Muthe JKT48 Beautiful Portrait

Muthe JKT48 beautiful portrait called k-pop idol momo twice! For lovers of Idol K-Pop, surely you are no stranger to the JYP Entertainment girl group named TWICE. Moreover, playing their dancer, Hirao Momo is often in the public spotlight.

The woman who is familiarly called TWICE’s Momo often steals attention because of her energetic dancing talent. However, who would have thought that one of the Indonesian idol groups, JKT48, has a member who is said to be a twin of TWICE’s Momo, namely Muthe JKT48.

The JKT48 member whose real name is Mutiara Azzahra Umandana is said to have a facial expression similar to Momo. Citing his personal Instagram account @jkt48.muthe_ on Wednesday (25/8/2021), here are the five portraits.


I don’t know what Muthe is thinking, but in this portrait he poses with one hand on his chin as if he was daydreaming.

Even though he was daydreaming, Muthe’s face still looked beautiful. She wore natural makeup with a pink blush and also a shade of lip gloss one shade darker.

Innocent face

The innocent face pose in Muthe’s portrait this time makes her look even cuter. She looks beautiful with natural makeup with a matte finish combined with sharp wing eyeliner.

Not only that, she also wore a patterned dress with a beautiful red color. The dress with the Sabrina model is very suitable for her to wear when her hair is in a ponytail like in the photo.

Adults in off-shoulder clothes

Muthe’s off-shoulder dress this time managed to make her fashion appearance look more mature. This beautiful dress has a combination of green and white.

To balance her outfit, Muthe also wore flawless makeup with thick eyebrow frames and matte lips. The pearl necklace she wears also supports her more mature look.

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Cute with Korean bangs

While posing on a beautiful park bench, Muthe also tried to take the time to take selfies. As a result, she looks cute with her Korean-style front bangs.

In addition, her cute face was also made up with natural makeup with a matte finish. Her sweet smile that was thrown into the camera successfully made her look even cuter.

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