Nazwa Fidhia’s Portrait That Suddenly Went Viral

Nazwa Fidhia’s portrait that suddenly went viral – The name of TikTok celebrity Nazwa Fidhia suddenly went viral on Google search engine pages to Twitter. This young girl is suspected to be viral because her exciting photos are spread on social media timelines.

Apart from that, TikTokers is not only beautiful, but has a contemporary fashion style typical of young people. Like

Apart from the current case, in terms of visual appearance, Nazwa is not only beautiful but also comes with a fashion style that hits and steals attention. Curious what he looks like?

The following is a portrait of Nazwa Fidhia summarized from her personal Instagram account, @nazwaft05, Tuesday (27/7/2021).

1. Crop top

Having a slim body and a flat stomach, Nazwa doesn’t hesitate to look sexy in a sexy fashion OOTD mix and match crop top with a leopard motif with white high-waisted jeans as a hangout outfit to the cafe.

2. Street style

Next, there is a portrait of the woman who has 1.7 million followers on TikTok traveling to the mall wearing street style outfits. She wore a maroon oversized long sleeve T-shirt which was paired with dark gray ripped denim jeans. In addition, he wears maroon sneakers that match the top.

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3. Monochrome

Then there is the monochrome style of Nazwa Fidhia. He combined a black crop top as an inner and then stacked a black jersey jacket as a top. Then, he combined it with light gray jogger pants and white sneakers from Gucci.

4. Crop top spaghetti straps

Crop top seems to be Nazwa’s favorite type of outfit to look sexy. Like in this OOTD, Nazwa is sexy in a white crop top with spaghetti straps which is paired with casual and relaxed jogger training pants. His sporty OOTD portrait this time was enhanced by the Air Jordan sneakers he chose as footwear.