Nia Ramadhani Golf Style

Nia Ramadhani Golf Style – Nia Ramadhani (RA) was officially named a suspect by the police team for the use of methamphetamine. Urine tests stated that the celebrity was positive for methamphetamine or methamphetamine.

Even though he has been named a suspect, the police did not show the figure of Nia Ramadhani in front of fellow journalists, because he was undergoing a follow-up examination, namely a hair test.

Ardi Bakrie was also named a suspect because based on a urine test he was found to be positive for methamphetamine. Both are still at the Central Jakarta Police.

Before this sad incident happened, Nia’s daily life on social media was dominated by golf. He looks quite active doing the jetset sports.

Several times also seen Ardi accompanying his wife to play golf. The two of them looked very romantic when they were on the green field.

Well, in this article, MNC Portal tries to summarize the fun moments of Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie playing golf. Nia’s beauty is really hard to deny. Do not believe?

1. Wear a pink polo skirt-mini dress

In this photo, Nia Ramadhani looks very beautiful wearing a golf outfit in the form of a sweet pink polo skirt-mini dress. You can see her white skirt under the dress.

It’s incomplete if you don’t add gloves and sneakers. He let his hair loose and his head was not decorated with a beautiful expensive hat. Even though it looks simple, it’s very charming, yes.

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2. Beautiful photo with husband

In this second photo, Nia looks very young. She wore a black top with a low v-neck and crop top. His stomach muscles make a lot of salfok!

Unlike before, here she is wearing trousers with an additional black skirt as a sweetener for her style. Sunglasses and white gloves make it all perfect.

Ardi himself looks casual wearing a contemporary shirt combined with shorts. White sneakers that are compact with his wife make his fashion style so attractive.

3. The real boss!

Well, here, Nia Ramadhani looks cooler by leaning her body against the golf caddy car. She wore an emerald green top with the chest parted slightly wide.

She paired it with a short white skirt and matching sneakers. Nia’s appearance here honestly seems more formal than before, you know. But, still beautiful as always!