Lubuklinggau Durian Batik

Lubuklinggau Durian Batik appears at Milan Fashion Week 2021. Apparently batik has reappeared at the world fashion week, this time at Milan Fashion Week 2021. This time it is Lubuklinggau’s signature Durian Batik that has caused a stir in the international fashion world.

Designer Jenny Yohana Kansil with the JYK Indonesia brand brought the durian batik to the Milan Fashion Week 2021 runway. The theme ‘Revolutionary’ was chosen as a form of change as well as hope for a better future.


The collection will appear at Milan Fashion Week 2021 on September 21 at 5 p.m. Italian time at Palazzo Visconti, Via Cino del Duca 8, Milan, Italy. Admiration was also successfully given by the audience for the collection which is very closely related to the archipelago literature.

So, where did this batik inspiration come from?

As explained by Jenny Yohana Kansil, the inspiration for the collection came from the Lubuklinggau durian batik itself. “Also from the pandemic situation,” he said, quoted from his interview on Ri3ska’s Youtube channel, Monday (27/9/2021).

He continued, durian itself has a very beautiful philosophical meaning from a fashion perspective. According to Jenny, because the fruit is thorny, there is something interesting and she reflects it in a very modern punk-style element.

“Durian is thorny. But, who would have thought that it contained a sweet and very soft durian fruit. It’s very different from the shape, like that,” he explained.

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Yes, punk is a statement silhouette from JYK Indonesia’s collection at Milan Fashion Week 2021. Even though it is punk style, elegance can still be from the batik game manage by Rina Prana, wife of the Mayor of Lubuklinggau in South Sumatra.

The theme ‘Revolutionary’ that is carry also has a deep meaning according to the designer. “In this pandemic situation, what can we renew, we make a breakthrough. It’s okay with a pandemic, because everything that happens is good for all of us, yes, like durian,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Rina Prana who was also present at the show convey the message that the punk collection of Lubuklinggau durian batik could be accept by all groups, including young people. This collection also turns out to be sustainable-fashion.

“We make sure that this collection is 100% organic, 100% cotton, 100% silk, with natural dyes from areca nut and jengkol,” said Rina in the Youtube video.

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