MUFFEST 2021 Present in The City of Heroes

Not only in Jakarta and Yogyakarta, this year the event of one of the biggest fashion weeks in Indonesia, this year’s Muslim Fashion Festival (MUFFEST 2021) is also present in the City of Heroes, Surabaya.

Held from 1 to 11 April 2021 at Pakuwon Mall, IFC National Chairman and designer, Ali Charisma said that this year MUFFEST involved 20 fashion designers carried out with the big theme of sustainable fashion, or sustainable fashion. With the hope, not only fashion connoisseurs but also the message can reach the fashion industry players in Indonesia itself.


“During a prolonged pandemic with a huge impact on the fashion industry, we are aware that we need to join hands, move together to adapt to changing conditions now so that the fashion industry in Indonesia starts to grow again. MUFFEST invites fashion actors and users to realize and understand the importance of sustainable fashion, ”said Ali Charisma, during a recent online press conference.

Carrying a sustainable fashion concept that is environmentally friendly, in presenting a collection of designs on the MUFFEST runaway stage. Ali added that designers are not obliged to make a collection of the latest designs. In fact, it can modify, take advantage of the previous collections that already exist.

“In accordance with the concept of sustainable, MUFFEST participants do not create new collections, but can take advantage of old collections provided they are adjusted to the latest trends so that they are widely accepted by the market,” he added.

The presence of MUFFEST in Surabaya greeted with enthusiasm from the Muslim fashion industry players based in East Java; and its surroundings. Through exhibitions and fashion shows at MUFFEST, creative; and business actors hope to revive the Muslim fashion market in the country, especially just before the month of Ramadan and Idul Fitri as it is today.

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Hannie Hananto

National designer Hannie Hananto also hopes that the implementation of MUFFEST during the pandemic; can revive the Muslim fashion business sector in the regions to restore the domestic Muslim fashion industry.

“People still need and buy clothes for Ramadan and Eid; so there are still opportunities for us, Muslim designers; and fashion brands. We must be passionate about making new collections. It is very important that we participate in an event like MUFFEST. We cannot participate in an event only once; but we must be sustainable, consistent repeatedly until the target market is aware of our brand or product, “he concluded.

After Surabaya, then MUFFEST held in three other cities. Jakarta, Bandung and Bekasi.