Madonna Daughter Shows Off Her Armpit

Looking sexy, Madonna daughter shows off her armpit hair in front of the world’s socialites! Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, was not seen by the camera while attending the 2021 Met Gala. Her presence at the event was masked by the appearance of other celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian who came wearing a full-black Balenciaga.

But, who would have thought that Lourdes Leon would actually make a fuss at the 2021 Met Gala in his own way. Yes, the 24-year-old woman shows off her fairly thick armpit hair to the public.

This action has only recently become the talk of netizens. For some reason, his figure only appeared on social media after the 2021 Met Gala had been running a week ago.

At that moment, Lourdes Leon wore a fuschia-colored Moschino dress with details such as small black stones in the bra area and under her stomach. At first glance, the clothes worn by Madonna’s children resemble a typical Indian sari, yes.

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The impression is increasingly evident with the appearance of long black hair that is left loose; similar to the style of contemporary Indian women. Then, the appearance of the face is made very bold with the emphasis on the eyes.

Accessories fashion were not spared on display. Lourdes Leon wore silver teardrop-style earring that was gorgeous. Then, there is also a hand bag of the same color as the dress she was wearing; which was designed by Benedetta Bruzziches.

Well, the moment to show off your armpit hair happened when Lourdes Leon entered the museum area. On that phenomenal staircase, Lourdes Leon blatantly exposed the hair on her armpits. It is not known for sure what the reason for the child of the mega star did this action.

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