Nusantara Ethnic Cloth Brand

Nusantara Ethnic Cloth Brand. As a national cultural heritage, of course the existence of the archipelago literature needs to be preserved. Especially among young people who are now exposed to a lot of acculturation from outside cultures, don’t let them not know what ethnic fabrics and clothing and batik are typical of Indonesia.

When examined, Nusantara wastra has a strong potential to compete in the world fashion industry. Especially in the stories and messages that stored behind every motif and color that poured into ethnic clothing; this is a potential for Nusantara literature to more widely known. The notion of wastra itself is interpreted as a traditional cloth which has its own meaning and symbol which refers to the dimensions of color, size, and material, such as batik, weaving, songket and so on.

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F Thing

Therefore, pride in wearing ethnic clothing in everyday life must be the main goal in maintaining the nation’s culture. There is a need for outreach to local fashion designers who are more sensitive to developing fashion trends.

Therefore, The F Thing held a special discount promo for product variants not only for clothing, but also for accessories such as bags and scarves, which have ethnic motifs or batik entitled “Proud of Dressing” for men and women in April.

The “Proud Berkain” promo give you discount up to 60% specifically products featuring ethnic fabrics that sold on The F Thing website. In addition, buyers will also get an additional voucher of 10%; with a minimum purchase of IDR 100,000 and enter the voucher code BERKAIN10.

Don’t miss the opportunity to shop for authentic; and reliable ethnic clothing and batik at The F Thing at affordable prices; only valid from 19 April to 2 May 2021 plus free shipping.

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