Livy Renata Beauty Charm

Livy Renata beauty charm the gamers who love ML. The name Livy Renata may be familiar to eSports fans, especially Mobile Legend (ML), Valorant and Players Unknow Battle Ground (PUBG) players. Although not a professional player, the Alter Ego team’s brand ambassador is indeed quite happy with online games.

Livy’s own name skyrocketed after she uploaded a video titled Choose Ur Asian Boy on TikTok. No doubt, Instagram Livy also became the target of netizens, especially Adam.

As a celebgram, she is quite active in sharing her self-portraits on social media. Curious as to what? Here, MNC Portal Indonesia has summarized from the Instagram account @livyrenata.

Pink crop top

In this portrait, Livy looks seductive fashion posing beside the bed wearing a pink crop tank top that looks tight on her body. She also wore a white miniskirt that made her panties part slightly. Her hair that was deliberately loose managed to add a sexy impression to her appearance.

As a complement, Livy wore socks in the same color as her skirt. Posing beautiful while holding her cheek, Livy’s appearance looks so charming.

Swimsuit baby blue

Never fails to steal attention, Livy looks sexy wearing a baby blue swimsuit while posing with a beach background. The low cut at the chest makes the cleavage of her breasts stand out. Her appearance was more tempting with the wet look model of the wave hair.

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One set pink

This time, Livy looked stunning in a pink crop top that seemed faint with her skin color. Not to forget, he also wore a white mask as a form of compliance in implementing health protocols. Even though her face is covered by a mask, the 19-year-old’s beauty can still be seen from her beautiful eyeballs.

Tartan crop top

Livy wore a tartan crop top model with balloon sleeves combined with black hotpants. The v neck cut is so low it makes the collarbones so exposed.

She wears blue earrings and a flower necklace which she always seems to wear in various photos. Even though it looks simple, its appearance still manages to hypnotize netizens’ views.

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