skin and body.

Her appearance, which remains sleek at the age of 53, has also made many netizens wonder about the secret of her beauty. Naturally, even when taking pictures with her child, this woman still looks the same age.

What does it look like? Just take a look at the sexy portrait of Puspa Dewi as quoted from her Instagram account @puspadewihc which has been summarized by MNC Portal Indonesia as follows!

Casual look

One of the real proofs of Puspa Dewi’s appearance like ABG can be seen in one of her latest photos. Wearing white shirts and baseball caps and blue hotpants, these grannies look really like teenagers, even though they are wearing casual fashion outfits.

Full Sporty

Puspa Dewi admitted that one of the secrets of her teen-like appearance at her current age is diligently exercising. Using an athletic tank top and navy blue sweatpants and white sneakers, the style looks very sporty.

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Vibin’ In Blue

The moment of sunset is one of the favorite panoramas of many people, including Puspa Dewi. This is what he looks like while waiting for the sunset in Bali

Taking pictures with the blue background of the swimming pool wearing a v-neck tanktop; and white hotpants, his appearance looks vibin’ in blue with a long blue scarf as the outer.

Floating Breakfast

Like most people while on a staycation in Bali; floating breakfast in a private pool is one thing that Puspa Dewi also does.

Wearing a black bikini that contrasts with her white skin, Puspa Dewi smiled broadly as she raised a glass of orange juice. Her appearance is also sweetened with a flower decoration on her head.

5 Charm of Izabel Andrijanic

5 Charm of Izabel Andrijanic

5 Charm of Izabel Andrijanic – Mateo Kovacic became one of the mainstays of the Croatian national team at the 2020 European Cup. Including the Euro 2020 group D match against the Czechs.

Off the pitch, Kovacic has a beautiful wife named Izabel Andrijanic whom he married in 2017. Not only beautiful, Izabel is a university economics degree in Zagreb.

Here’s a beautiful portrait of Izabel Andrijanic’s beautiful Croatian WAGs summarized from her Instagram account @izakova, Friday (18/6/2021).

lady boss

First, there is the beauty of Izabel Andrijanic who looks like a lady boss. Wearing a gray suit and white shirt as inner, Izabel poses with a sharp gaze, anyone who looks at her is guaranteed to be fascinated!

Sexy Sabrina in shirt

Here Izabel looks more feminine with the outfit she is wearing. She appeared wearing a sexy fashion green sabrina dress posing smoothing her blonde hair in the wind. The use of a headband on the head makes Izabel’s appearance even cuter.

Ice cream smile

Here is a portrait of Izabel looking stylish with a beige long coat and tight white dress as the inner. He combined it with jeans, carrying a black shoulder bag and a gray hat that made his style stylish. Eits, Izabel’s smile here is as sweet as ice cream in her hand, right?

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Sexy and cute in a swimsuit

Next is Izabel’s style to look sexy and sweet on the beach. He was wearing a white swimsuit that was visible from under his oversized shirt.

This time, Izabel’s hair was style into two braids which sweeten her appearance. Plus a cowboy hat, Izabel really makes men’s eyes never get tire of looking at her.

Magnets in the stadium

Finally, there is a portrait of Izabel looking beautiful in an oversized Croatian jersey. She took a selfie with her wavy blonde hair down. The charm of Izabel’s beauty really becomes a magnet in itself in the stadium every time Croatia plays.

4 Brisia Jodie's Fashionable Portraits

4 Brisia Jodie’s Fashionable Portraits

4 Brisia Jodie’s Fashionable Portraits – Brisia Jodie is known to be trying to lose weight with a balanced diet and exercise. He did not deny that he was forming his version of the ideal body.

So it’s not surprising that the Indonesian Idol dropout is now quite often sharing portraits of his body goals on Instagram. In fact, Jodie didn’t hesitate to pose to show off her curves more daringly.

Are you curious about what Brisia Jodie’s body looks like now? Here’s a fashion review especially for you:

1. Beautiful in black dress

In this photo, it can be seen that Brisia Jodie’s body is indeed different from before. Here, Jodie looks confident showing her hands and thighs because the clothes she wears also maximize it.

Because now his body is more ideal, so his face also changed. From this photo, many netizens praised Jodie’s beauty.

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2. Wear a crop top

During an afternoon walk, Jodie looks adorable wearing a light blue croptop like a children’s dress. He combined the outfit with long jeans which made him look younger.

Her face is adorable, especially the pose in this photo which is already similar to a Korean artist. Hey, who’s more in love with Brisia Jodie?

3. Wear a black tanktop

Wow, Brisia Jodie’s charm in this photo really comes out. Somehow, Jodie always manages to make her photos look great without so much effort. Yes, her name also has a beautiful face.

During this hangout, Jodie didn’t hesitate to only wear a black tank top. Her hair was made simple by just letting it loose like that. Although simple, but still charming, yes.

4. Selfie showing off a different face

Well, here’s a photo that makes Jodie considered different from before. At first glance, Jodie’s face here is very different from before. Yes, maybe the effect of makeup too, yes.

Here Jodie is wearing a super tight tanktop that shows her curves very clearly. Her long hair was styled in wavy which instantly made a mature impression on her appearance.

After School Fashionable Personnel

After School Fashionable Personnel

After School Fashionable Personnel – After School successfully kicked off the stage for the MMTG Special Reunion concert last night. After School’s five personnel, Kahi, Jungah, Juyeon, Bekah and Raina performed two hits, BANG! and Diva after 10 years have made After School successful in becoming a byword in cyberspace and social media timelines.

After School looks amazing like active girl group personnel in their 20s. In fact, the five After School personnel are three and four, even two of the five personnel are already mothers of two children!

Curious about the beautiful and fashionable portraits of After School personnel? Summarizing the Instagram accounts of five After School personnel, here is a brief review.

1. Jungah

He looks fashionable and youthful in an oversized T-shirt and brown checkered blazer as a top, combined with short denim pants and black knee high boots. Jungah doesn’t look like a mother of one child who is now pregnant with her second child with five months of pregnancy, right?

2. Kahi

At the age of 42, Kahi looks young and looks like she’s just turned 3. No wonder Kahi is confident in showing off her selfies, casually dressed at home with a naturally beautiful face without a professional makeup look.

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3. Juyeon

Beautiful and fashionable, suitable to be pinned on Juyeon’s figure. This former Gdragon lover looks trendy in a crop top suit and black leggings combined with an oversized ginger blazer and a pair of white sneakers. Even though her face is only covered with light makeup and her ponytail is a little messy, Juyeon is still beautiful!

4. Bekah

10 years have passed since he graduated from After School, Bekah the main rapper of After School who lives in Hawaii this one still looks beautiful and fit fashion, exactly the same as his last appearance as an idol in 2011.

5. Raina

Lastly with a cute face plus a front bangs hairstyle; After School’s 32-year-old main vocalist actually looks kiyis like a new student, right?

The Beauty of Jessica Melena Italian WAG

The Beauty of Jessica Melena Italian WAG

The Beauty of Jessica Melena Italian WAG – The Italian national team will play the second match of the Euro 2020 group A stage against Switzerland. One figure in the spotlight is striker Ciro Immobile.

Ciro Immobile also contributed one goal in Italy’s victory over Turkey in the inaugural match which ended 3-0. In addition to his actions on the field, Ciro Immobile’s wife was also a figure who drew attention at Euro 2020.

Jessica Melena has been diligent in watching her husband compete in the stadium, including the inaugural match between Italy and Turkey. Her beautiful face and fashion style make Jessica Melena a magnet in itself in the stadium, along with her portrait.

Fashionable wearing the Italian jersey

Jessica Melena also supported her husband to compete in the inaugural match of Euro 2020 Italy vs Turkey. At that time, Jessica Melena’s appearance in the stands was very interesting.

Jessica Melena wore an oversized Italian jersey, blue combined with jeans. She wore a sky blue shoulder bag in the colors of her husband’s club, Lazio. Don’t forget Jessica Melena wearing a purple mask to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

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Stylish style to the stadium

Not only at Euro 2020, Jessica Melena almost always supports her husband from competing in the stands. When going to the stadium, the 30-year-old woman still pays attention to appearances. Her long brown hair was left loose which made her look stunningly beautiful.

The style is super fashionable wearing a brown turtleneck as an inner and an army color jacket. He combined it with jeans and long boots and a waist bag which made him super stylish!

Long sleeve crop top

Not infrequently Jessica Melena appears quite sexy to the stadium. One of them wore a long sleeve crop top with this orange color knitting material. Beautiful face and ideal body like a model, Jessica Melena really becomes a magnet in itself when Immobile competes, both with Lazion and his country.

Halter neck

Lastly, there is Jessica Melena’s beautiful pose in the stadium with a charming smile. The style is certainly fashionable. Jessica Melena wore a white sleeveless halter neck top paired with jeans. As accessories, Jessica wears a white rope belt that matches the color of her clothes.

Ghea Youbi Indonesian WAG Style

Ghea Youbi Indonesian WAG Style

Ghea Youbi Indonesian WAG Style – The Euro 2020 event is indeed taking place in 11 cities as the host of Euro 2020. Not only the athletes competing, their partners are also in the spotlight.

But, it’s not only footballers who compete in the Euros who have WAGs (wives and girlfriends) with beautiful faces and sexy bodies. From the world of Indonesian football, Indonesia also has sexy WAG figures. One of them is Ghea Youbi, the lover of Gian Zola, the young midfielder of Persib.

Through her social media accounts, Ghea quite often shows off portraits of her sexiness. One example is through the pose of showing off her toned buttocks.

No need to linger, summarizes Ghea’s Instagram account @gheayoubi, Wednesday (23/6/2021) following a brief summary of some of Ghea’s sexy portraits below.

Beautiful pose in the pool

You don’t need to swim to show your sexy aura, just wear a black crop top suit with Sabrina collar as a top and tight black leggings as subordinates. Ghea poses beautifully standing on the steps of the pool, while showing off her sexy ass.

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Blown by the wind

Wearing a fairly modest closed outfit this time, Ghea didn’t run out of style to pose sexy. Showing her sexy legs and buttocks, Ghea wore a black latex skirt with a high slit cut, aka slits at the back, while standing on the stairs in the middle of a spoiled breeze.

Hanging on the swing

Ready with a sexy fashion OOTD suit, a tight black tank top and full patterned ankle pants from Gucci and a pair of black ankle boots.

Ghea is clinging smugly on a wooden swing, posing with her body tilted and lifting one leg up so that the curve of her sexy voluptuous buttocks can be clearly seen.

Thanks for reading this celebrity fashion article.

4 Audi Marissa OOTD

4 Audi Marissa OOTD

4 Audi Marissa OOTD – After giving birth, Audi Marissa looks fashionable and looks attractive. One of them is with the right mix and match fashion trick. Seen on his Instagram page account, Audi intelligently chooses a loose one piece outfit or a blouse that is not tight.

So, are you curious about what Audi Marissa’s post-partum OOTD (outfit of the day) style looks like that might be your inspiration for your everyday fashion? The following reviews are summarized from the Audi Marissa Instagram account.

1. Long dress

Want to look fashionable, neat, but don’t want to be complicated? You can choose to wear a white long-sleeved dress a busui-friendly front button-up model like the one worn by this Audi. In order not to look too plain, pin a scarf or a contrasting dark color scarf, tied at the neck and let it hang down to the chest. Cool, right?

2. Boxy blouse

If you prefer to wear pants as subordinates, try this Audi-style cheat. Pairing a boxy cut long sleeve blouse with a teal blue front button and plain black pants as a bottom that gives the illusion of longer legs. Complete the look with flat shoes with studded accents and your favorite handbag.

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3. White shirt

Looking fashionable and trendy while on vacation with the child; Audi looks stylish in a white long-sleeved shirt with a button-down front whose sleeves are deliberately rolled up a little. Black sunglasses as accessories to complete the appearance. With a style like this, it doesn’t look like Audi is a mother, right?

4. Blouse 7/8

For those who like to wear a blouse, after giving birth, you can still be stylish with a blouse outfit. Like this Audi mix and match, the soft and shady 7/8 sleeve blue stone blouse is combined with black skinny pants. Mix and match colors that are soft and make the appearance look more young and fresh.

4 Portraits of Gracia Indri's Style

4 Portraits of Gracia Indri’s Style

4 Portraits of Gracia Indri’s Style – After deciding to marry her lover who is a Dutch citizen, Gracia Indri decided to move to the Netherlands and settle there. He also often shares his activities in the Netherlands through social media.

However, the difference appeared after Gisela Cindy’s sister decided to settle in the land of tulips. Yes, her body looks slimmer than usual. Citing his personal Instagram account @graciaz14, let’s take a peek at the four portraits.

Pose in front of the elevator

Gracia Indri looks like a teenager when she wears a white Hard Rock cafe shirt combined with black shorts. This is because his body looks slimmer.

In addition, the 31-year-old artist also wore an abstract patterned tote bag and also sunglasses as accessories. Wow, it really looks like just ABG, Gracia Indri.

Cute wearing off shoulder dress

When posing with a city view background, Gracia Indri looks cute in a white off-shoulder dress. The dress which is equipped with front buttons is also very fitting to stick to her body.

Not only that, Gracia also combined the dress with a chain strap sling bag and a black watch. She also wore a red scarf to complete her look.

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Selfie wearing a hat

When taking a selfie, Gracia Indri’s weight change is very visible. The girl’s jaw and neck also looked longer than usual.

Meanwhile, Gracia looks beautiful when taking a selfie with her hair braided with a hat. The blue dress and earrings also succeeded in producing a matching appearance.

Posing in front of the green screen

Wow, looks like Gracia Indri wants to shoot again. This can be seen from him posing in front of the green screen. Not only that, he also said that previously the clothes he was wearing didn’t fit.

“Yesterday this shirt couldn’t be worn,” he wrote in the Instagram caption.

She looks beautiful in a pink blouse combined with high heels in the same tone. Gracia also combined the blouse with a white asymmetrical fashion skirt. Wow, congratulations Gracia if the diet that is run really works.

5 Fashionable Portraits of Shanga Hussain

5 Fashionable Portraits of Shanga Hussain

5 Fashionable Portraits of Shanga Hussain – NOT only players, lovers and wives or commonly called WAGs are also in the spotlight at Euro 2020. One of them is the wife of the Swedish national team midfielder, Emil Forsberg.

Shanga Hussain will be one of the figures who will be in the spotlight in the Sweden vs Spain match, Tuesday (15/6/2021), at 02.00 WIB. Maybe Shanga Hussain is not like Spanish WAGs who are famous for their sexy and glamorous looks, she is more modest but still fashionable.

No need to linger, as summarized from Shanga’s personal Instagram account, Monday (14/6/2021) let’s take a peek at the following five fashionable portraits of Shanga Hussain.

1. Shirt-jeans classic suit

Taking a leisurely stroll enjoying the morning sun with her child, Shanga looks cool in her classic mix and match. A long-sleeved white shirt and comfortable jogger jeans. White sneakers, baseball cap and black sunglasses complete Shanga’s casual look.

2. Oversized blazer

This mix and match trick when wearing a blazer from Shanga can be cheated to show a smart look. Shanga looks fashionable by combining a black jumpsuit as an inner layer and then layering it with an oversized blazer in a bright purple color that contrasts with the dark jumpsuit.

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3. Midi dress

For OOTD when having children playing in the park, Shanga chooses an outfit with a floral theme. Midi dress with long sleeves with full floral pattern accents in red. Get more beautiful and stylish with a red Chanel sling bag as a complementary accessory.

4. Jumpsuits

Taking a leisurely stroll as a family, Shanga looked fashionable in an olive green one-piece jumpsuit. OOTD Shanga is even cooler with a choice of white sneakers and a Gucci shoulder bag.

5. Jogger pants

Going to the salon for a haircut, at that time, Shanga chose to wear a street fashion outfit, mix and match a white graphic tee as a top with a full pattern golden brown jogger pants and a pair of sneakers, all of which were from Gucci.

Mahalini Raharja's Spoiled Style

Mahalini Raharja’s Spoiled Style

Mahalini Raharja’s Spoiled Style – The name Mahalini Raharja is indeed being associated with Billy Syahputra. The closeness between them was create after Billy play futsal with Femila.

Although, until now no one knows for sure with whom Billy Syahputra’s heart is anchored. The reason is, previously Memes Prameswari was rumored to have a romantic relationship with Billy Syahputra.

Regardless of who Billy Syahputra’s real girlfriend is, in this article, MNC Portal tries to summarize some of Mahalini’s beautiful portraits that might strengthen Bang Billy’s belief in determining who his heart will go to. So, here’s a special review for you:

Looks like a doll

When Mahalini appeared on Indonesian Idol, many eyes were already on him. Not only because her voice is definitely beautiful, but this Balinese girl has a very characterful face.

Mahalini’s face in this photo for example, she is like a doll, yes. Her thick hair with a gentle pose like this gives the impression of maximum beauty. His eyes aren’t that strong!

Wear bikini

And the last photo shows Mahalini while swimming wearing only a tropical fashion bikini. Again and again, his eyes are really sharp, yes, this young singer. Ari Lasso even commented, “Fierce” for this one portrait.

Spoiled in bed

Wow, photos on the bed can be as beautiful as this, especially at big events. Mahalini, even though she only wears a T-shirt like this, she’s still maximally beautiful, right?

It’s the look in his eyes that stuns like this that seems to make Bang Billy flutter.

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So edgy!

Usually appearing expressionless in front of the camera, this time Mahalini showed a sweet smile that was very expensive. Yes, most of the photos on her Instagram are expressionless.

Looking super edgy in a colorful dress, Mahalini is even more beautiful with the addition of cute hair clips on the right and left sides of her head. The beauty is that there is no medicine!

April Ivy Sexy Fashion

April Ivy Sexy Fashion

April Ivy Sexy Fashion – Wife and Girlfriend or WAGs of football players competing in the 2020 European Cup began to be widely discussed. Their beautiful and sexy figures are in the spotlight of millions of football lovers around the world.

Of the many WAGs, Portugal is one country that cannot be missed. The reigning European Cup champion does not only have the figure of Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo’s lover, you know.

April Ivy’s name is also the candidate for the most attention-grabbing WAGs at Euro 2020. She is the girlfriend of Portugal’s tough defender, Ruben Dias, who performed brilliantly with Manchester City last season.

Girlfriend’s name is getting more and more popular, April Ivy is also not a random figure. The woman who was born on July 10, 1999 is a musician from Lisbon, Portugal.

The singer of the song ‘Be ok’ has a beautiful face that Ruben Dias fell in love with. Here’s a beautiful portrait that makes Ruben Dias squeak.

1. Perform together during the Champions League celebration night

April Ivy and Ruben Diaz looked good in black couple outfits. Showing a casual and romantic aura at the Champions League night celebration some time ago. The lover who has been in a relationship since 2018 looks even more intimate

2. Look casual

This musician often shares OOTD photos traveling through his personal Instagram uploads. April often wears a casual fashion with famous brand clothes. As in this photo, she is wearing a black halter neck outfit combined with a jeans skirt.

She completed her look with sunglasses and a matching bucket hat. Don’t forget April carrying a shoulder bag which makes her style even more fashionable.

3. April Ivy Concert Performance on stage

April Ivy’s appearance when singing on stage exudes a charm that makes netizens melt watching it. Her sexy and beautiful aura makes anyone fascinated to look at her.

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4. Surrounded by musical instruments

Her beautiful appearance also radiated when she was posing in the music studio. He wore a white tank top combined with a red jacket, a faint smile made him even more charming.

5. Look beautiful on vacation

In this pose, April Ivy appears in a light blue overalls, combined with a dark blue shall with the Manchester City logo on it. It seems from this pose that he will support his lover in a football league match by coming and watching live .

Celia Jaunat Sexy Model Fashion

Celia Jaunat Sexy Model Fashion

Celia Jaunat Sexy Model Fashion – Poland national team will undergo the inaugural Group E match of Euro 2020 against Slovakia. The duel of the two dark horse teams at Euro 2020 will take place on Monday (14/6/2021) at 23.00 WIB.

Apart from players, the figure of Wife and Girlfriends aka Polish WAGs will also be in the spotlight off the field. One of them is the wife of the Polish midfielder, Grzegorz Krychowiak.

Not only tough on the field, Grzegorz Krychowiak also has a wife named Celia Jaunat who has an above average beauty. No wonder the 28-year-old woman works as a fashion model in the city of France.

The French-born woman often wraps her body in expensive clothes posing in several countries. What’s the style like? The following summarizes MNC Portal.

1. Detective’s Chocolate Coat

Strolling through Paris, France, Celia carried a one-color brown handbag with her long coat draped over the white underneath.

2. Pose in front of the Eiffel Tower

Still in Paris, Celia posed in front of a short wall with the Eiffel Tower adorning in the distance. With a gray after, Celia looks a contrast against the blue sky.

3. Pyramid

He also visited the Egyptian pyramids. Dressed in a dark brown dress that blends with the color of the earth and rocks behind her, Celia’s elegance radiates well.

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4. All Black

A black leather jacket, black skirt, and black top made Celia look like a rockstar. Not forgetting to be equipped with a black handbag and black knee-high boots, he looks ready to rock Moscow.

5. With Husband

Visiting Poland, Celia took a picture with her beloved husband. With dark outfits paired with her husband’s light blue outfit, they both look complementary to each other.

Thanks for reading this celebrity fashion article that is titled “Celia Jaunat Sexy Model Fashion”

Marion Jola Sexy Fashion

Marion Jola Sexy Fashion

Marion Jola Sexy Fashion – Singer Marion Jola recently celebrated her 21st birthday. As she got older, the Kupang-born woman not only grew older, her appearance also stole the attention.

Marion Jola looks more sexy with the various clothes she wears. Coupled with her exotic skin, the appearance of the woman who is familiarly called Lala makes it difficult for men’s eyes to blink.

What does Marion Jola’s sexy portrait look like? The following photos are summarized from the Instagram account @lalamarionmj, Wednesday (16/6/2021).

Tight crop top

Lala increasingly knows how her character is dressed. Yes, the singer who has given birth to many hit songs likes to wear sexy clothes.

One of them can be seen in this photo. Lala wore a super short crop top which she combined with blue high waist jeans which were also tight. I don’t know why the pose is holding the buttocks like this, does anyone know the reason?

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Unlike the previous portrait, here Lala looks super stunning with a vintage style top combined with a super sexy white skirt. This all-white outfit shows Lala’s charm that is different from usual.

The pose that he shows also explains the ‘Queen’ character that is in him. The facial expressions he throws at the camera make it all perfect. So pretty!

Hot wearing a tight dress

In this photo, Lala looks very exotic. She wore a very tight dress with an open back accent that gave a sexy fashion impression. The color of the dress that contrasts with her skin makes her even more stunning.

Super pretty

Wow, this photo explains well what Marion Jola looks like. She is a singer with a beautiful voice and has a sexy aura that is very seductive.

Even though he only wears a t-shirt and shorts, but look, it’s very hypnotic, isn’t it? His sad eyes really anesthetize and make you automatically fall in love.

Pamela Safitri's Style with Various Bikini

Pamela Safitri’s Style with Various Bikini

Pamela Safitri’s Style with Various Bikini – Former member of the Srigala Duo, Pamela Safitri, indeed uploads more photoshoot sessions. He also seems to try various styles of clothing from the elegant to the sexy.

Well, lately Pamela Safitri looks stylish like a beach girl in an all-open outfit. The reason is, Pamela seems to be in Bali, she also uses this moment to share the sexy fashion of beach children.

Launching from her Instagram, here are some portraits of Pamela Safitri while on vacation at the beach. Don’t let anyone go too far because this sexy singer really dares to appear in front of the camera.

Sunbathing at Karma Beach

In this photo, Pamela is not half-hearted to spit out her chest and thigh area. Yes, because wearing a bikini that is covered in a blue kimono-like outer, makes that area of ​​the body clearly visible.

The pose of Pamela lying like this with a closed-eye facial expression makes many netizens think everywhere. One of them as stated.

Pose shyly by the pool

Unlike the previous portrait, here Pamela is wearing a midi dress with a wide open chest. It makes the sensitive area visible.

Here she poses coyly but still seductive, yes. Her white skin glows very brightly in this photo. Because the photos are from far away, many netizens have commented asking for photos to be closer to the camera.

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Wear a Two Piece bikini

Wow, Pamela Safitri in this photo finally shows her portrait in a bikini. The photo is the request of many netizens who are loyal to their social media.

If you look closely, the two-piece bikini that Pamela is wearing has a silver floral pattern. The outfit definitely shows clearly his body which netizens think is bohay. Netizens are also busy discussing this photo.

Wearing a bikini again

Not satisfied with one photo in a bikini, Pamela shared another bikini photo in this photo. But, the bikini that is used is of course different from before.

Pamela here is wearing a black bikini with a green floral motif with striking summer nuances. In order not to be too sexy, she covered part of her body with a white bathrob. This style alone already feels sexy, yes.