Lesti Billar Wedding Bridesmaid

The beautiful portrait of the Lesti Billar wedding bridesmaid , from Syifa Hadju to Margin Winaya! The wedding of Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar which was held in the middle of PPKM Level 4 was highlighted by netizens. It’s not only about how the newlyweds look, but also the clear bridesmaids.

Peeked from social media, there is the name Syifa Hadju in the row of bridesmaids at the wedding of Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar. Not only him, there are also Margin Winaya, Shania Indriani, and Aliya Alhabsyi.

These four women looked beautiful in similar outfits, namely a modern fashion purple nude kebaya with beautiful beaded details. Then, for the skirt, use batik cloth with tight styling.

There is no different styling between the four beauties, they are all the same. It’s just that, at the margins, the abdominal area is made looser because of the middle of the two bodies.

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The Elegance

Syifa Hadju herself looks beautiful with a simple but elegant hair styling. This can be created because the wavy side-bang game is left to unravel. The back hair is in a modern bun to complete the whole.

The fashion detail on the neck to the chest looks different from the others. Yes, one of them is because both bridesmaids wear hijabs and Margin adds a kind of puring and accents with beautiful stones in the neck area.

If it’s Syifa, she leaves her chest open without any material blocking it. The circle-neck that Syifa chose made her look more level and because there was no necklace there, she looked even taller.

So, out of these four bridesmaids, who is your hero? Is it Syifa Hadju or the other three women?

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